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This is what we're up against. This is the level of Stupid that infects 'Murka.

Below the fold are two letters to the editor that appeared in today's Charlotte Observer. So, these "opinions" are representative of individual voters, not necessarily of the Republican establishment. This is why people like Chris Christie - and, for that matter, Scott Walker and Darryl Issa and Ted Cruz and George W. Bush get elected.

And this is the problem this nation must solve if we are ever to establish that "more perfect Union". But with blogs, "social media", and the mainstream media (MSM) working as much for Teh Stupid as they are for the sane and progressive, the battle is very, very challenging.

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We are so blessed here in North Carolina because we have TWO governors: the one who calls himself "Governor", Pat "Rat" McCrory, and the one who really is the governor, Art "Fart" Pope. Two Republican turds-in-the-punchbowl for the price of one! Good times!

Well, it seems that poor Gov. Pope has a sad because some poor people - those big meanies - have the nerve to picket a few stores in his junk-retail empire.

Pope accused group leaders of picketing his stores because he donates to Republican candidates. He says people in a democratic society should be allowed to support candidates and advocate for policies without retaliation.
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This legitimate diary by RenMin, posted Wednesday, has found its way to the rightwing nutcase blog world. The diary is a short discussion of the potential threat posed by an Article V Constitutional Convention. I have already seen two links on Farcebook, and I have very few Farcebook friends. Evidently it scares the idiots and makes them drool more profusely.

Multiple rightwing trolls have already invaded and are posting "comments".

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Yesterday I had a disturbing and surreal conversation with a very dear but very right wing friend. I need help with some facts (I don't know all the answers) and if there's anyplace I can get accurate facts, it's dKos. The weird claims that need rebuttal are in blockquote to make them stand out.

First, she started with talking about her son who is an officer in the USMC; support services on his base are pretty much nonexistent because so many base personnel are civilians and are furloughed due to the government shutdown, and the base is pretty much non-functional. He had asked her something like "Mom, is this really worth it? (and he's as rightwing as she is).

She explained to me that she told him that it was worth it, because

every country in the world where health care was socialized had been an abject failure, and that we couldn't let Obama destroy our fine health care system no matter what.
Thus began an increasingly bizarre interpretation of the Affordable Care Act and of the idiotic behavior of the Republicans in Congress...
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I'm sorry. I'm pissed, Really pissed.

I've been a recently-converted cheerleader for the ACA and the "marketplace" at, but they've just about lost me. Already. I'm reminded of this diary yesterday by Tirge Caps, where he ranted a bit about the possible effects of the ACA on his existing health insurance premium. I posted this comment, starting with:


tomorrow and price the lowest-cost bronze plan available from any insurer.


PLEASE check the exchange at tomorrow and see what the bottom-of-the-barrel coverage will cost you, and see if you qualify for subsidy.

So I took my own advice. I have been breathless with excitement, waiting until October 1 like a kid on Christmas eve, to find out what plans will be available to me and what they will cost.
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Every day, the Rightwing Noise Machine seems to outdo itself in Teh Stupid. But, unfortunately, the willing sycophants eat up all that stupid, and believe it, and spread it.

Today on Facebook, a completely false story posted by darling of the right Victoria Jackson showed up on my Facebook ummm, Facepalm feed. The original story, People forget, but Holder was in charge of WACO under Janet Reno, appeared on conspiracy-theory and general idiocy blog "godlikeproductions" on May 14.

People forget, but Holder was in charge of WACO under Janet Reno. They could have simply waited and arrested the leader who went to town all the time. No, Holder wanted to arrest everyone associated with him and that resulted in the death of all those children...
[emphasis mine]

More below the squiggle.

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For years, we long-suffering residents of North Carolina's Ninth District have resigned ourselves to being without representation in the United States Congress. After eighteen years of Sue Myrick, who "evolved" during that time from a relatively normal rightwinger into a full-blown whackjob of the Bachmann sort - with, for example, her Muslim Mafia claims - Sue is retiring.

Following an unprecedented GOP takeover of the legislature in 2010, fueled in large part by voter ignorance compounded by massive cash infusions by our very own Koch Brother, Art Pope, we have suffered from an extraordinarily corrupt redistricting process. NC-09, a Republican stronghold prior to redistricting, was made even more Republican by the 2010 legislature.

But we've gotten ourselves one of North Carolina's best congressional candidates ever, Jennifer Roberts!

Jennifer Roberts

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Just when you think "no...the Mainstream "News" Media can't get any worse, any more right wing, any more full of bloviating lies", some rightwing tool like NPR's Neal Conan (who broadcasts on that supposedly "liberal" network) manages to outdo himself with either lying or incompetence (they report; you decide).

Yesterday afternoon, on NPR's "Political Junkie" edition of Talk of the Nation with Conan and Ken Rudin, the show opened with a discussion of political rhetoric in the aftermath of Saturday's shootings in Tucson.

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but only available if the lame duck Democratic congress lets the insane, unaffordable, unsustainable, fundamentally evil B**h tax cuts expire on December 31, 2010.

Here's how it works:

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I just needed to rant briefly.

Coming to Daily Kos is an important part of my morning ritual, just as it's an important part of my "before going to bed" ritual. In the morning, I'd rather check the Rec list for substantive diaries - which might actually start me on the pursuit of the day's news - before even reading the online newspaper.


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I have had the privilege to read the series of Diaries by Florida4Obama about her nephew's tragic situation, and was moved almost to tears by The Nephew's own diary on the subject.

I posted most of this text as a comment on The Nephew's diary...and then decided that I wanted to share these feelings as a separate diary. So here it is!

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Have I ended up on the wrong blog? Is this the WSJ Editorial Page?

I know both those guys; they are very savvy businessmen.

Who said that? Gordon Gekko?

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