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Good morning fellow Kossacks.  I'm reaching out this morning to any of you who are registered voters in FL-13 (Manatee, Sarasota, Hardee & Desoto counties).  Monday is our deadline to sumbit candidate petitions so that our candidate, James T. Golden, will apppear on the ballot against ethically-challenged GOP incumbent Vern Buchanan.   More after the jump...


Which of the following is most easily proven false?

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A few nights ago, the progressive House candidate here in FL-13 announced his candidacy.  Both local papers covered the kickoff event with brief articles in their pages.  Needless to say, the wingnutters were quick to leave their comments.  Which got me thinking...

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Wed Nov 04, 2009 at 10:15 AM PST

Campaign Kickoff Party in FL-13

by charlie kennedy

As long as we're all in a euphoric state over the NY-23 and CA-10 wins, let's keep the good mojo rolling with another possible upset for the winning team.

In FL-13, progressives have an ideal candidate to put their time, money and support behind in Reverend James T. Golden.  Tomorrow night, he officially launches his campaign to remove incumbent Vern Buchanan from his US House seat.

More on the campaign launch and the cadidate after the jump...

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Thu Oct 30, 2008 at 01:26 PM PDT

2008 Elections Pick 'Em contest

by charlie kennedy

Here it is Kossacks!  The 2nd edition of my Elections Pick 'Em contest.  You will be asked about swing state results, Barr/Nader, tight Senate & House races and more!   It only takes a minute or two to finish the 20 questions.  Just follow this link and read the brief directions to play.  BTW, this is not for money - just for fun.

a bit more after the jump...

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Wed Oct 15, 2008 at 06:46 AM PDT

It's all O-ver!

by charlie kennedy

folks, this election is over.....  america is still a sleeping giant, but one eye has poked open and sees that mccain isn't the same man he used to be AND that and sarah palin is a joke.   In contrast, Obama's calm, decisive, serious manner is just what we need in a president and statesman around here, and around the world, right now.  To me, it's amazing to think how things could be different right now had Palin NOT been the vp choice.

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Those of us on the central gulf coast of Florida have been the spared the wrath of two hurricanes in the past two weeks.  We have, however, had to endure the wrath of two commercials from GOP nutter butter Vern Buchanan.

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Vern is on the airwaves with his first tv ad, "Broken".  In it Representative Buchanan starts out with a mention of three big issues of the day - gas prices still too high, the border still not secure and spending is out of control while "Congress does nothing."  Vern leaves out that he is currently a member of that do-nothing Congress.

But fear not FL-13ers!  Vern Buchanan is ready to change all that.

The ad and more after the jump...

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Update: had to switch AZ which I had originally given to Obama.

I'll concede right away that this is a best-case scenario.  However, I believe that when the rest of the general population begins to pay attention (and not just us political junkies) they're going to realize what a flawed candidate McCain really is.  A few qualifiers and the map after the jump...


Obama's electoral vote results be in 2008?

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This really could just turn out to be a paper work error.  However, since Congressman Vern as been involved in too many shady business activities to remember (including tax issues) - it's worth a second look.  

More after the jump...  


What does Vern Buchanan do best?

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First there was Obama Girl.  Then came Guiliani Girl and Ron Paul Girl.  Now McCain girl enters the scene.  And look out - she's pissed.


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I know, I's not likely, but a brother can dream can't he?

Following up on my post from yesterday and incorporating some of the suggestions/corrections from the comments made there, let's take a look at our best case scenario in the November Senate elections.

Right now, we're at 49 Ds, 49 Rs and 2 I's.  When the smoke clears on election night in November we'll be at 62 Ds, 37 Rs and 1 I.
Here's how it's going to happen....


How many seats will the Dems pick up in November?

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56%133 votes
6%16 votes
2%5 votes
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Here’s how the Dems can win a filibuster-proof 60 seat majority in the U.S. Senate.  It’s not going to be easy, but it can happen.

Right now, there are 49 Republicans, 49 Democrats and 2 Independents (Sanders-VT & Lieberman-CT) who both caucus with the Dems.

In November of 2008, there will be 33 Senate seats up for election AND one special election - to replace the retired Trent Lott-MS.  For the Dems to achieve a 60 seat super-majority they will need to win 9 seats that are now held by a Republican.  Here are the 9 seats that are in reach:


How many Senate seats will the Dems have in Jan 2009?

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8%11 votes
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