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I am a trial lawyer. For nearly 30 years, I have been in the heat of the battle. In the battle for civil rights. In the battle for justice. In the battle on behalf of the consumer. These battles get tough. Sometimes--they get emotional. And yes--sometimes they get confrontational--with sharp words--emotional--passionate--and yes, sometimes in courtrooms, they can get pretty damn brutal.

This lawyer is damn proud of the Vice President of the United States for standing up for the weak--the poor--the vulnerable--and his example is one for not only the President--but for each and everyone of us in the days and weeks to come...

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Texas has gone totally crazy for the President of the United States. The President has just concluded his remarks in front of more than 1000 folks who paid a minimum of $250.00 for the luncheon. I admit--I did not get a chance to be inside of the hall--but in looking at the live stream after the President's remarks concluded--it was evident that the President was a smashing hit inside. But--equally compelling--the view outside of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center was bad--very bad--extremely bad--for Mitt Romney...

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On Tuesday, the President of the United States will be attending a major fundraiser in San Antonio, Texas. The response to the fundraising luncheon--where the least expensive ticket is $250.00--has been so massive that the event had to be changed from a hotel and moved to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center Arena. It is projected that the event in San Antonio on behalf of our President will be the largest--most massive political fundraiser in Texas history...

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As I write these words, the Governor of my state, Rick Perry, has been a declared candidate for a little more than a few days. The pundits have been following him all around Iowa and have been speculating on the effect that his candidacy will have on Romney, Bachmann, Paul and perhaps others. And yet--although he has been in the race for just a few days, Rick Perry has already become the front runner.

I cannot be more emphatic on this point:

The GOP race for the nomination is over.

I am from Texas. My state has suffered greatly under Rick Perry. He is a bigger liar than Richard Nixon and probably just as crooked. He is to the right of George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Barry Goldwater.

We need to prepare now--not in a few months--but right now.

Because the President will soon endure a contest that he has never faced in his entire political career--no previous opponent has ever had the capacity to stoop as low as Rick Perry will stoop.

I am a Texas Democrat and I beg you folks--please--the absolute worst thing in the world that we can do is to make fun of Perry--assume he will get defeated in the Republican primary--or that the media will expose him and his lies for us and that the President will skate to a second term.

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Like everyone here, I am totally elated the Supreme Court  vacated the GOP's recent win in the lower circuit court opinion that would have effected the Ohio election on the issue of Standing.

After taking a look at only minor portions of opinion, I am bewildered. The infamous case of Bush v. Gore allowed Bush to bring the action and to stop the Florida re-count and the Supreme Court totally refused to correctly apply the standing doctrine to throw the Bush petition out entirely.

My question: in vacating the Ohio circuit court--did the Court silently overrule Bush v. Gore? Or by vacating  the circuit court opinion, did the Court refuse to exercise its own  jurisdiction and thereby having to confront the Standing doctrine of Bush v. Gore in its entirety?

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Like all of you, my stomach just turns at the sight of these Palin pitch-fork laden thugs shouting hate speech at the Palin rallies.

I believe these rallies have transformed from mere political speech to dangerous assemblies which if gone unchecked may pose physical danger to Obama

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Mon Oct 06, 2008 at 09:53 AM PDT

The Palin Dilemma

by clark101857

Like most of us, I cringe when i hear the voice of this brainless version of an "attack dog." Sarah Palin is much more than a mere attack dog.

Palin is a conglomeration of Richard Nixon, the late Sen. Joseph McCarty, George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Even worse, she is carrying McCain's "dirty water" by appearing as a lowly "hockey mom" who represents "Joe Six-Pack" and the "common people."

In my view, Palin cannot be underestimated. Whenever this witch opens her mouth," both MSM and cable open their programs with her big lie.

To date, the strategy seems to simply argue that the McCain camp is simply trying to divert attention away from the economy and even have their campaign manager's words to that effect.

Now, the Obama campaign has chosen to bring up Keating. I say fantastic--if McCain has chosen to play the game this way--then he has chosen to open the door to Keating, his wife's fraud on a non-profit organization to obtain illegal prescription drugs, the Washington Post article posted today how to abandoned his first wife and children for purely political purposes to propose to Cindy while he was still married.

And now--Palin

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Great analysis of how Gov. Palin has one story when she fights for earmarks and a totally different story as the GOP Veep candidate.

Also--details how she was backing the bridge to nowhere before she was against it.

Also--you have to check out this YouTube--she hands herslef with her own fat lips--I am sure Obama already has this stuff:

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I have lost all respect for John McCain.

I admit--I lose most of it when he literally cuddled with George Bush like Bush was a long lost girlfriend.

But the recent attacks on Obama have revealed what desperation looks like: it looks like John McCain

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An interesting moment occurred a few weeks ago in my family.

My mother--at the age of 86--was a classic HRC supporter. She never dreamed that a woman would be so close to being the nominee of a major party for president in her lifetime.

She watched every TV show regarding politics. She loved HRC.

ANd after Hillary conceded and endorsed BO, she even thought briefly whether to go to the McCain side.

But then something happened--something mysterious and exciting...

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As a moderate Democrat, I have supported HRC since the early days of the campaign. I think a review of the few diaries that I have written will confirm this.

It was a difficult decision--I agonized over the decision for quite some time. I liked both candidates. Nearly all of my friends are huge BO supporters.

Still, I questioned the experience factor and came down in favor of HRC just barely.

Now I say...

Enough is enough

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Before anyone flames me--I am not putting the cart before the horse. There are plent of threads that have been submitted about a possible VP choice for Obama.

In this thread--I go one step further--who would you think would be good cabinet members?

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