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If this was practically any other publication than the Washington Times, I doubt I'd be submitting a diary entry on it - and certainly not to DailyKos, but after what their sister publication INSIGHT Magazine pulled the other day, I think they need to have this shared with the world.

Fortunately, I don't read the Times myself though I do live in their delivery area, so I can't vouch as to whether this ran in the print edition or not.  But 6 days after going up on their website, the pic is still up.  Here is the link

An archived copy is shown after the jump.

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Here's a meme to chew on - the Iraq War is like Barbaro.

Both had fantastic success at the beginning - getting to Baghdad in days, and winning the Kentucky Derby in a blow-out.  But then Iraq faltered in the reconstruction/occupation phase and Barbaro stumbled and breaks his leg in the Preakness. Now both have been nursed along for a long time, but it was finally time to euthanize Barbaro when it was clear there was practically no chance he'd recover, and the only humane thing was to end the pain he was in.

Let's euthanize this war to end the pain it is causing the American and Iraqi people.  

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I'm a little disturbed hearing about the Justice Dept's roundup of sex offenders culminating in a massive arrest within a week of the election.  Knowing how this administration works, everything it does is geared toward politics, and this is just too much of a coincidence.  I'm partly reminded of the story in October of NCLB grants finally being distributed to teachers in battleground congresional districts.
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Wed Sep 06, 2006 at 06:29 PM PDT

Dem Candidates Should Boycott ABC

by Cy Guy

Anyone working on candidate campaigns - tell the press coordinator for the campaign to consider boycotting ABC stations during the remainder of the 2006 election season. There are four other networks not to mention cable where they can spend their money - they don't have to spend it with stations/networks that are providing free airtime for right-wing propoganda.  Political campaign ads are a cash cow for local network affiliates which means they are counting on it for a big cash infusion between now and election day.
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A 23 year-old 2005 Psychology graduate from UNC Chapel Hill returned to campus earlier today, but not to attend the homecoming dance or basketball game. Local television is reporting that Mohammed Reva Taheriazar rented the largest SUV he could get his hands on then deliberately plowed into a group of UNC students on campus "retribution for the treatment of Muslims around the world."

Ironically, it appears that this guy is the co-author of a paper on cultural sensitivity in educational institutions (Abstract below the fold)

UPDATE be sure to read the comments from apparent Chapel Hill locals tarheelian51 and MiklCraw4d below for additional details.

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MD is cursed with an extremely powerful former Democratic Governor who on a whim decided he wanted to keep working, so he ran and easily won (based on his strong performance as Governor) the job of State Comptroller.   Ever since he has run the office as his own personal fiefdom - making life miserable for subsequent Governors of both parties.  

Well, aparently being the second most powerful politician in MD state government is not enough for this guys ego, and he needs to have it 'stroked' some more by having buxom female staffers cater to his sexual whims.  This manifested itself yesterday when he commanded a junior female member of Governor Ehrlich's staff shake her booty for him while at meeting in Annapolis.  


Schaefer Should:

49%47 votes
1%1 votes
6%6 votes
43%41 votes

| 95 votes | Vote | Results

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Fri Jan 13, 2006 at 05:18 AM PST

NewsMax Running Sham Wiretapping "Poll"

by Cy Guy

I was reading this Yahoo story about the House GOP 'Leadership' race and noticed that Right-wing media outlet NewsMax had taken out an ad saying they were conducting a poll about the NSA wiretapping scandal.  Curious to see just how badly they would skew the questions I clicked through the link (hopefully costing a few pennies in the process).  You have to scroll about halfway down through the page to get to the poll itself, but the questions look reasonable enough.

The catch is to have your voted counted you need to supply an email which will be automatically subscribed to their email email alerts.  So primarily they are only gonna get responses from wingers willing to recieve their skewed news on a regular basis (or from people that submit fake email addresses - such as those for GOP congressmen or those ending in '')

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Slow it down folks. A broad selection of A-List DC celebs were involved.  So, unless you can somehow explain why Eleanor Holmes Norton would be at a GOP fundraiser, just assume that not everyone who was there was on the take.

Here is a blurb about the event from DC Social Calendar (via GOOGLE's cache):

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The AP has a little personal interest story about Bush's Asian trip.  It notes that Bush "drank fermented mare's milk -- sometimes likened to a mix of warm beer and buttermilk" what it doesn't seem to put together from that statement is that this is the first reputable report of Bush drinking alcohol since he says he became a teatotaller after finding Jesus.

The fallout from this story will be:

12%24 votes
53%102 votes
9%18 votes
13%25 votes
11%23 votes

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patientfox has completed his extended vacation in the gulf and so it's time to PARTY!

this is a place-holder for discussing it.

probable date wkd of 12/10&11

PATIENTFOX set up another page here

pw: standard plastic media password

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I was pointed to the issue by a comment on this Think Progress blog entry. The commenter noted that it looks like Miers has been claiming her Dallas home as her "residence" and thus claiming what ends up to be a reduction of over $3,000 for her Real Estate tax.  Since she has been working (well over) fulltime in DC since at least January 20th, 2001, it seems a pretty long commute to have her residence in Dallas still after all this time.

Of course this is exactly unusual, George H. W. Bush claimed a TX apartment as his residence for tax purposes thereby avainding DC's Income tax.  Has Miers also been avoiding her DC Income Tax?  Anyway, here is more info on her Real Estate exemption:

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A panel headed by former National Security Advisors Brent Scowcroft (Ford & GHWBush admins) and Sandy Berger (Clinton) has completed its report on Bush's post-war planning for Iraq finding that the poor planning was a significant factor leading to the quagmire we now find ourselves in.

"A dramatic military victory has been overshadowed by chaos and bloodshed in the streets of Baghdad, difficulty in establishing security or providing essential services, and a deadly insurgency," the report said....

The report said the critical miscalculation of Iraq war-planning was the conclusion that reconstruction would not require more troops than the invasion itself.

A story about the report can be found here (remember to recommend it), and the report itself can be found on the Council on Foreign Relations website [220k PDF] - sponsors of the panel that prepared the report.

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