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The East Providence Animal Control Center is looking for the owner of a dog that survived being inadvertently transported about 11 miles from the Taunton area in the grille of a Toyota sedan. The driver of the Toyota was traveling about 50 mph on Route 44 near Segregansett Country Club on Sept. 20 when the dog — a white female, possibly a poodle-mix — ran into the road.
 The poodle is recovering, thank goodness.  Reached by telephone, the Romney campaign refused to comment.

Sun Oct 31, 2010 at 03:16 PM PDT

Ken Buck: I'm just going to stomp.

by by foot

Last week:  A MoveOn volunteer was stomped -- and suffered a concussion -- by one of the Rand Paul campaign's county chairs.  You've seen the footage.

Today:  Ken Buck, at a campaign stop in Colorado, told a supporter, "I've got my boots on. I'm just going to stomp."

Coincidence?  I doubt it.

I thought this would be a good time for a recap of a few of his top quotes ... send 'em on to any friends you have in Colorado.  Ask them to send them on to friends who haven't voted yet.

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Dear Governors Ritter, Huntsman, and Freudenthal,

It's kind of like saying jumbo shrimp. Or pretty ugly.  Or, maybe closest of all, sanitary landfill.

(Licensed under the Creative Commons License.)

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Sat May 10, 2008 at 08:16 PM PDT

Rep. DeGette (CO-01) to support Obama?

by by foot is reporting that Rep. Diana DeGette says she'll follow the will of her district's voters:

During her CD1 nomination acceptance speech Congresswoman Degette who has been a part of the Clinton campaign, announced that as a superdelegate she will vote with the majority of voters.  She didn't technically say the majority of CD1 voters so while this technically doesn't mean she's shifting her support from Clinton to Obama, that is essentially what it means.

Colorado's first congressional district handed way over 60% of its caucus votes to Barack Obama.

Another indication that nobody really considers the Clinton campaign viable at this point ...


So, I was working in the garden last summer one day, when something novel zipped by on the bike path -- a hybrid of sorts.  Part picnic table, part bicycle, and part hibachi, it really looked like a way to get around town in style.  I never saw it again, until this morning, when my brother pointed out that it was on YouTube.

There are plenty of energy and transportation issues that deserve our serious attention ... and this may not be a serious commuting machine.  On the other hand, these guys are having a lot of fun, and that's not a bad thing at all.  

The best part?  No ants at the picnic.  Enjoy!


True confessions:  until moments ago, I was planning to further the theme of bawdy VMD titles by calling this one "Taking a Leek in the Suburbs."  (And maybe I've just furthered the theme anyway!)

But, it just didn't sound right at 7 a.m.,  so, I opted for something more direct, which is fine, too, because there is something really positive happening in the local food scene in Boulder, CO:

You've heard of Community Supported Agriculture ... well, recently I met a grower who's taken it a step further.

Local production, sometimes meaning the next yard over

Knowing the farmer, who is a neighbor you see and greet from the sidewalk

A variety of fresh vegetables each week of the growing season, and you get to see them growing every day

Opportunities to volunteer on a farm by walking a few steps out the door with your cup of morning coffee in hand

Make the leap for more photos and details!

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Mon Jun 25, 2007 at 08:38 PM PDT

Bright idea ... thanks, Nevada!

by by foot

(Holler if this has already been diaried.  I looked and didn't find any diaries about Nevada's new law.)

First Australia did it.  Ontario was next, followed by the rest of Canada.

Word is that the EU is working on a policy.  South Africa would like to do it, now that they may be able to be self-sufficient in supplies.  Cuba is making the transition, and it sounds like Venezuela is, too.

We're witnessing the end of the incandescent bulb as the dominant lighting technology.  But what's happening here in the USA?



Not really ... I'm delighted to be kidding about the crickets chirping! 

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(This diary's slightly modified and shamelessly borrowed from

The other day DriveCongress dropped by, created a login, and left a couple of comments in favor of watering down the fuel efficiency (CAFE) standards legislation that Sen. Salazar had just announced he'd support., as you may be aware, is an auto industry astroturf operation working to defeat increases in fuel efficiency standards.

Anyhow, DriveCongress made two comments and that was it.

A little later, I did some Googling ...

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Update [2006-10-10 11:37:24 by by foot]: The Fawcett campaign has a press release out on the Denver Post poll, inline below or here

Update [2006-10-10 18:17:00 by by foot]: We have passed six eight 13 16 hundred bucks raised today! (10/11/2006 -- final tally over $1600)

Alright, you've seen the news on the Denver Post poll.  Jay Fawcett is even in the polls with his opponent in the conservative 5th District of Colorado.  He can be the next representative from CO-05 -- and will be, if he has the resources he needs to do the outreach and advertising he needs.

The double bonus is that in winning this seat, he'll also force the Rs to spend a big war chest on a weak candidate, and that's money that can't be used elsewhere.  

The triple bonus is that Jay Fawcett winning in CO-05 will be a strong signal to the James Dobsons of the world -- it's the home district for Focus on the Family.

The premise of this diary is simple.  Jay Fawcett needs resources to win.  If you'll help, I'll help.

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AP is reporting that the Pueblo, CO office of Rep. John Salazar's campaign was broken into early Saturday morning.  Windows were broken, and computer monitors were thrown around.

In addition, a computer had been opened and all of the office's campaign letterhead was stolen. Money in plain view next to the opened computer was not taken.

Are we dealing with a cornered animal here?

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Okay ... just finished a few video captures from the Chevy ad contest, and am starting to put 'em up for download.

I need people to mirror these files. Doesn't seem to be a huge load on the server at this point.

More below the flip.

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What's your city doing about global warming?  Some cities are doing a hell of a lot ... but if yours isn't, there are some great reasons to get started.

Given the complete lack of action on climate change from the Bush administration, it's no surprise that local governments are picking up the ball and running with it.  Fort Collins, in my home state of Colorado, is one of them.  The benefits, in addition to reducing the impact of climate change, include lower energy bills, local economic development and cleaner and more livable cities.

A recent .pdf report from Colorado's Sierra Club chapter compares several cities and provides lots of food for thought.  I hope it'll be a catalyst here ... but the profiled cities (Austin, Chicago, Portland, and Fort Collins) provide valuable lessons for local governments everywhere.

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