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Tue Jun 02, 2009 at 07:02 PM PDT

Michelle Malkin - The Book

by cousinavi

[UPDATE:  In response to the comments, I have added the word ALMOST to "chokes to death."
I thought long and hard about this, especially since Rusty Weiss at has linked to this bit in a desperate attempt at false equivalency.  Apparently my sarcastic bit of fiction is the exact same thing as calling a doctor Hilter, Stalin, Mao, invoking the Holocaust and expressing the hope that someone take matters into their own hands.
Sadly, it would seem that the folks over here are all too prepared to accept that proposition.]

Michelle Malkin.’s enough to make me wanna write a book (TOTALLY fictional, of course) about a child born to immigrant parents who grew up in America with a strange last name and dark skin.
The child, a bright girl, endured years of teasing and grew bitter, longing for anything resembling positive attention.
She eventually attended a very liberal college where, much to her disappointment, there were far too many equally bright, equally pretty young girls for her to ever stand out from the crowd and get the attention she craved.

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Is Liz Cheney stupid, disingenuous or both? Perhaps vicious, evil, untruthful, malicious...?
I shall not bother with wondering if Liz is honest, just, fair or diligent. On the face of her statements, strategy and tactics, none of those adjectives can possibly apply.

Liz says it quite plainly. Waterboarding (and anything else that was done to detainees) is not torture because lawyers at the DOJ wrote memos that said it was not torture.
This is persuasive evidence for the proposition that Liz is stupid.

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Interrogator: REDACTED
Subect: Ali bin REDACTED

Subject was subjected to sleep deprivation, stress positions, repetitive waterboarding, forced masturbation in the presence of aggressive attack dogs and had flashlights repeatedly inserted into his anus.
Subject was routinely and without warning slapped, punched, spat upon, forced to lie in puddles of his own waste and that of others, provided with spoiled food, advised that he would be subjected to homosexual rape and that others were going to his home to rape his wife and children.
Evidence would seem to indicate that Subject is not sexually aroused by aggressive dogs. Slightly better results were obtained by the presence of female personnel mocking, insulting and degrading Subject while striking him with batons and laughing at his flaccid state.

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I love Christopher Hitchens. I regard him as one of the finest writers, thinkers and speakers on a wide range of topics in the public arena, and some sort of Shaolin kungfu master of debate - willing to meet all challengers and capable of inflicting lethal strings of reason, rhetoric and facts. I’d spend more time with adjectives but I don’t want to seem fawning. Suffice to say he is a solid candidate for my response to that old cocktail party question, "If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead..."

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Thu Nov 13, 2008 at 06:36 PM PST

No Hope For Hitchens

by cousinavi

I think Christopher Hitchens drinks because he likes hangovers.  His latest in Slate points out the fact that the election of President Obama, while certainly significant and a well-placed boot in the arse to the Bush administration, solves precisely nothing...and all the giddy, hopeful, rose-coloured hippies had better prepare for a series of disappointments.
What?  No unicorns?

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It wasn’t her fault. Or my fault.  Well, was her fault.  But it really was circumstances, y’know?
We had different friends and different opinions about, well, everything.  Hell, we had different vocabularies.

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Sat Oct 11, 2008 at 02:30 AM PDT

Palin Troopergate - Another BS Trap!

by cousinavi

The bipartisan report on Troopergate is out following a unanimous vote to release the findings.  It’s not only a letdown in terms of finding "wrong doing", it ought to be ignored for the minor league, backwater, small podunk town bullshit it is.  It’s a DISTRACTION from more important issues and only slightly more offensive than a citation for jaywalking.

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