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Here at DFA we're fed up with the traditional media meme that Democrats are destined to lose this November. It doesn't seem like a day goes by without some beltway bubble journalist or cable news pundit does a story about the 'enthusiasm gap' or infighting between progressives and the White House or the latest Rassmussen poll.  

So tonight we're launching a 6 week online training program that will focus on how we'll mobilize progressives to get out and vote this year.  DFA Night School returns below the fold!


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In an effort to convey the urgency, popularity, and momentum surrounding healthcare reform that includes a public option, DFA members from across the country put their heads together and took action when the majority of progressives had already hung up their hats on the fight for real reform.

A few nights ago, DFA members in San Francisco, in collaboration with local group San Francisco for Democracy— a constant powerhouse within the DFA and progressive communities—threw maybe the last Hail Mary pass of this healthcare debate and submitted a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging the House to include a public option in their version of bill H-232. Tim Durning, SF4D’s president, also emailed the group’s plea to DFA members all over the nation.

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Fri May 01, 2009 at 12:30 PM PDT

DFA Training Scholarships Needed!

by blizek

As the Training Director at Democracy For America, I get to meet some amazing people at our trainings. Men and women of all backgrounds and colors come to our trainings because they want to make a difference in their communities. Some are candidates, some are looking for a job on a campaign, and some just want to be a better volunteer or party activist.

DFA is organizing 19 different trainings in 16 states in 2009. We're going off the beaten path this year. Most of these places have never had professional campaign training in their area before, but all of them have hundreds of local activists eager to learn how to elect more and better Democrats in their area.

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When I first became involved in partisan politics in 1999, I was completely turned off by what I saw with the local Democratic Party.  It looked like a bunch of old people who liked to hear themselves talk and hold boring meetings, but not much else.

In the decade since I’ve come to realize (with a lot of help from one Howard Dean) that for all its flaws, the Democratic Party is the most important and effective vehicle for progressive change in the country.  And if we’re not satisfied with its direction, then it’s up to us to change it and not sit and grumble from the sidelines.

So let’s make it better, starting tonight.


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September means it’s time for all of us to kick things up a notch.  What happens over the next two months will set the course of history for years to come.  Throughout September, DFA Night School will be a free resource for progressives committed to electing Barack Obama and changing this country.  It all starts tonight at 8:30pm EDT...


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Wed Aug 20, 2008 at 10:58 AM PDT

DFA Night School w/ Zack Exley tonight!

by blizek

About 5 years ago, I remember sitting in a University of Iowa computer lab and getting an email from Howard Dean issuing the 'Cheney Challenge'.

Dick Cheney and his oil buddies were having a $2,000 per plate fundraiser that weekend, so Gov. Dean had a $5 sandwich online fundraiser and asked, "could supporters raise more money than Cheney by the time Cheney's luncheon took place?" The luncheon event raised $250K from a couple hundred people while the online campaign (an idea which originated from a post on the Blog for America)pulled in over $500K from nearly ten-thousand donors.

Since then, the internet has fundamentally changed politics as tens of thousands of house parties, phone banks, and door-to-door canvasses have been organized. Nationally and locally online organizing has built communities of activism throughout the country and will continue to do so for years to come.

Join DFA tonight at 8:30pm EDT as DFA Night School returns for an hour with one of the pioneers of the Netroots movement: Zack Exley.


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Wed Jun 25, 2008 at 10:29 AM PDT

Looking for a Campaign Job? (w/ poll)

by blizek

Have you ever worked on a political campaign before?  Have you ever wanted to but didn't how where to start?  Later tonight at 8:30pm EDT, Democracy for America is teaming up with Democratic GAIN for an hour long online campaign training on Getting a Campaign Job.

This DFA Night School presentation is free and open to any progressive interested in joining any Democratic campaign or organization this fall.  We'll be discussing tips to build your networks and polish up your resume as well as providing numerous online resources you can put to use immediately in your campaign job search.

Just click here to RSVP and you'll recieve instructions to listen in on the training through Blog Talk Radio.  You can also download the accompanying sideshow at

Follow me below the jump for more info...


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Like me, many people here have been inspired by Gov. Howard Dean, his 2004 campaign, and his 50 state strategy at the DNC.  I work at Democracy for America which was founded by Dean and his supporters almost four years ago.  The mission of DFA can be summed up in one of Howard Dean’s most famous lines from his stump speech:

The biggest lie told by people like me to people like you at election time is: ‘Vote for me, I’m going to solve all your problems.’  The truth is, the power to change this country is in your hands, not mine."

Howard Dean inspired millions of Americans to become active participants in their Democracy.  DFA is empowering ordinary Americans to take action, work on or manage progressive campaigns and even run for office themselves.  One of the primary ways we do so is through the DFA Training Academy.

Yesterday DFA announced 19 campaign training events across the country.  Follow me below the fold for our 2008 schedule.

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Disclaimer: I work as the Deputy Training Director for Democracy for America

Angry at the White House lies about the war?

Incensed at your Senator or House Rep. for believing them?

You really only have a few choices then:

  1. Sit around and stew until the 2008 elections heat up.
  1. Hit the bottle and watch it all burn down.
  1. Channel this anger and frustration into action by organizing in our own neighborhood.

Throughout September Democracy for America's Night School is focusing on how you can change history by simply talking to the voters in your own neighborhood.

Precinct Organizing: Getting Started
Tuesday, September 11 -- 8:30pm Eastern

Over 650 people have already signed up to learn how they can make a difference in their own neighborhood starting this year.

Learn why you should join them after the bump...


How am I dealing with Bush's endless war?

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Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 11:42 AM PDT

DFA Night School LIVE at YearlyKos

by blizek

Greetings from the massive McCormick Convention center in Chicago!   It’s hot as hell here in Chicago this weekend, the Cubs are only 1 game out of first, and YearlyKos is set to begin tomorrow.  

Jealous?  Don’t be.  You can join us here tomorrow night, if only for a while…see how after the jump.

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Mon Jul 24, 2006 at 04:56 PM PDT

Newsweek kisses Bush's Ass

by blizek

Next week's Newsweek magazine (available online) sinks to new lows in tabloid journalism in its 'exclusive' and 'behind the scenes' look at how Bush "handled the middle east crisis" on his recent trip to the G8 summit in Russia.  Those last words are actually the title of the article.  Bush handles middle east crisis!!  Are you kidding me?  What the hell did Bush do at the G8 summit that Newsweek thinks equates to 'handling' a crisis?  Richard Wolffe does his best to portray Bush's trip as a humorous West Wing episode, a puff piece in the worst way, that lacks the basic critical assessment that is inherent in any piece of respectable journalism.  
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Mon Jul 17, 2006 at 11:17 AM PDT

Bush Fiddles as the World Burns

by blizek

That treasonous NY Times is at it again today.  Today they report on the reaction of the G8 leaders to the current middle east crisis and a proposal by Kofi Annan and Tony Blair to send a UN Peacekeeping force to the region.  The most interesting bits, however, are the snippets of conversations between Bush, Blair and other leaders that were picked up by a microphone accidentaly left on.  The picture that emerges from those conversations is one of the so called 'leader of the free world' detached and uninvolved as the middle east spins out of control.
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