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Hey guys, as many of you know I am a die hard, progressive Democrat down here in the middle of ruby red Tennessee.

I was elected at the age of 19 to the local county commission and have served as the Democratic Party Vice Chair for four years and about to become Chairman in April. So I have a deep love for public service.

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Guys, on my blog, I have a post set up for folks to post their grateful comments to Congressman Harold Ford Jr.  We have over 100 comments so far.  If you all could, please post your comments on there to the Congressman!

Hey guys, I have created a post on my blog blog in which I would like everyone to post comments to our guy, Congressman Ford.
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Guys, all year long I and others down here from Tennessee have kept you updated on the Senate race we are having down here.  With only a couple weeks left, I am here to tell you it is a close one and Congressman Ford needs your help and prayers.

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Last night Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and Bob Corker appeared live on CNN at the same time. (Yes, it is hard to believe Bob actually agreed to do it)

During the interview, Congressman Ford appealed to Corker to stop the negative ads about him and his family and focus on the real issues in this race. Nevertheless, Corker did not take him up on that offer. Instead, Corker went on to lie saying that he has never talked about his family during the race.

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In the past few days, Bob Corker's campaign strategy has focused in on doing one thing: attacking Congressman Ford and his family at every turn.

It really is despicable how low Corker and his henchmen have went. They have completely drove this campaign into the gutter and for that they should be ashamed.

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Guys, below is a post I got up on our blog rebutting Corker's lies in tonight's debate!  

The Congressman was great, but Corky just couldn't tell the truth!

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Hey guys, more good news from our Senate race down here in Tennessee.  Today USA Today and Gallup released news polls that shows among likely voters, Ford beats Corker by 5 points. When it comes to registered voters, Ford wins by 10. Clearly, like all the other recents polls, this poll shows Ford surging in support while Corker cotinues to sink further and further down.

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Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 10:21 AM PDT

TN SENATE: Ford Has The Big Mo!

by ChrisDJackson

Hey guys, as I am sure you all have saw, Congressman Ford is leading in the newly released Rasmussen and Mason Dixon polls!  It is great!

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A new poll by the Benenson Strategy Group now shows Congressman Harold Ford Jr. leading Bob Corker by 6 percentage points. This poll is consistent with the last four or five polls which have showed Ford making steady progress and recently taking the lead.
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Well folks, we have a new leader in this United States Senate race and his name is Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

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Great news guys! I have heard through the grapevine that the new Rasmussen poll that is about to be released very soon will have Congressman Ford down only one point to Republican Bob Corker.

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