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I know that it has been quite a while since I posted on DKos.  But I couldn't let this story go by.  It's on my blog, ThisBlackSista's Page.  I got this from the Recall Scott Walker Planned Recall Committee in the late afternoon.

It's only been confirmed by Paul Tascoupé of Politiscoop. It appears that Walker stalwart Luther Olsen, currently running against Democrat Fred Clark in a recall election, got a girl pregnant.  And not just any girl.  

Apparently everyone in his part of the state has known about it.  Now everyone in the state is going to know, too.

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I was wondering this morning, shaking my head between sips of coffee and watching James O'Keefe and 'nem get hustled into cop cars outside the Hale Boggs Federal Building on the CBS Early Show.

Why in hell did these guys want to bug Mary Landrieu's office?

When one needs answers, it pays to go directly to Lou'zana blogs.  I went to two, Your Right Hand Thief and Humid Beings, and already I have a pretty interesting idea how it might have happened, thanks to Oyster's article, "Big Pimpin' [Pimpgate]."

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Also published at This Black Sista's Page.

This biracial (yes, Jewish and Korean) schmuck, Marcus Epstein, who consorts with European neo-Nazis, is going to the University of Virginia Law School in the fall?  What a self-hating nincompoop. He must have some heavy duty sponsorship for his admission to that school. Do the school authorities know what he really is and what he's done?   Better walk a wide berth from this guy if they allow him to come.  Or better yet, get the Latino and black law students at UV organized to be on the lookout for this creep and his new group, Youth for Western Civilization. From the Washington Independent is the U.S. Attorney's factual proffer:

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Published Friday, May 8 at

 This morning I saw Leonard Nimoy on The View.  In fact, I've been seeing Nimoy almost all week on shows because of the promotion for the new Star Trek film in which we see Kirk, Spock and the rest of the bridge crew as young men and women.  Nimoy is in the flick as an older Ambassador Spock.  "Older" is right.  Leonard Nimoy is now 78, his Spock voice is thinner with age, and he's on his third wife.  His latest foray into photography features very large women.  James Doohan, Majel Barrett, Gene Roddenberry, and DeForest Kelley have all passed.  It could be that this is Nimoy's last Trek appearance, but as he said today, never say never.  

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Wed Apr 15, 2009 at 02:59 PM PDT

Teabagging in Madison, WI

by blksista

Also at ThisBlksistasPage

Photos by guydonges of Madison

The illusion of a big crowd surrounding the Wisconsin Capitol Building; it's only one corner of the building (Courtesy: Guydonges)

It may look big, but it wasn't.  I was there until just now (12:37 p.m); I am back in my room in Madison, just across the street from the Wisconsin Capitol Building.  I'd say that there were hundreds of people there.  Possibly a couple of thousand, if you include those coming out for lunch and watching for a bit.  And scary, if you ask me.  I wish you could have seen the sign carried by one protester: "OBAMA'S PLAN = WHITE SLAVERY." I can only hope that the MSM gets it halfway right about how "successful" these "tea bag parties" actually were. The Faux Noise radio affiliate and the ABC TV station in Green Bay were representing...

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I've already sent this post to two other blogs, as well as having it on my own.  Some people expressed boredom and snideness; others, particularly women, essentially said Lewinsky deserved everything coming to her, and that she should keep on paying for what happened in the late Nineties.

I don't think so.  I really disagree.  I think the woman needs a break.  I think that it points to an egregious double standard.  If other people have other information, I would like to hear it, other than the "homewrecker" moniker and the "headline chaser" label.  Because, by this time, I'm sure Monica Lewinsky is sick of it all, and wants to move on, but she can't.  She really can't.  And now there's going to be a movie made about the scandal...

So I would like your thoughts, not about what her behavior was like for you more than ten years ago, but about what I think every woman including her deserves:  a career, a job, to be of use, the regaining of her privacy (after Linda Tripp and Kenneth Starr and the Reichwing and the gossip world messed with her for all time), and relative happiness.  Here goes:

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Tue Apr 07, 2009 at 05:42 PM PDT

Guns Going Off All Over the Country

by blksista

Also at

Lest we forget.  

On the last day of the weekend of  the 41st anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination in Memphis, I was listening to Jesse Jackson was asking his radio panel and audience whether the economic situation was a factor in all of the recent spate of shootings.  It was, but especially in one case I will outline, there is more to it than that.

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Wed Mar 11, 2009 at 01:46 PM PDT

David Vitter melts down at airport

by blksista

I thought it was going to be one of those slow days, so I decided to work on my new blog.  Good thing, because when I started up the New Orleans links, this came up on Bayou Buzz:

There are news reports circulating around the Internet about an incident involving Louisiana US Senator David Vitter throwing a "temper tantrum" at an airport and then using his position as US Senator as a "dress down".  According to one news account, Senator Vitter's office has confirmed the incident.

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Hat tip to Jack and Jill Politics:

The black women's blog, What About Our Daughters? is about to inaugurate
the Michelle Obama Watch page to both list and refute attacks and smears on the character and aims of Michelle Obama, who may indeed become the first African American First Lady in history.

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I should say that it's an 'alleged' coverup.  But why should I give the Bush Administration any slack, especially when Pennsylvania's primary is filling up all of the known airwaves.

(Go Barack.)

I don't have cable anymore--I just can't afford it right now.  Hell yeah, I miss Olbermann daily, and I miss watching Rachel Maddow use only a scintilla of her vast intellect to bash Buchanan and Scarborough.  Friday nights without Real Time with Bill Maher pall as well.

So now, between nature shows, American Experience ("Roberto Clemente"!) and reruns of Masterpiece Theatre, I watch the braindead dreck that is network TV nowadays, including how many versions of Law and Order, and Howie Mandel's Deal or No Deal.

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You know, this was the first time I had ever followed a link to Little Green Footballs.

But there it was, proof-positive that Ron Paul gladly
hangs with these haters, like Ron and Derek Black of Stormfront thanks to Raw Story.

Far be it for me to give credit to the exploding heads at LGF for finally outting the guy I call The Stealth Candidate and his really good friends. I'm sure that they have their raison as well for publishing these interesting photos. He's a threat to Repubs as well, but not as much as to us.

Because I am getting really sick and tired of this guy being the poster child for progressives because of his anti-war stance.  He carries far too much baggage.  Even certain blacks are enamored of this guy.  They just don't know.

Several pictures definitely create a thousand words.  Reminds me of what's his face--George Allen!--who went down in flames in Virginia.  Let's hope this gets people thinking.

For further information regarding Ron Paul's links to the haters in our midst, go to Orcinus.  


Forty percent of Katrina evacuees, two years later, are now living below the poverty line, according to a new Census Bureau report.  In fact, they may be in worse economic straits than they were before they were dispersed all over the country.

There never was a honeymoon for many.  I'm calling this The Long Return.

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