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While condemning Syria for its use of chemical weapons (and rightly so) our country and it's leaders have managed to overlook or not speak about the atrocities it has conducted against its own citizens.
We have quite the record.
Our citizens have been guinea pigs for experiments with radiation, cancer cells, malaria, yellow fever, poisoned drinking water, nerve gas, mustard gas, hallucinogens and, I feel confident that there are others that haven't been acknowledged.

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Sun Aug 18, 2013 at 05:13 AM PDT

Egypt Is Blowing OUR Agenda

by charlottescot

A headline in the Times today just about says it:
"How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were Undercut"
Those darn Egyptians don't get it. This is all about us. They need to get with the program.

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Sat Aug 17, 2013 at 04:47 AM PDT

Our Overreaction to Terrorism?

by charlottescot

After September 11th, after the anthrax scare when I returned to Connecticut a very dear friend who had met me at the train asked, "Would you like to use my shower incase you have been contaminated by anthrax?" She was driving so she was somewhat limited in being able to get away from me nonetheless I could tell she was genuinely scared ... of me ... of the possibility of anthrax ... and the fact I had just returned from NYC. I was shocked

The first thing I wanted to do on September 11th was to go down to the city I was born in and make sure my friends, and my city were OK. Several days later when I did go down I remember driving on the East Side Drive and feeling joy because my City was still there. From the horrific close-ups of the WTC carnage, I somehow imagined the whole place was gone.


Have we overreacted to terrorists?

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7%3 votes
13%5 votes
71%27 votes

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Fri Aug 16, 2013 at 06:25 AM PDT

700,000 CLASSIFIED documents

by charlottescot

Some people say they think Bradley Manning did the right thing when he released "Collateral Murder," however they have a problem with the other 699,999 classified documents he didn't even read before he released them.

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Thu Aug 15, 2013 at 07:26 AM PDT


by charlottescot

If Bradley Manning is mandated to serve more time, over 4000 people have volunteered to serve part of his sentence
However, it is fair to say all of us feel he has already been punished too much.

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Tue Aug 13, 2013 at 04:59 AM PDT

AP Story about me, AT&T and NSA

by charlottescot


WASHINGTON (AP) — Charlotte Scot isn't one to take things lying down — like the time President George W. Bush was re-elected and she moved to Canada in protest.

So when the 66-year-old artist from Old Lyme, Conn., heard that major telecommunications providers have been turning over data about every Americans' phone calls to the government since 2006, Scot demanded that her own phone company tell her what, if anything, it had shared about her.

She soon received a non-response from an unnamed customer service representative informing her how to opt out of its marketing program, which only made Scot angrier.

... the rest of the story:

Anne Flaherty wrote a wonderful article about how AT&T (and other Telecoms are making money off selling OUR info to the government.

I contacted her to congratulate her on the article and began telling her about my dealings with ATT. The quote above is from her AP story today. Both articles are worth a read for sure.

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After three years in prison, this week it will be determined how much more time the US government wants Pfc. Bradley Manning to serve. The defense case begins today.  Approximately twenty people will testify for the defense before Manning takes the stand at the end of the week. The possibility remains this 25 year old could be sentenced to 90 years more. 3,917 people have signed my petition saying they are willing to serve part of Bradley Manning's sentence.

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Sat Aug 10, 2013 at 05:40 AM PDT

Good News, Sad News

by charlottescot

On August 2nd I posted a petition on line for people to volunteer to serve Bradley Manning's upcoming sentence. Amazingly more than 3800 signed up in a week. These people were sincere although they knew US law would most likely not allow them to actually serve. People from Great Britain, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland all felt Bradley Manning deserved praise rather than punishment. I will serve for Bradley Manning


Should NSA officials serve time for espionage?

85%12 votes
7%1 votes
7%1 votes

| 14 votes | Vote | Results

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Fri Aug 09, 2013 at 03:51 PM PDT

#BradleyManning Petition - 1 Week

by charlottescot

I started a petition for people to volunteer to serve Brad Manning's un just sentence. With the more than able assistance of Kevin Zeese, we have gotten 3800 people to sign-up. Imagine how heartening it is for Pfc. Brad to know we care SINCERELY.

Just when many of us began to worry that our beloved America had become “sheepica,” 3800 people have come forward to stand up for accused Wikileaker Pfc. Bradley Manning. Not only have they stood up, they have volunteered to serve parts of his sentence.

Muriel P. When I was in school, I was taught it was my duty to speak out when I saw a wrong. It was my duty to take action to make it right. This is just what Bradley Manning did. I would be proud to call him son.
Richard V. Exposing the lies of governments, businesses, and religions benefits us all. It is only right that those who benefit from Private Manning's sacrifice give a part of themselves in return.
everly T. Bradley Manning gave me and all Americans a valuable gift of information about the behavior of the US military and the contractors it hired. He should not be imprisoned at all, but since he is I will gladly take some of his time upon myself in return for the gift he gave me. I am 77 years old but I think I could serve at least a couple of weeks.
Michael K. Many hands make light oppression? What else can I do? Bradley Manning is a hero.
Emily U. Bradley Manning is an example of a TRUE American. He risked his own freedom to provide the rest of us with the facts. I will gladly step away from my life in order to stand in for him. THANK YOU BRADLEY MANNING!
Sarah l. It is up to each and everyone of us to live with integrity and speak the truth. We need future young people, journalists, educators to not be afraid of exposing crimes against humanity.
Glen A. I'll gladly serve all of Bradley Manning's sentence, down to the last second. Come get me. Packed and ready to go!
nestor t. i am 16 years old from Dominican Republic, i have lived a time in US and you can clearly see how blind those people are, i wish i was bradley manning's friends because i would had gladly helped him get that info and more and give my life for this cause.

Charlotte Scot  860-405-4770 Kevin Zeese, 301-996-6582

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