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Before I begin, I want to make a brief explanation about the real names of our three woozles. For whatever reason, when I first began posting comments about them here on dkos, I disguised their names. Ricky the Chihuahua became “Senor Ricardo.” Heidi the Toy Poodle was “Hilde.” And Toby, the Yorki Poo and now our only remaining pup, was “Tobias.”

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Mon Jun 24, 2013 at 07:20 PM PDT

RIP Senor Ricardo

by cactusgal

Our notorious little Chihuahua, known to folks here at kos as Senor Ricardo, died unexpectedly this morning.  This feeling is probably a little like being water boarded.  I keep thinking someone’s torturing me and I’m choking, on my own tears in this case.

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