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When I look back at the sixties I wonder why there weren't serious attempts on the life of Lyndon Johnson.  After all, in the early to mid 60s, he and Martin Luther King, Jr were the two most hated men in the South.  Zell Miller spoke for many when he said that by securing passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, LBJ forfeited his birthright as a Southerner.  And of course there was George Wallace's demagogic primary challenge in 1964.  The vitriol even extended to Lady Bird Johnson, who was taunted while campaigning for her husband in the Deep South in 1964, "Fly away, Blackbird."

As a 70s kid, I'd greatly appreciate if someone who lived through the bloody decade of the 60s could shed some light on this gloomy question.


Everyone gets that Savage's new provocation, like his scatological "santorum" coinage, uses ridicule to go after a wingnut.  Ridicule can indeed be a powerful political weapon: it transcends ideological boundaries, commanding the attention of voters regardless of their political bent.  But Savage's idea is more than that: it's also a wicked satire on the mindset of many conservative men.

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Throughout America, people are talking about themselves in the third person.  Former US senator and 1996 Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole released a statement: "Bob Dole's mighty grateful to have a Third Person Day because Bob Dole knows it's a deep honor to have a holiday in honor of Bob Dole.  Jiminy, Bob Dole's truly humbled."


Sun Jan 03, 2010 at 08:40 PM PST

2009 Political Buzzword Madness!

by burning rain

You've probably seen the collection of 2008 election season buzzwords at  I thought it would be interesting to update it for 2009.  Join in: it can be a collaborative project!

Rick Warren
"When the red man can get ahead, man"
Shout out to atheists at inauguration speech
Shoeing of Bush effigy at inauguration
Team of Rivals
Generational theft
Malia's peace symbol t-shirt
Wise Latina
Portuguese water dog
Gadsden flag
Tea Parties
Hasn't found a church in DC
Outreach to the Islamic world
Tailgunner Cheney
"This isn't change we can believe in"
"We won"
Chicago-style politics
Cap & Trade
Cap & Tax
Green Revolution
"Allahu Akbar!"
Neda Soltani
Beer Summit
Reaching out to the Islamic world
Cairo Speech

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Sun Dec 13, 2009 at 09:10 PM PST

Thinking Ahead to 2016.

by burning rain

It's not too early for Democrats to begin considering who we should nominate for president in 2016. We have been caught behind national trends previously, and to our injury. In 1994, for instance, Republicans found in talk radio a new medium for rallying the conservative base that Democrats had largely ignored, and hit upon the idea of nationalizing the off-year elections with the Contract for America, while Democrats relied on the old Tip O'Neill paradigm of all politics being local. Look where that got us.  More recently, however, Democrats and lefties have more than held our own in use of the Internet--but an even bigger paradigm shift is rapidly approaching.

Too many commentators to mention have explored the phenomenon of Americans becoming more consumers than citizens. Given that this trend appears irreversible even with a Democratic administration and Congress, Democrats, and lefties in the realist camp, must set ourselves to the task of embracing this change and making it work for us rather than for the opposition. Fortunately, for the time being Republicans remain stuck with gray, colorless leaders not even capable of mastering television, as did Bill Clinton and, on their side, Ronald Reagan.


2016 Democratic presidential nominee

20%10 votes
16%8 votes
2%1 votes
8%4 votes
2%1 votes
8%4 votes
6%3 votes
6%3 votes
4%2 votes
2%1 votes
0%0 votes
2%1 votes
4%2 votes
4%2 votes
14%7 votes

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