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Fri Nov 23, 2012 at 10:34 PM PST

Bain Capital deserves Justice

by cjunk

I just saw this petition at  Its not getting much action but I think it should.  If any one actually sees this posting please take a look and if you agree sign up, sounds enough like a cover-up conspiracy to me that I really wanted to know more.


Wed Apr 02, 2008 at 04:28 PM PDT

When intelligence isn't

by cjunk

I read the piece in WSJ today and I had to look up the Democratic congresswoman who apparently co-wrote it with McConnell.  I thought it was such a load of hooey I wrote her this note:

It's odd that "Intelligence" is not one of the issues that can be selected, especially since you're a subcommittee chair.
Although I am not someone who voted to put you in office your opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal today addresses every American's future and I feel that all of us should respond in kind.  

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Thu Nov 04, 2004 at 05:16 PM PST

Demand the Truth.

by cjunk

This is my first ever diary entry so please no flames  
  There are so many hopes that I've had dashed by the Senator's loss, that I don't want to forget that there is no way to check the machines. I've been writing software for over thirty years and after reading the studies on electronic voting machines I can state that our first priority is to demand that voting be transparent: require a paper trail from all voting machines, do not allow any private software to tabulate our votes, the public must have complete access to all aspects of our voting system.  The odd pattern of exit polling being much more in error only in those states that didn't have paper trails is disquieting but without recourse
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Fri May 28, 2004 at 11:09 PM PDT

Juan Williams 5/28/04

by cjunk

I took today off so I was listening to NPR this morning when Juan Williams called Al Gore a "loose cannon" in what I thought was a dismissive manner.  Like, what else could you expect from such a radical liberal? Of course I'm probably reading too much into it.  Anyway I couldn't find the audio on their site tonight so I sent the following message to the npr ombudsman.  I'd like some opinions was it to harsh?  Do they listen to complaints?

Mr. Williams this morning referred to former Vice President Al Gore as a "loose cannon" for his speech at the PAC  Perhaps he should do a little less editorializing in his reporting and note that the speech delivered a laundry list of facts  that added up to a withering indictment of the current administration.  He delivered it with eloquence, verve and yes, passion.  He also delivered it to repeated applause.  
That the type of verbage that is used for Mr. Bush's speeches by the other network that Mr. Williams appears on.  Maybe the conflict of working for commercial media is destroying his journalistic integrity. He should save that attitude of deprecating an honest revulsion for the loss of American honor, freedom, prosperity, security and the deaths of hundreds of Americans and thousands of Iraqis for his other job.

Charlie Amacher

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