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The video of the Walker Scott murder produced a black swan  to the theory that "guns don't kill people, people kill people."  I'm sure it is pretty obvious that while standing stationary Micheal Slager's intent, whatever that was, could not  have killed Walter Scott because of the distance between them. Without the use of his gun Micheal Slager couldn't have possibly killed Walter Scott. The gun is what enabled Micheal Slager to kill Walter Scott therefore, the GUN killed Walker Scott not Micheal Slager. IOW, "Guns kill people, people don't kill people". While the folks who believe "people kill people"  claim it's the intent of the killer that kills a human being, it's not the intent of the officer that killed Walter Scott, Walter Scott was too far away from Micheal Slager for just intent to kill him, therefore it had to be the  gun that killed him and the argument gets even stronger if Micheal Slager's intent was NOT to kill Walter Scott because if  Micheal Slager,s   intent was not to kill Walter Scott , then the gun definitely killed him.
        In fact, the same could be said about the Micheal Brown murder. Without the use of the officers gun, Micheal Brown could not have been killed from the distance that he was killed from.  IOW, in that case too, intent wasn't the murderer but the gun murdered Micheal Brown.

. Another analogy could be "NASCAR cars don't go fast , the drivers go fast." While it would probably be pretty boring watching the drivers attempt to run around the track, the driver isn't the reason the car is fast, it's the car itself that makes the driver fast.


Lots of diaries about Obamacare and healthcare costs lately. There was also a diary about how Republicans claim Obamacare causes diabetes. Well, what if I told you that a condition called Metabolic Syndrome is responsible for most of the ailments affecting Americans today including Type II diabetes?? Type II diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, ADHD, Parkinsons, Alzhiemers ( now called type III diabetes), cancers, gastro reflux, joint pain all are on the rise. All those diseases  have been associated with inflammation which is a factor in metabolic syndrome.  What if I also told you that if America changed they way they ate, most of these diseases would plummet to levels not seen since the caveman walked the planet. What if I told you that the inflammation I'm talking about is caused by excess carbohydrates in the Western diet.  Wikipedia's definition of Metabolic Syndrome includes:

It is generally accepted that the current food environment contributes to the development of metabolic syndrome: our diet is mismatched with our biochemistry.
Because of this , Sweden's government  has officially issued new national  dietary guidlines:

You'd almost have to be brain dead  not notice an increase in the diseases affecting America starting with the rise in Type 2 diabetes in both children AND adults to the rise in a multitude of diseases affecting American adults especially Alzheimers which is now being called Type III diabetes. Everywhere you look there's someone else added to the list of sufferers from the above mentioned diseases while every label analyzed in the grocery store reveals High Fructose Corn Syrup. Take a look in the shopping carts of fellow shoppers and see the processed food and carbohydrate packed foods people are buying. Some of it has to do with finances, carbs are cheap, but most of it has to do with the addiction people have to carbs caused by the lowering of blood sugar when insulin is secreted. It's the insulin roller coaster most Americans are on. The more carbs you eat the more carbs your gonna eat 3 hrs later to raise your blood sugar back up. It's an endless cycle which eventually leads to insulin resistance which leads to the diseases mentioned above.

Here are 2 videos that provides explanations in layman terms of the whole problem that Sweden is addressing at the national level.

What would happen if all Americans heeded the Swedish advice on dietary guidelines?


Here's a link that everyone should view at least once in their lifetimes. It scientifically explains why America was built on the correct ideals/principles and why, no matter what side you stand on with regard to the Israel and Palestinian issue, the two solutions  being debated in the Israeli- Palestinian issue are completely race ignorant. It also provides scientific evidence why racism as a whole is completely ignorant.

This is the link to "The Journey of Man". I highly recommend it. Watch it if you haven't seen it yet. It's about 2 hrs long. It'll be the best 2 hrs you spend this week.


Here's the link......

What the fuck is wrong with this country?


Here's the video containing the "We should be ashamed" statement by the POTUS. ( Go to 38:50 into it)

Is anyone else insulted that he says " this society is not willing " to take basic steps to control guns. Is he fuckin kidding me? This society is overwhelmingly  FOR basic steps. He also goes on to say that most congressmen are terrified of the NRA, the lobbying arm of the gun manufacturers. He  basically admits MONEY runs the Congress, not the voting public.  Even if we had 100% agreement among "this society "  about background checks , nothing would change Mr. President because you told us the congress is afraid of  the NRA and their money. You didn't say Congress was afraid of the voters. WTF? It's the same with Global Warming. It's the corportocracy  running the country, which you plainly laid out before my ears .. We have no say. Our vote doesn't count. You just told me that. Thanks for at least letting the cat out of the bag. So please don't tell me it's democracy's job to change things.  Then you say later on I shouldn't get cynical. You can't make this shit up.


I keep reading the posts on this site joyous that Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce will force the Republican's hands. How quickly have we changed our minds. Or is the enemy of my enemy always my friend no matter the situation?


I haven't heard anyone mention the mathematical fact that 80 votes doesn't make a majority in a House of 435 votes. How 80 wingnuts can be scapegoated as the reason why a House of 435 voted to delay Obamacare is beyond me. Someone educate me.


Here's the Foxnews Story.

The disturbing part is we're about to go to war over intelligence supplied by Israel. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, we won't get fooled again.

This is Iraq all over again. Israel was behind faulty intelligence then and I believe this is another BS claim by Israel. This statement by the State Dept. in the story really makes me mad:

“We believe that it's too late for the U.N. inspection to be credible given the mass shelling that the regime has done in the affected areas”

Shelling doesn't eliminate all evidence. We're being fucked again.


The answer is, it doesn't say that. So basically, we just make stuff up as we go along in this country while along the way discriminating against the mentally ill. We interpret "the constitution" the way we want to interpret it, without any logical basis and wonder why we can't agree on anything. If the laws in this country have no logical basis they become a source of argument and confusion. And let's not confuse logic with common sense. Common sense is not the same as consistent logic. How 'bout we change "mentally ill" to "black", or "hispanic", or maybe "female" and see what it sounds like????The only way to treat EVERY individual in this country equal is to either let everyone bear arms or not let everyone bear arms otherwise we are guilty of discrimination and that is not what this country stands for.


How do I know that gunshot wounds kill people??? Because if you look at a medical examiners report after a fatal gun shooting, the CAUSE of death is always "a gunshot wound to the ( fill in body part here)."  Gunshot wounds kill people, period.  Even the bullet is never the cause of death, it's always the wound. The wound is always the CAUSE of death in a shooting fatality. Conventional right wing wisdom ( stupidity ) says "People kill People" but it's never been substantiated by any medical examiners report I've ever seen. I've never heard of a medical examiners report that said "a person was the cause of death". Never. Just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that people don't kill people, wounds from gunshots do. Which means that if you lower the amount of wounds inflicted on the US population,  less people will die . Since the wound is caused by the bullet, if we lower the amount of bullets fired,  less wounds will occur.  Lowering the amount of guns may, or may not,  lower the amount of bullets fired considering some guns can fire ALOT more bullets than others. So one aspect of a comprehensive solution to the problem we face today is to limit the amount of bullets any one gun can fire at a time.   Simple, really.


What is the cause of death in a shooting death?

9%4 votes
33%14 votes
40%17 votes
14%6 votes

| 42 votes | Vote | Results


I know this has been said many times but it is worth repeating. The Second Amendment was written during the times of muskets and black powder , single shot pistols. Anyone trying to extrapolate the meaning of the Second Amendment with regards to any firearms besides the ones that existed at the time is pure speculation. In the same context that a black person was only counted as 3/5th's of a person in the same era, the Second Amendment does not apply to the arms of today for the simple fact that they didn't exist when the Second Amendment was written. Whether the Second Amendment was actually written to keep a well regulated militia is irrelevant when the simple fact of the gun control issue is that the guns being talked about in the Second Amendment were single shot muzzleloaders. I don't think any American would object to the right to bear those arms.


Next time you're talking to a rightwinger, ask them how they feel about the FDIC? I'll bet that most of them will say "I haven't really thought about that". That's the answer I got from 3 of my rightwing friends. Of course they haven't thought about it because FoxNews has never mentioned it BUT, without the FDIC, American capitalism would not exist. Since the foundation of capitalism is confidence, how many Americans would be confident enough to keep their money in a bank, instead of their mattress, if the deposit accounts of the banks  weren't insured by the US gov't????? Without the FDIC how much money would be available , thru their deposits, for the banks to lend? How well would the economy expand if the banks had no money to lend ??? The bailout was done exactly because the cost of insuring the banks if they started to fail in a cascading fashion was higher than the bailout. Next time you talk to a rightwing friend, ask them how they feel about the FDIC and see how socialist they really are.

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