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Please listen to this segment from this evening's "All Things Consdered" on NPR.

NPR's Robert Siegel interviews former US House member John Shadegg of Arizona. Shadegg denies the role of right-wing hate speech in inciting political violence, claiming that one could just as well suggest the shooter was incited by, oh, say voting for the 2010 health care bill.

That's making excuses for the actual hate speakers.

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I was canvassing in Cleveland yesterday with Pam, an out-of-state Obama volunteer. Turns out we almost have a hometown in common, and she had incredibly funny "bad relationship" stories to tell in between the door knocks, so the three hours went fast.

When we finished our packet and returned to KC in Ohio's house, I had to head out immediately to pick up my nine-year-old daughter from her theatre rehearsal in Ohio City.

Meanwhile, Ellen, another out-of-state volunteer (with whom I have a favorite Indian restaurant in common!) was talking about neeeding some real food like vegetables and brown rice. I said hey, that's great, I'm driving right by Johnny Mango's. It's all fresh veggies and beans and yummy rice... and easy to get to!


Where did I go wrong?

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