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Word is that it was payback for the Democratic Mayor of Fort Lee not endorsing Christie’s re-election or it was payback to NJ Legislative Democrats over the State Supreme Court or a development project in Fort Lee.

Or something else – which may or may not be found out through investigations, hearings or maybe even subpoenas and prosecutions.  And ironically, it was this and not one of the myriad of other things he did over his career that finally has people sitting up and taking notice of how scummy Governor Fleece has been consistently over the course of his career.

But at this point, quite honestly, the big thing here is not why this was done (even though it could lead to other crimes being uncovered and could be a very big deal in its own right), but the mere fact of how many people in Christie’s inner circle were so very intimately involved in the planning and cover up of this – leading to the conclusion that the only way that Christie actually didn’t know about the planning and cover up is if it was perfectly clear by design that Christie was to purposely be kept in the dark about the details.  

Which is (1) not plausible or (2) a sinister culture (a point made many times already) in that these people – people this loyal to him - would not keep Christie in the dark about something this big and this damaging without him wanting to not be told of the details.

In short – this could not credibly have been kept from Christie without he himself letting his inner circle know that he doesn’t want to know about these things.  And not wanting to know how this is being covered up or not pressing to find out why his own high level appointees were resigning is patently absurd to anyone who has followed Christie in any way.

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It’s been forever since I posted and I know there are a million Bridgeghazi posts, but I didn’t see this in a quick scan.

One thing that jumped out at me in looking over the stories of the newly released 900 pages of documents was this little nugget from Assemblyman Wisniewski, who is leading the investigation (emphasis mine):

Secondly, the documents submitted by David Wildstein and his attorney are documents they deemed specifically related to the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge as per our subpoena request. Included in these documents is a reference to what appears to be a meeting between Port Authority Chairman David Samson and the governor one week before Bridget Kelly issued the order to cause ‘traffic problems’ in Fort Lee. By submitting these documents, Mr. Wildstein is telling us they are related to the lane closures in some way. The question that demands answering is how?
In and of itself, this would be a pretty important factoid and some curious timing, given that Christie said yesterday that he doesn’t really know what all 65,000+ state employees are doing.  But in doing his damage control, Christie had this to say about Samson:  
Christie did say that he met for two hours with Samson, the former state attorney general whom he appointed as Port Authority chairman, and that he was confident that Samson had no involvement in the Bridgegate scandal.
There is some very curious timing in the meeting between Christie and the Port Authority Chief he appointed and the email from Christie’s Deputy Chief of Staff ordering the lane closures.  And now Christie is saying that Samson was not involved.

If they met just days before the lane closures were ordered and neither of them had any involvement in the lane closures, and there is no traffic study, what went on at that meeting?


Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 11:32 AM PST

Welcome to the 21st Century, losers.

by clammyc

As the Republican Party licks its’ gaping wounds with the loss on Tuesday and tries to figure out whether the path of lies or hate or greed or fear was more to blame (or whether it was the fault of one of their most favorite partisan Governors who dared to help the people of his state when Hurricane Sandy hit instead of putting partisanship above We the People), there are a number of articles with the narrative of “Republicans wonder what went wrong” or “Republicans wonder what’s next”.

Or the best ones, “Republicans’ views have evolved” and “should the haters be booted from the Party or further embraced”.

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I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but there are a few things at play over the next day and it is obviously very important to get ahead of the narrative before some of the typical “conventional wisdom” (read: BS bubble and right wing nonsense) is thrown out there.  This would hold up regardless of whether Obama wins both the popular and Electoral votes, just wins the Electoral vote or “doesn’t win by enough”.  And while nobody here can control what President Obama or Governor Romney will say as the votes are counted and the states are called, here are some thoughts to consider:

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-----hi folks - yeah, it's been a while and I know it is full on "top of the ticket time", but here is a pretty cool story about a teacher, a progressive with no prior interest in politics before standing up to Governor Blowhard's BS two years or so ago.  Marie Corfield is running for Assembly in NJ, Christie is taking a personal interest in this, and she has been getting great press from Diane Ravitch, as well as the grassroots groups.  

Oh, and she's running against a Tea Party candidate who was appointed to the seat after the death of the sitting Assemblyman.

Yesterday, we got some more good news, which is below and reposted from Blue Jersey-----

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Much has been made about income taxes and income tax cuts – not just by Republicans, who base their entire economic plan on less taxes (which of course will usually vastly benefit their base by every conceivable metric), but also by Democrats lately as a way to provide stimulus or help in a time of need.  And right here in New Jersey, Governor Christie’s plan to cut income taxes by 10% across the board is very short on details about how the potential $1 billion+ deficit would be paid for.

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Wed Jan 04, 2012 at 05:28 AM PST

thank you, "anonymous benefactor"...

by clammyc

I know I don't come around here much anymore, and I don't even know if this is going to be read by many since it is really a silly little diary....


over the weekend, I got one of those "do not reply" emails from Daily Kos indicating that someone was generous and thoughtful enough to have purchased a lifetime subscription for me at Big Orange.

So, while that is a small but powerful gesture, I am posting my gratitude in the hopes that it, and my note of thanks will be noticed.

Happy new year - may 2012 kick the crap out of 2011....


Also in blue


In all of the ego stroking, “messiah worship” of the Republican Party and their right wing financiers when it comes to the courting of Governor Christie to run for President – for lack of confidence in all of the prior anointed messiahs of the Republican Party, I have given Christie credit for being honest and consistent in his denials and refusal to throw his hat in the ring for President.

If you haven’t seen this video yet – an excellent compilation of his reasoning and refusals to run, take a look.  For someone who puts his ego, his benefactors and partisan politics over everything else, it is refreshing to see him be honest and say things like the following:

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Fri Sep 23, 2011 at 10:41 AM PDT

Chris Christie's Political Football

by clammyc

Please note that this diary was originally posted at Blue Jersey by a colleague and fellow front pager, the_promised_land.  I have been asked to post it here on behalf of the Blue Jersey crew since the_promised_land doesn't have an account here, and it is a very interesting tie in between Governor Christie, the Kochs and a new $1.5 million campaign by personal friends of Christie's.  All of these ties are of course denied by Christie, but time and again, he is exposed for the liar and phony he is.  This isn't the first time that a so-called "nonpartisan" operation linked to him but he is trying to keep it as a coincidence.

The full diary is reproduced below.

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Sat Sep 10, 2011 at 08:06 AM PDT

Keeping America Safe

by clammyc

On the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the current terror threat and precautions is yet another reminder (and reason) for a discussion about “keeping America safe”.  The hundreds of billions of dollars spent on wars of aggression, and the tens of billions of dollars lost to fraud and waste in Iraq and Afghanistan -  even tens of millions supposedly going directly to the Taliban and other insurgent groups - are more evidence of how our reaction to 9/11 not only failed to keep us safer but wasted precious resources that could be used to actually keep this country safe.

Republicans (and now a growing number of Democrats) in Congress – both now and over the past decade – are/were more concerned with writing blank checks for billions of dollars, not just putting this country at further risk, but ignore the real things that put American lives at risk and fail to keep us safe on a day to day basis.  The threat of attack is nothing new – it goes back at least to the 1950s, where students had drills to hide under their desks and more recently in the 1980s with the Cold War.

But as a tremendously disproportionate amount of a dwindling pool of tax dollars is spent and wasted on “keeping America safe™” from a theoretical threat that is far less likely than, say, a plane crash, things are crumbling here at home while being ignored.  Consider the following, just to name a few examples:

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Wed Sep 07, 2011 at 06:59 AM PDT

Real Americans and Fake Patriots

by clammyc

(also in Blue)


Ironically but not surprisingly, Sarah Palin and a good number of those on the right like to address their crowds, who have increasingly been playing dress-up as “patriots” (and not in the Tom Brady kind of way), as “Real Americans™”.  They talk about “the tree of liberty”, “patriotism” and any number of cherry picked or out-of-context quotes from the Founding Fathers or the Bible.  Yet when it comes to actions, what we see from her, Scott Garrett, Chris Christie, Eric Cantor, many on the right (and a growing number on the “left” as well) is just the opposite of what a “real American” is.

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Cross posted at/from Blue Jersey


As noted recently at Blue Jersey, the lead Iowa Republican funder who Governor Christie met with during “CopterGate” was Koch business partner Bruce Rastetter.  There is a very interesting history between Rastetter, the Koch brothers, their business interests and Chris Christie – and given Christie’s history of rewarding his cronies with lucrative contracts, this more than bears watching closely.

Let’s connect some very big dots.

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