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Hi all,

You may or may not have caught wind of this, but some exciting developments have been happening behind the scenes in movement to draft Al Gore for president.  Up till now the various groups have been isolated and fractured, and not talking to each other much.  The result has been folks on the ground being confused about who is in charge and where to help, hurting the effectiveness of the entire movement.

But change is in the air!  Several of the groups have been talking, and we have exciting news and ideas to share - with an exciting new idea - "America for Gore".

Tonite there will be a conference call where we can talk about these developments, plans going forward, and open the floor to questions and comments.

The call will be at 9pm eastern, 8 central, 6 pacific. The number to call is (712) 580-7700...when prompted, enter conference code 254673 followed by the pound (#) key.


America for Gore?

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5%8 votes
9%14 votes

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Tue Jul 24, 2007 at 08:42 AM PDT

Announcing: The Al Gore Ballots Project

by d bad

One piece of the growing Draft Gore movement is that many activists and meetup organizers are working on efforts to get Al on the primary ballots in various states - New Hampshire, New Jersey, California, and elsewhere.

Up till now, their efforts were more or less independent of each other. But it would seem that maybe there is some energy and resources that these various activists could share with each other.

With that in mind, I have set up the Al Gore Ballots Project email group - a simple Google Group for folks working on getting Al on the ballot, anywhere.

You can join this group here:

More after the fold...


Will you join in the effort to Draft Gore for 2008?

41%23 votes
34%19 votes
23%13 votes

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Fri Jul 06, 2007 at 08:42 AM PDT

Announcing: The Al Gore Video Blog

by d bad

Hi everybody,

With Live Earth this weekend, we wanted to take advantage of this high-profile moment and launch a new resource: the Al Gore Video Blog!

This is a simple blog that is just a centralized place to collect and view all the Al Gore media appearances, videos, and other Gore multimedia. Feel free to use it and to share it with your friends and supporters.

More details and links after the fold...


After this week, Al's presidential prospects have...

50%15 votes
13%4 votes
20%6 votes
16%5 votes

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Hey Gore-o-philes!

I've been communicating with some of the folks from, they are the people behind this new web 2.0 tool "Demand."

You can go to the site of your favorite politico, and DEMAND that they come to your home town. Ron Paul current has 1300 some demands. Hillary is at 700. Al is at 130 -- but this is a 600% from where he was last week!

Lets keep that momentum going. Rumor is that Al cancelled his next 6 months of speaking engagements -- He's gonna need some new appointments! Demand he comes to your city!

And if you have a blog or a website, than you can put a Demand widget on your site, so your visitors can DEMAND AL GORE too!

Thanks for reading, see you at an Al Gore rally soon...



Will you DEMAND Al Gore come to your town?

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14%2 votes
14%2 votes
7%1 votes

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Hey Al Gore fans! Just a short diary today, but check it out, we got in the news!!

Also I have an email in to TechCrunch, crossing my fingers...

And you can Digg here:

Also the Al Gore Video Library has moved to its own URL:

Plus, there is lots more cooking! Gradually shifting into higher gear:

  • 50 States for Gore - a focused effort to network the  Al Gore supporter "ground troops" - this project will build the army that gets us through to November 2008! We can use all the help we can get
  • The Al Gore Graphics Project - looking for designers and coordinators to help build an archive of Gore graphics and visual material.
  • And a couple more cool things to come too!

Want to help out? Keep reading --


How hard will Al Gore have to fight to get the nomination?

40%27 votes
22%15 votes
37%25 votes

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Tue Jun 26, 2007 at 09:22 AM PDT

Announcing: new Bloggers-for-Gore website

by d bad

Hi again everybody!

Hot on the heels of the launch of yesterday, here is the companion site, a new home on the web for Bloggers for Gore:

This is just a simple blog, but will be a place for us to tell the public what we are up to, what projects we have cooking, and to link to our email group.

Also this will be a homebase for our Gore Roundup posts - soon to be coming to a community site near you.

But we still need help!

  • I am looking for a few kind souls to help build a 50 States for Gore directory - no experience necessary
  • we desperately need some graphic design help, in building a "Gore Graphics" library
  • also could use writers and cross-posters for the Gore Roundups

Wanna pitch in? Then email me:

and most of all join Bloggers for Gore! Lets keep this momentum going...


What's your flavor?

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15%13 votes
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3%3 votes
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1%1 votes
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1%1 votes
30%25 votes

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Hi everybody,

After much anticipation I wanted to share with you the project I have been working on, that I am very excited about: !!

This is a one-stop news portal for all things Al Gore. This site featuers:

  • The latest Al Gore headlines and blog posts, automatically updated continuously (powered by Google News and Yahoo! Pipes)
  • links to take action for the Draft Gore campaign
  • tips and resources for starting a Draft Gore group
  • a Gore Campaign Volunteer signup -- to be given to Al if and when he announces
  • a combined feed from all Al's official websites
  • And a complete links list to all the major Gore sites and groups, links to Al Gore in various search engines and social media sites, links to Gore merchandise -- all the Gore information links you can handle!

More details after the fold ---


Is the critial mass for Al Gore growing?

84%54 votes
6%4 votes
9%6 votes

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Hey Gore Kos'ers --

This is following up on my post from Wednesday, about trying to harness the DKos Gore crew to get a little bit of action done.

Since that post I have been talking with NYPopulist about how it makes sense to harness the BloggersForGore community he has already started.

So if you are still up for some action, go sign up for this list!

More info after the fold...

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Wed Jun 20, 2007 at 11:25 AM PDT

DKos 4 Gore?

by d bad

This is really overdue. DKos has energy for Al Gore, lets put it to use. I feel like we shoulda gotten together on this years ago. There was a few faltering efforts - and there's lots of activity going on spread throughout different organizations. But more can be done, and we can provide some extra energy. The time is nigh for critical action.

There's tons of people clamoring to Draft Al Gore. And a couple actual competant organizations:

But I think the Kos community can be a good place for this movement to be active.

Anybody with me so far?


Is a DKos4Gore group a good idea?

40%29 votes
19%14 votes
11%8 votes
18%13 votes
9%7 votes

| 71 votes | Vote | Results

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Al Gore's national poll numbers continue to gradually rise: from 11% earlier this year (tied with Edwards), to 17% last month (solidly beating Edwards, but trailing Obama).

Now in the latest AP-Ipsos poll, he comes in at 20% - statistically tying Barack Obama's 21%. This is a pretty significant "bump" from his book tour and recent press blitz.

(Hillary continues to slowly deflate, at 33% in this poll.)

With the Live Earth concerts coming next month, Al's exposure will continue to expand.

It's funny that this article's title is all about Fred Thompson, when perhaps the real story here is the dramatic growth of another dark horse's numbers - undeclared candidate Al Gore.

How long will it be before Al Gore beats Barack Obama in national polls?

Perhaps most notably, add up Gore and Obama's numbers - 41%, trouncing Hillary by 8 points.

Could a Gore/Obama joint venture take the primary nomination by storm???


What is the best strategy for ANYONE beating Hillary?

55%228 votes
31%128 votes
13%56 votes

| 412 votes | Vote | Results


To any reasonable person following the Valerie Plame saga, it's pretty clear that Dick Cheney was at the top of a conspiracy to out Valerie Plame's identity.

Parick Fitrgerald might not be able to prove it in a court of law; or a technicality might mean no laws were broken; or the logistics of prosecuting this conspiracy just might be impossible. But the story is fairly clear, and regardless of any laws it was WRONG.

Moreover, this case is directly related to this un-ending war, which is even more wrong. "Bush's War," it's been called.

So why is James Carville helping the cover-up?

By signing his wife's letter to the judge asking for leniancy, James Carville is joining the cover-up, and furthering the obstruction of justice that began in summer 2003. He has made clear where his allegiance lies, and it is not with Democrats. Many times Carville has said and done things that make progressives roll our eyes; but this is different. This is him clearly acting as an apologist and a participant of the neo-con agenda.

So why in the world is he still on Team Clinton?


Should we demand that Hillary fire James Carville?

77%115 votes
22%34 votes

| 149 votes | Vote | Results

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I posted a diary a while back wondering if Al reads the Kos... well, according to his recent CBS interview, the answer is yes indeed:

Over the course of a 30-minute conversation, Gore traversed the war, climate change and the evolution of modern media (his own voracious media appetite, he said, ranges from The New York Times to Daily Kos and the Drudge Report).

He said he has a Google news page and regularly reads about two dozen sites that range from traditional outlets like USA Today as well as new media venues like, a technology site, and Huffington Post. Of the Drudge Report, which targeted Bill Clinton's sex scandals and draws fire from liberal media critics, Gore said he occasionally clicks on it. "I do. I do go to Drudge from time to time."

Slashdot too? What a cool nerd. Now I wonder if he's a Digg addict as well ;-)

Also this CBS article has links to both parts of his interview with Harry Smith (a very warm and good interview), as well as an enthusiastic video of Capitol Bob handicapping the race. Good stuff.

More after the jump...


Is he running?

50%97 votes
18%36 votes
30%59 votes

| 192 votes | Vote | Results

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