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It was way back on June 19 of 2008 when I opened my email to find a message from Patrizia Sione of the Kheel Center at Cornell University, asking me if I could help a film maker in New York City named Daphne Pinkerson find the grave site of girl named Celia Gitlin. Well, that would be easy considering that I had visited Celia's grave many times since first discovering it in 2006. You see, 17 year old Celia Gitlin was one of the 146 people who died on March 25, 1911 in the worst industrial disaster in New York City history, the Triangle Shirtwaist fire. As some of you here may know, I am something of an authority on this event and, in particular, the people who perished in it. As it turned out, an executive Producer at HBO had then recently learned while in the course of making a documentary about the decline of the New York Garment industry, that a family myth was true. Her great aunt Celia had died in the fire. Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags, which premieres tonight at 9:00 PM on HBO, is not only wonderful and disturbing look at the destruction of a great American industry, but also a loving tribute by a great filmmaker to all of those young immigrant girls whose terrible sacrifice nearly 100 years ago changed forever the lives of American workers and the meaning and responsibility of their Government.

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On Memorial Day, we celebrate and remember the young men and women who fought and died in America's wars to preserve our way of life. We honor them with music, parades, speeches and wreaths. Above all we pay tribute to their service by marking each of their graves with small American flags as  tokens of appreciation from a grateful nation. But there are some soldiers today who will not be remembered. No moments of silence will be observed to their memories. No monuments are inscribed with their names. Only weeds mark their lonely, final place of rest. One hundred years ago, they fought and died - not to preserve our way of life, but to make for us a better one. They were activists, pioneers and fighters in a battle for social and economic justice, which once raged on these streets where I live and, which is now largely forgotten by the citizens of a country who benefit everyday from the legacy of their sacrifice. Well, today I hope to right some of this wrong and I need your help to do it. So, I hope you will take a moment to recommend this dairy and join me in remembering Bertha Kulla, Pauline Horowitz and Jacob Bernstein.

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I am posting this comment as diary at the request of DK member raboof.

I have been investigating the Robert Wurzelbacher / Charles Keating son-in-law story for the past few hours and have concluded that this is almost certainly a complete hoax. The source for this rumor is Martin Eisenstadt.

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This is just breaking so the diary will be short. According to Josh Marshall at Talking Points memo, Attorney General Michael Mukasey has just appointed a special Prosecutor to investigate the US attorney firing scandal...

Attorney General Michael Mukasey this morning has named Nora Dannehy, a career federal prosecutor who is the acting U.S. attorney in Connecticut, as special prosecutor to investigate the U.S. Attorney firings

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Today is National Pet Memorial Day. It is a day for remembering the memory of those wonderful, special friends who are no longer with us. Two years ago today, I adopted a little family of pooties to honor the memory of my beloved 18 year old friend Shamu, who had died of cancer just two weeks before. I didn't set out that morning to adopt three cats, I just wanted a pair of kittens. A local feral cat rescue was offering an extremely cute pair of orange tabby siblings at a nearby pet store.

Shamu 1988-2006

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This Labor Day weekend, while many Americans were enjoying the last holiday of the summer, I was keeping a promise made last year to a girl I never met and who died 97 years ago. While others were taking advantage of sales at the mall or feasting on barbecue with friends and family in their back yards, I chose to clean the grave of a martyr of the American labor movement and our Democratic party who, sadly, no one remembers. Not even her family. So if you need a short break from obsessing about Sarah Palin, I invite you to join me this Labor Day in remembering Beckie Neubauer.

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Yes that's right friends, another day like yesterday and I think that many of you should go to the Magic kingdom. In the Magic Kingdom it's always sunny and never rains. In Disney World, America is a wonderful place where political leaders are wise and just and never tell a lie. There, our country and it's leaders can do no wrong. In Disney World the good guys always win and the pirates always lose. All the stores on Main Street USA are busy and prosperous and filled with happy workers. There are no disappointments in Disney World. The men are all handsome and the women are extremely pretty. And best of all, the cartoon characters have no genitalia so, circumcision is not an issue.

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Mon Apr 28, 2008 at 07:26 PM PDT

My pootie owes you an apology

by Bouwerie Boy

This is very embarrassing. Earlier today I learned that during a recent photo shoot for a flagship Conde Nast publication, my young and talented pootie Pumpkin, nearly posed in the nude. I want to assure everyone here that both Pumpkin and I had absolutely no intention of participating in such a sordid venture and are merely two more victims of the wicked corporatist media.

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Sorry for the short nature of this but, I thought you'd all want to know right away:

Phil Endorses Obama

Punxsutawney, PA, (AP) 1/31/2008 - In a stunning development here late this afternoon, the influential and legendary ground hog Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow two days early in order to endorse Illinois Senator Barak Obama for President of the United States.

Standing at a tiny podium outside of his home atop Gobbler's Knob and before a large and enthusiastic crowd of stunned local residents, he declared "our nation can not endure 4 more years of winter under Republican rule". "Our constitution has been in hibernation too long", said the diminutive marmot. "We are in desperate need of real change and I believe the best candidate to achieve that change is Barak Obama".  Phil then saw his shadow and proceeded to answer questions from the local press.


Which celebrity mammal endorsement would be the most helpful to the Obama campaign:

4%8 votes
25%48 votes
23%44 votes
8%16 votes
7%14 votes
18%35 votes
5%11 votes
2%4 votes
3%6 votes
0%1 votes
2%4 votes

| 191 votes | Vote | Results

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Talk about changing the subject. CBS news has just Reported that first daughter Jenna Bush has just announced her engagement. Sorry for the short nature of this. I will update with more information as it arrives. Good God! Will there be a White House wedding ala Richard Nixon.

Here is the AP blurb just in:

The Associated Press
1:17 PM CDT, August 16, 2007

CRAWFORD, Texas - One of the president's daughters is getting married.

President Bush and first lady Laura Bush announced Thursday that their daughter, Jenna, is engaged to Henry Hager of Virginia.

No wedding date has been set, said Mrs. Bush's press secretary, Sally McDonough.


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In a remarkable development late Thursday afternoon, image analysts at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX announced that they have determined, through digital image enhancement, the paternity of Mary Cheney's newborn child. It is none other than Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert.  Spokespeople for both the Vice President and Mr. Colbert are refusing to comment on the startling revelation.


It's time to face the hard and sad facts. I have been disappointed by the birthday party ever since I can remember.

I cannot attend a party that is for losers.

I cannot attend a party whose guests are absolute idiots.

The birthday Party is for a bunch of losers. It wants to feed losers and is filled with a bunch of absolute fucking idiots.  

I am done with birthday party...Forever.  

It had it's chance to give me the gifts I wanted. The gifts I rightly deserved.  It could have given me that Schwinn Apple Crate. Did I get it??? NOOOOO?

It could have given me that cute little Schnauzer puppy which I absolutely could not live without. Did I get it???? NOOOOOO!!!!!!

It could have given me that deluxe chemistry set which surely would have changed my life forever and brought about a cure for cancer. Did I get it??? NOOOOO!

The sad fact is birthday party has never delivered for me ever!!!

Betrayal!! Outrage!! Enough! No more birthday party for me. They can't have my cake and eat it too or something like that.

Fuck birthday parties from now until forever.  Till hell freezes over.  Or until I can't think of any more Clichés.

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