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Fri Mar 16, 2012 at 05:47 PM PDT

Even al Quida thinks Fox is biased.

by bgx

David Ignatius in todays column in the Post regarding bin Laden's vague plans to kill President Obama had a nugget that made me laugh out loud.

As a part of the information that our troops took from the safe-house it appears that Bin Laden wanted to kill either the President or David Patreaus which is probably not news to most people but the part of the article that caught my eye is below the orange formerly known as Prince like squibe and deals with the "corporate" structure of al Qaeda.  

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Just caught this video on World Net Daily as I was trying to see what the birthers were saying after the press conference today.  Right off the bat the commentator says that you should base your vote on prayer and reflection, then they eliminate Obama using selected bible verses.  Great consistency.  I thought it was a hoot, so if you like flawed logic and bias this is your video.

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