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Got to like the precision of Rand Corp.  the election is inexorably flowing our way.  Excellent as always 538 analysis of the several possible reasons for Obamentum.



Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 10:29 PM PDT

Obamentum continues on 538, TPM

by cova1

Latest from 538--300.4 EV, 79 % probability and 50.5%PV. TPM now at O 1.3+. Pres's performance re Sandy is the October surprise.  Gov. Christie not to attend Thanksgiving DInner chez Mittens.


Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 09:19 AM PDT

McCain Related Bank Fails

by cova1

The most recent entry in the bank failure sweepstake before this weekend's takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was Friday afternoon's takeover of the Silver State Bank in Nevada.  

Reported on in this morning's Financial Times, p 3 of the Midwest edition.

One of the cheif officers of the bank?  John McCain's son Andrew, also the CFO of his stepmother's beer distributorship, Hensley & Co.

More below the fold.

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Rush's Operation Chaos has only seved to prolong the struggle between Obama and Hillary.  Figures revealed in this morning's Cincinnati Enquirer show that Obama came very close to carrying Ohio among real Democrats.  

Thus, all the chatter about Obama's inability to close the deal in the big states, hard working white states, ad nauseam, is patently false.

See below the fold.

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My fellow Americans,  one thing our great administration has not asked us to do is pony up for the surge and other great aspects of the War on Terror, Iraqi Lodge.  This is surely an oversight and something we can correct right here.

Whining liberals have complained that the bone-crushing cost of this exercise in spreading democracy and bringing liberty (if not life) to untold millions of grateful Shias, Kurds, Sunnis and what have you will be visited on our grandchildren.  Well, the little nippers should be damn glad that they have the chance to pony up for whatever civil liberties will be left when they have their turn at the wheel.

But since I have so many dollars left over after my health insurance was cancelled at work and I stopped going to the doctor, not to mention not having to worry about house payments since the hacienda was repo-ed and I took up residence under the bridge, I thought that I and all of you should be willing to pay to play our little game called saving America by frying Iraq.       See below.


What would happen if the War Tax were introduced as legislation in Congress?

28%9 votes
15%5 votes
28%9 votes
0%0 votes
12%4 votes
15%5 votes

| 32 votes | Vote | Results

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Thu Jul 05, 2007 at 03:19 PM PDT


by cova1

Now it is time to find out why.

Earlier today, I. Lewis Libby paid his $250,000 fine.  With the payment of the fine and the commutation of imprisonment,  the case is complete.  There is nothing left to appeal, and the case is over.

In his commutation decision, Bush left a $250,000 fine. Libby paid the fine on Thursday.

Libby's friends and supporters have raised more than $5 million to cover legal fees and were continuing to raise money but Libby paid the fine himself, according to someone close to the fund who spoke on condition of anonymity because details of the account are private. The cashiers check filed with the court was issued in Libby's name.

--Yahoo News

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There are six, count 'em six winnable races in the Ohio Valley, stretching from the West Virginia line down to Evansville.  OH-1, Cranley v. Chabot; Oh-02, Wulsin v. Mean Jean Schmidt; KY-04, Ken Lucas v. Geoff Davis; KY 03- Yarmuth v. Northrup; and IN-09 with Baron Hill and IN-08 with Brad Ellsworth.

The hard part is that just about every one of our candidates is behind--in some cases way behind in raising money for the home stretch.  I just had a heart attack in noticing that Wulsin only has about 25K according to the Repugs to last her against Schmidt.  So I made my second contribution to her, and urge you to go and do likewise.

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The now subsiding flap over the hit piece on MSOC in WaPo and the recent profane and heated debate in this blog got me thinking about Vietnam and the response of the left.  I decided that just as Bushco learned nothing from the Vietnam failure,  so have we on the left learned nothing either.

In an earlier post I answered my own question about when the left lost it:  Chicago, 1968, Grant Park:  The image of uncontrolled rage left the Humphrey campaign in a shambles,  and despite a late surge led to a close election, but the installation of Nixon and it has been downhill ever since.

At this point, the rage is not uncontrollable, but portraits of bloggers like MSOC, accurate or not, in MSM like WaPo, do no good.       MORE BELOW THE FOLD, INCLUDING AN ANSWER TO THE TITLE QUESTION.

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Word is just out that Judge Brinkema will allow the Moussaoui trial to continue.

IMHO, this gives the lie to the assertions that Brinkema is a "good judge"  and much less that justice is being done here.  

More below the fold. . .

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One of the big Dem problems in recent years has been coming up with a message that had broad, universal appeal.  One that would bring Dems together rather than drive them apart.  Our party is supposed to be the big tent.  Instead it has looked in recent years like a lot of little tents--some big enough for only one camper.

For years, 5.25 to be exact, I have wondered why this simple message has not been used by Dem candidates.  There is only one possible answer to the question, unless you are filthy rich, and it covers almost all pitiful situations we are in today.


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Thu Nov 17, 2005 at 02:19 PM PST

Fitz's M.O.--The Road Ahead

by cova1

Today's indictment of Canadian born media mogul Conrad Black, shows us the way our old bud Fitz works these major cases. Yahoo News

More below

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Fri Oct 21, 2005 at 07:39 AM PDT

No Wonder Harry Loves Georgie: Big Fees

by cova1

Yahoo is running a story out of Texas by the AP about abnormally high legal fees Harriet Miers' firm received during W's second run for Governor.  It raises some interesting questions.  See below
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