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It doesn't happen very often.
You, fellow Ocean Stater, actually have the opportunity to shift the direction of our country.

The How of it is easy - these 4 steps take less than 2 minutes.
For the Why, keep reading below.

  1. Call Senator Chafee's office now at: (202) 224-2921 (or call the Capitol switchboard toll free at: 800-426-8073 and ask for Senator Chafee's office);
  2. Indicate that you wish to speak to a staff member;
  3. Tell the person your name and city of residence;
  4. Tell them to let Senator Chafee know your view on Alito.

NB: I originally submitted this to Projo, but it'll likely have more eyes on it sooner here.  And I don' really want to be published - I just want to scuttle Alito.

The appeal below the jump is written for ANY AND ALL Rhode Islanders, regardless of political stripe.

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Thu Sep 08, 2005 at 07:52 AM PDT

Shut the gov't down - First do no harm!

by bribri

We - the American people - are in danger!
Remember how during the last several years, the mantra regarding another terrorist attack in the U.S. was not a matter of if but when.

Katrina washed away any illusions of an efficient Federal response. Had the levees been breeched by a terrorist's bomb not kind enough to provide many days' warning, the death toll would likely have been 5 times what Katrina caused - perhaps more, but certainly not less.

What can we do?  We can shut down the government until changes are made!

How is on the flip

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Tue Sep 06, 2005 at 10:27 AM PDT

Another NO Story from the inside

by bribri

This is 3rd hand from a listserve I'm on.

A couple of choice quotes:

We have yet to see any of the TV coverage or look at a newspaper. We are willing to guess that there were no video images or front-page pictures of European or affluent white tourists looting the Walgreen's in the French Quarter.

All day long, we saw other families, individuals and groups make the same trip up the incline in an attempt to cross the bridge, only to be turned away. Some chased away with gunfire, others simply told no, others to be verbally berated and humiliated. Thousands of New Orleaners were prevented and prohibited from self-evacuating the City on foot. Meanwhile, the only two City shelters sank further into squalor and disrepair.

We were hiding from possible criminal elements but equally and definitely, we were hiding from the police and sheriffs with their martial law, curfew and shoot-to-kill policies.

and finally...

Throughout, the official relief effort was callous, inept, and racist. There was more suffering than need be. Lives were lost that did not need to be lost.

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Wed Jun 29, 2005 at 01:16 PM PDT

What's this "we"? IRAQ must succeed

by bribri

Yesterday, Dubya gave his "stay the course" speech for the nth time.  Dem respondents gave great critiques, but continue to parrot the "we must succeed" line.

The (non-partisan) line should be: "IRAQ must succeed."

But in the meantime, the left needs to grab it.

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Tue Mar 22, 2005 at 02:04 PM PST

Brainstorm: Tax Day Protests

by bribri

What are your April 15th plans?
If you could stand outside your local post office that day, what would be on your sandwich board?
What pamphlets would you hand out?
What signs would you hold?
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Tue Jan 25, 2005 at 05:01 PM PST

Dem Ideals in under 20 words

by bribri

When signing up as a citizen co-sponsor of the Senate Democratic Agenda (and if you haven't yet, please do!) from manyoso's diary, I wrote what I was hoping for in the optional text space:

An accountable government, fighting for the citizens of this country and the consistent and equitable application of its laws.

19 words - I like it, but you know you can do better.  Please continue the excellent progressive elevator pitch conversation.
First - we have LA runoffs, so cans still get 2 seats in Congress by working for Mount & Melancon through December 4, and every seat counts.

Second - Yes we must organize, but how can we defeat judicial appointments, "patriot" laws, etc. when we're so outgunned on the Hill?

We need to learn from our successes, and repeat them.

"It's the fascism, stupid!"

We won the Sinclair battle - and we can win many more like it.
Corporations are the vulnerability in this corporatist/fascist government.
This is where we must fight.  This is where we must focus our organizing. More after the jump.

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Mon Nov 01, 2004 at 09:00 AM PST

LTE: Mass Stockholm syndrome

by bribri

I live in Rhode Island.  Our Providence Journal just endorsed Bush.  In the editorial, they make patently absurd claims such as:

[F]rom the moment that the first airplane smashed into the World Trade Center,
President Bush fully understood the stakes for civilization in the war on terrorism...
Mr. Bush is determined to take the war to the terrorists before they strike at us again.
President George W. Bush, in a second term, would not only build on the coalition he has already assembled against terrorism but also help establish Mideast peace...

How do I make sense of these delusions?  Stockholm Syndrome - my LTE responding (awaiting publication decision) is below the jump.
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Should Kerry attend the Red Sox parade tomorrow (Friday) Saturday in Boston?  Take the Poll.

The Red Sox victory parade is scheduled for Friday Saturday in Boston, 10:30am - 1:30pm, and expects to draw 3 million or more fans and well-wishers.

Kerry is a life-long Red Sox fan, but his schedule doesn't have him visiting Boston.  I'm sure he wants to...


Should Kerry attend Friday's Red Sox Parade?

16%13 votes
7%6 votes
0%0 votes
15%12 votes
41%32 votes
18%14 votes

| 77 votes | Vote | Results

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Sun Oct 17, 2004 at 01:48 PM PDT

My Letter to Voters (make your own too!)

by bribri

There's still time!
Have a letter-writing party!
Send them to swing states!
Mine is below the break (feel free to comment).
No rest until inauguration (and then only for a day or two...)
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Mon Oct 11, 2004 at 08:48 AM PDT

More Sinclair Action: Congress & FEC

by bribri

In addition to the Boycott Sinclair site, have a look at the congressional committees with relevant oversight authority - look for your state, or write the Chairperson (more after the break)
[Update: Added FEC Contact info too]
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Sun Oct 10, 2004 at 06:48 PM PDT

Health $$ versus Corporate $$

by bribri

Right hand (FCC), meet left hand (CDC, NIH, USDA, DHHS):
Left hand (parts of the gov't working to keep us healthy), meet right hand (parts that couldn't care less):
  • October 4, 2004 FCC Press Release: "FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell launched a multi-year, multi-phased consumer education and outreach campaign - 'DTV - Get it!' - designed to inform the public about the digital television (DTV) transition and the availability of high-definition and other digital content and to provide resources for Americans interested in joining the DTV ranks."
  • The new gov't-sponsored web portal to promote this crap:

Un-freakin' believable!
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