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A friend just shared a copy of a newspaper "The Illinois Democrat" that touts the Democratic bonifides of Rep. Bobby Schilling of IL-17. Bobby as a union member. Bobby at a NAACP meeting. Bobby as keynote speaker at Black History month. Protector of Social Security, and on and on. The paper was delivered to predominantly African American and blue collar white precincts on Rockford. It wasn't delivered to Dems in R precincts on the east side of the city.

The real Democrat is Cheri Bustos. A recent poll shows her lagging with Democrats in the district. Clearly the Schilling is trying to exploit this by creating the false image that he is a Democrat. This is a targeted Tier one race. Bainport is in the district. The president is up big in the district and Cheri needs help getting her message out. Give her some help at


Mon Apr 02, 2012 at 10:31 AM PDT

The Pill Kills

by clfjmpr

This picture was taken in Rockford, Illinois yesterday at a demonstration at a busy intersection. Our retiring Bishop, Thomas Doran, has done a good job in riling up older Catholics in our community against socialist Obama and "party of death" Democrats. When I saw the picture it triggered the thought that this election is not only an ideological conflict, but also a generational one. The mindset of the individual (taking his orders from the Bishop) is to return to the 1950s when everything was good and pure. The Santorum message plays into that desire to "get my county back" to the way that it was when white males controlled all and the Church determined our morals.

This election is a clear choice of regression back versus continuing to move forward. Do we want to stick our necks in the sand or deal with the reality of a changing country and a changing world. Do we really want people like the gentleman above deciding how we live our lives?


Was just viewing the web page of the Rockford Register Star due to the fact that Romney was here yesterday and Santorum was here today. Our local political beat writer, Chuck Sweeny, covered the speech and got this quote:

Santorum said this election'€™s main issue isn'€™t the economy. Rather, he said it'€™s an election that is crucial to restoring basic rights and freedoms to America that were guaranteed by the Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Those rights and freedoms are being destroyed by President Barack Obama, whose philosophy of expansive government will kill the very concept of America, Santorum said.
Then he added the following:
“This is the greatest country, founded on God-given rights. Rights don’t come from the government, they come from God,” Santorum said.
So the most pressing issue isn't jobs it the imaginary "attack on our freedoms". Of course he has to say this since the Chrylser Belvidere Assembly plant is just a few mile down the road and production is booming. They are working two shifts and may add a third this summer. Thanks President Obama for saving and creating jobs in Northern Illinois.

I don't post much, but my last post was about a plea from the UAW local  in December 2008 asking that a temporary bailout be given to auto industry workers. Luckily President Obama had the guts to push through the long term package. You can see from my post what a desperate time it was.


After watching the debate last night on the auto loan package I realized that we are facing a moment when union activism must come to the forefront. It must also bring in the struggling middle class along with those who have been losing their jobs at a record pace. The results of the Republic Windows workers action shows what can be done when people stand up for themselves.

Just a few minutes ago I received a letter from the president of the local union at the Belvidere, Illinois Chrysler plant. This is not from the International leadership, but represents the feelings of a leader of a specific local union. Our community (the Rockford Illinois region) has lost a tremendous amount of our manufacturing base over the last 25 years. We now have the highest unemployment rate in the state. If the Chrysler plant closes the region will be devastated (we are also about 35 mile from the Janesville WI GM plant that is shutting down.

I have attached the letter for the Kos community to consider and to realize why we must push back in a loud but organized way...

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