We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We are a company that works in independent areas of activity such as advertising, the pharmaceutical industry, product concepts. The company, which started operations from the production of bicycle mirrors, Noex imperceptibly turned into a company which is a partner and contractor for at least the representatives of several industries, such as electrical engineering, food processing, pharmaceutical and advertising. Our output is more Reklamné predmety than 200 of its own products and completed dozens of customer ideas, the production industry: pharmaceutical, advertising, construction, electrical, devotional items and office supplies. We offer help and advice during the entire production process, from concept, through design, model, construction tools and finished parts, components assembly and transport. Today's market success and size of companies provide a wealth of knowledge and experience of the founders of both the company and our staff. Since the beginning of Noex-in, our goal is to offer the products and services that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.