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Sat Dec 14, 2013 at 12:17 PM PST

Austerity works...

by cosumel

...if you want to balloon the unemployment rate.  Greece, the austerity poster child, has 27% unemployment.  
After years of blocking jobs bills, cutting unemployment benefits, and cutting spending, the new budget continues the Repugnican assault on anything good that can be attached to Obama's administration.


Sat Nov 09, 2013 at 12:50 PM PST

Sub-par insurance

by cosumel

We keep hearing about people not being able to keep their own insurance due to Obamacare.  I am one of them, and I am damn glad for it.

For just me, it costs $151.80 per month ($1821.60 per year).  To cover my wife, daughter, and me would be $378.10 ($4537.20 per year), but my wife has her own insurance, and my daughter gets CHIP.

Here is what I get:
4 doctor's office visits per year.  If my primary doctors sends me to a specialist, that counts as two of my 4 covered visits.  $15 copay for doctor, $25 for specialist.
21 days of hospitalization, but the ambulance is not covered at all.
Prescriptions?  No.
Mental health coverage?  No.
Drug/alcohol treatment?  No.

Look it up yourself.

Come January 1, all THREE of us will be covered for $40 per month.

Are you kidding me?!  Thank God for Obamacare!


Tue Jul 02, 2013 at 01:36 PM PDT

The Tea Party makes sense

by cosumel

I had a sudden revelation.  The Tea Party movement makes complete sense from a Republican point of view.  They want to take our country back to what it was in the 18th century.  What Republican has not dreamed of a world where only rich, white, male, landowners were allowed to vote?


Sat Oct 20, 2012 at 11:07 PM PDT

Unemployment by presidential budget

by cosumel

I got the data from the data at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  
When did Obama get sworn in?  Jan 2009.  When did Bush's presidential budget expire?  Oct 1, 2009.  Bush's monetary policies were entirely in effect until the unemployment got to 10%.

Note in this chart the gaps I made to show the change in ownership of the federal budget.  Bush drove the car off the cliff and then handed the wheel to Obama so he gets the blame for the crash at the bottom.  Note also that Reagan had no one to blame for running unemployment to 10.8% in 1983, and no one else could take credit for unemployment being the lowest in 40 years during Clinton's last year (even if Shrub Boy tried)

I find it intriguing that Reagan, Bush, and the Son-of-a-Bush all had high jumps in unemployment in their first years as president, while Clinton and Obama have seen unemployment drop in their first year.  There must be something to it.


Thu Sep 27, 2012 at 08:48 PM PDT

Bring on the flat tax. I'm all for it!

by cosumel

I want a flat tax in this country.  I want a fixed percentage of wealth to be the basis for federal taxes.  Right now, the top 10% of the wealthy pay almost half of the federal taxes.  The catch is that they control 75% of the money, so why do they pay less than half of the tax?  Flatten it out.  Make someone who controls 1/2% of the wealth pay 1/2% of the tax revenues of the country.  
The total wealth in the US as of 2007 was $54.2 trillion.  The top 1% owned almost 35% of that.  The next 19% owned just over half.  The next 40% owned only less than 15%.  The bottom 40% of wealthy in the US owned 0.2% of the nations wealth.  Note that the recession has skewed these numbers higher.  
In 2011, the government raised $5.1 in total taxes (income, business, fees, etc.).  Get rid of them all and have a flat tax.  The top 1% can pay $1.79 Tn.  That is an average of $1.57 million per rich household.  The bottom 40% will pay $10.2 Bn, for an average of $2200 each of each of the 4.5 million households in that category.


Tue Sep 11, 2012 at 05:46 AM PDT

Ryan supports Emanuel. What a surprise!

by cosumel

"We know that Rahm is not going to support our campaign, but on this issue and this day we stand with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  We stand with the children and we stand with the families and the parents of Chicago because education reform, that's a bipartisan issue."

Is he deranged?  Of course he sides with the mayor.  There are no deep pockets in education, so why should Ryan care about teachers?  His bill is cutting their funding anyway, so why not vent his spleen?  The Chicago teachers had their contractual pay raises canceled by a majority of one.  They had their day lengthened by 90 minutes without that pay raise.  (90 minutes a day for 180 days is 270 hours.  I've seen convicted criminals get sentenced to less community service)  Some teacher's aides are responsible for nearly 100 elementary students each at recess.  Now, the city is willing to give the teachers a 2% pay raise each year for 4 years, when the inflation rate is higher than that?

No, education reform in a bipartisan issue.  The difference is that the Democrats and the republicans differ on how teachers should be treated.  Only one party thinks they should be treated like slaves.


Ronald Reagan was once criticized for not being in touch with the current generation.  He was confronted with the fact that the people today have "television, jet planes, space travel, nuclear energy, and computers."  Reagan replied that the heckler was right, and that was because his generation had invented all those things.

Reagan's generation - my parents generation - did wonderful things that mean the world to us today.  They gave us microwaves, cell phones, and a myriad other things that makes this modern world possible.  

But one thing gets forgotten  ยทยทยท>

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Thu Sep 06, 2012 at 05:42 AM PDT

Priceless post on FB

by cosumel

The poor have a safety net, and RomRy wants to take it apart to make golden parachutes for them and their friends.


Mon Aug 13, 2012 at 06:37 PM PDT

The Republican point of view

by cosumel

I have a Republican friend who posts this stuff and apparently does not think what he is doing.
This quote amazes me.  The government has obligations to pay its debts, and the Republicans don't want to borrow and spend.  There is a simple solution.  If you cannot borrow money, you need to earn money.  How does a government earn money?  They assess taxes?  The Republicans don't want to pay taxes, so we have to borrow money.

Where does the cycle end?  With a reelection of Obama, or the destruction of our country.

Time to choose.


Sun Aug 12, 2012 at 01:25 PM PDT

Is Romney throwing the race?

by cosumel

Romney's numbers have been taking hits for many reasons already observed by writers with more skill than I have.  Conservatives have been saying that they are supporting Chris Christie's (yes, the guy who cut taxes to the Atlantic City casinos and then complained that the New Jersey Transit union was the cause of the state's budget crsis) campaign in 2016 already.  
Yesterday, W. Mitt Romney (Yes, another Republican with a W initial) was faced with a decision.  He was being hit with the idea that his economic plan would benefit the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class.  He needed someone to beat back that negative image, so he chose a man whose economic plan benefits the rich at the expense of the poor, middle class, AND seniors.  
I am starting to think that Romney and his Elephantine friends know the cause is doomed and he is trying to be as toxic as possible so the next one looks moderate by comparison.

Start making the bumper stickers now:  "Christie 2016: Not as extreme as McCain or Romney"


Fri Aug 10, 2012 at 08:48 AM PDT

"No one to vote for"

by cosumel

I consider myself a social conservative, forced by the Republican party to vote Democrat year after year after year.  Life as a Mormon Democrat isn't easy, but we are about 1/6 of the membership.  We are not at all united behind Romney.
Last night, I had the most enlightening conversation at church.  A lady from another congregation said that she was a conservative Republican, and this makes 2 presidential elections that she had no one to vote for.  I told her that I was on the other side of the aisle and she said, with surprise, "You're Democrat?  What kind?  Liberal, bluenose, what?"  I said that I was a conservative Democrat who has been disillusioned with the Republicans since Reagan and his trickle-down theory.  
Her response got me.  "You mean Reaganomics - where the money trickles down, but never actually happens and you are left with the haves, the have-mores, and the have-nothings?"  It seems that not everyone is buying the BS (excuse me, ES) that the Elephants shovel out to their base.
Knowing from an earlier conversation that she had young boys, I told her that understanding trickle-down economics is easy.  "Have you ever cleaned the outside of a toilet?  The poor get trickled on."


Tue Aug 07, 2012 at 06:54 AM PDT

Bishop Romney

by cosumel

John F. Kennedy scared the American people by simply being Catholic.  People were afraid of his religion being a factor is his policies.  Kennedy was not a priest or pastor or reverend.  Romney was.
I have heard nothing of Romney's position is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I presume that is because people do not understand the terms.  Mitt Romney was a bishop and a stake president.  A bishop presides over the congregation of one church, similar to a Catholic priest.  In Catholic terms, a stake president is an archbishop.  He presided over a dozen or so congregations.
Why the difference?  
Is it because religious tolerance is higher now than 50 years ago? No.  Look at the 'Obama is Muslim' trash.  
Is it because the LDS church is considered Protestant like most of the number of churches in the US?  Certainly not.  Look at the protests in Salt Lake every April.
It is because Democrats take the moral high road and do not bash someone's religion?  Possibly, but this is not bashing.  This is absolute truth.  I know these things are true, because I am an LDS Democrat.

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