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The House will vote shortly on Bush's FISA Bill.

Word is that the House will cave in just like the Senate, but it ain't over till it's over.

Contact Your Representative NOW!

Just for a reference you may wish to read our Constitution. I wonder how many of our Congressman have read it and understand it.

Voting for this Bill , gives "approval" to Bush's impeachable offenses. Even if it needs to be re-authorized in six months.

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WaPo has an excellent timeline of Libby's role in the CIA leak case.

In  February 2002 the CIA sent Wilson to Niger to investigate the report that Iraq tried to buy "yellowcake" uranium from Niger for nuclear weapons.

In  March 2002 Wilson briefed the CIA on his findings. The agency sent a memo to the White House.

On  Jan 28 2003 Bush gave his State of the Union address and included the famous 16 words

"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of Uranium from Africa"
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While Bush was on vacation and having fun at birthday parties ect, people trying to walk out of the city were shot at, to keep them from crossing the bridge to safety into their suburban towns.  This is what happens when there is no national leadership in a national emergency.

Kevin Drum at Washington Monthly has an excellent article posted today asking why people from New Orleans were stopped from crossing some bridges out.
One bridge is the Crescent City Bridge next to the New Orleans Superdome.  Mr Drum asks

For the past couple of days I've vaguely noticed some stories circulating about police preventing people from leaving New Orleans after Katrina hit, but there have been so many urban legendish anecdotes like this making the rounds that I didn't pay much attention to it.

Big mistake. Not only is the story true, it's worse than you can imagine. It wasn't New Orleans cops keeping people in, it was cops from other cities keeping people out:

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This report was on the ABC Evening New tonight and is also frontpaged on their website.  I happened to watch this report tonight and it made my blood boil.  How could this be reported without gagging.

They have blantantly followed Rove's talking points. Below is the same story as frontpaged on their site. This is what millions of people see every night. Not everyone is reading dkos.    

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Image from
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From the New York TImes comes this article-

List of Schiavo Donors Will Be Sold by Direct-Marketing Firm

I haven't been reading the NYTimes in the last few years because of their poor front page coverage, but caught this link over at Rawstory.

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 BuzzFlash Takes on the New York Times
They give their columnists free rein, but it's the front page that lands on the doorsteps of Washington and the power elite in NYC that sets the tone. And the front page says loudly and clearly that Bush is a reasonable, trustworthy person.

Meanwhile, the New York Times apparently has no objection with sharing the White House press room with a prostitute who daytimes as a Republican shill.

Perhaps it's just poetic justice, because the NYT White House coverage is a model example of a mainstream media that prostitutes itself for access and profitability.

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Bush pulling together $35 million to advertise his plan to trim Social Security benefits


As President Bush travels across the country promoting his Social Security overhaul, the White House is quietly assembling a cabal that will privately raise $35 million for an advertising and lobbying effort to push the politically risky measure through Congress, the Wall Street Journal will report Friday, RAW STORY has learned.

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During Bill Clinton's eight years the worst the Republicans could dish out on him was his relationship with Monica. Below is a list of actual scandals that happened during Bush's first term.  Imagine if Bush was investigated the way Clinton was. There is no question that many more scandals would emerge. That is not to count Bush's scandals before he was selected.

I am glad that the RWCM is thoroughly investigating Bush's record. Of course thats what they are paid to do<snark>.

The 34 Scanals of George Bush's First Term

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How far do you live from a chemical plant?

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Sun Jan 23, 2005 at 06:41 PM PST

Bush Coronation - A week in review

by ctsteve

  Bush Starts Inauguration Day At Church
President George W. Bush, who rarely carries a wallet, is caught empty-handed when the offering plate came around during a church service.

( Caution - some images below the fold are very graphic )

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 Dear Senator:

 I am crossing my fingers today that at least one Senator will stand up for democracy and contest the election.  I am sure you have received many phone calls from pronin2 and company, read the  excellent diary's here at kos covering the election irregularities and have read Conyers Report Preserving Democracy - What Went Wrong in Ohio

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