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Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 03:39 PM PDT

The dKosopedia upgrade is finished.

by dKosopedia

The dKosopedia has been upgraded with the most recent stable release of the MediaWiki software, and the site has migrated to a faster box with higher bandwidth.

The current software has some really nifty features. If you've used or contributed to the dKosopedia in the past, or have thought about it and want to know more, read on...

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Sigh. Best laid plans and all that. In the middle of migrating the dKosopedia to a new server and upgrading it with the most recent MediaWiki software, it got hit by a version of an ill-formed Microsoft spiderbot (anyone surprised) which didn't play nice with the other kids and hammered the dKp until it swamped the shared server and was taken off-line by the ISP.


The migration is still on, but the old version won't be there (albeit in read-only mode) during the process as planned. Sorry. If you're looking for tag info, the new place is here anyway. I'm hoping to finish the process by mid-day tomorrow, but it's possible it may have to wait another day because Mrs. Centerfielder and all the little Centerfielders and I have tickets to see Nickel Creek at the Michigan Theater tomorrow night, and I ain't missing that.


Thu Oct 11, 2007 at 07:18 AM PDT

spambots attack!

by dKosopedia

This is The Centerfielder here. Last night spambots landed and attacked the dKosopedia. Luckily, dKp sysops jbet77, Chadlupkes, and AlanF were on it in a hurry and repelled the intruders. Even luckier, I was at my computer composing the Happy Birthday diary to Daily Kos tags and got their SOS just before having to take one of the little Centerfielders to his hockey scrimmage.

I was able to lock down the dKosopedia, and hell did not break loose. The dKosopedia will remain locked down for a bit. This means no new registrations, and only current sysops can edit pages. I'm going to move the dKosopedia to a new server so I can upgrade the software to a version that includes all sorts of nifty spam repellents. This will take a few days. In the meantime if you really need to edit something on dKp let me know and we'll try to work something out.

I'll now return you to your regular broadcasting.


Well, I was thinking of doing the dKosopedia box swap and upgrade tomorrow morning but that's just not going to work out. I do want to do it on a weekend -- preferable a Sunday -- and next weekend I'm taking Son Centerfielder to Buffalo to see his cousin play in the 14 and under National Hockey playoffs. So it'll probably be the weekend after that. There's no hurry.

So here's the poll. The NCAA playoffs are under way. Oh, you think I'm talking basketball? No, the NCAA Hockey Playoffs are under way. And yes, Michigan is in. So for those of you sick of watching 19 year olds with tattoos, here's the poll. Who's going to win the NCAA Hockey Championship?


Who will win the NCAA Hockey Championships?

11%2 votes
5%1 votes
5%1 votes
16%3 votes
0%0 votes
27%5 votes
0%0 votes
33%6 votes
0%0 votes

| 18 votes | Vote | Results


Due to a miscommunication between my ISP and me, the box swap won't happen today. I'm shooting for early this Sunday, at 8AM Pacific time. The nice thing is I've already done a bunch of cleanup and db backup work. Also, going off-line on a Sunday morning is generally less disruptive, although I haven't gotten conformation that Sunday is ok.

Sorry for the short interruption. I just checked and the FAQ is available, although ct, if you're listening, the dKos front page link should be

instead of

It gets remapped to the correct url, but it should still be changed.


The dKosopedia will be off line tomorrow starting about noon or so East coast time. The server swap is planned for 3PM Eastern, but all members of the dKosopedia staff will be busy at work a couple of hours before that backing up the db, images, and software.

The plan is still to move to a new server, run on that new server for a few days to make sure all is well, and then take things off-line again to upgrade the MediaWiki software, perhaps early next week. However, if things tomorrow go extra creamy smooth, it's possible I'll upgrade the software after the box swap and before coming back on-line. But then how often do things go that smoothly...


Sometime in the next day or so the dKosopedia will switch over to a new server so the MediaWiki software can be upgraded. I'll try to post a heads-up when I know more about when this will happen, but don't be surprised if it's off-line for a bit.

A move to a box running PHP5 will allow the dKosopedia to upgrade to MediaWiki 1.9.x, which will let it install some much-requested extensions, such as Semantic Wiki.


Sun Mar 04, 2007 at 02:39 PM PST

dKosopedia and Categories

by dKosopedia

In late 2004, a means of categorizing Daily Kos diaries was devised by user anonymous coward 8 (Ancow8 on dKosopedia). This was at about the same time as the introduction of tags, which did the same thing, so ac8's scheme didn't catch on; however, much of the dKosopedia's Categories page is devoted to it. I'd like to clean up that dKosopedia page to more accurately represent dKosopedia's real Categories, but don't know if anyone is still using ac8's old scheme.

If you know anything about this, please comment below. If after a few days no one has screamed bloody murder we'll fix things up. Thanks.

--The Centerfielder


Hi, The Centerfielder here. I woke up this morning and the dKosopedia domain seems not to be feeling well. Initially I was getting 404 not found errors, and a little later it was pointing to an old version of the site. Now it's back to a 404. The subdomain is doing something else entirely.

I'm trying to find out what's wrong. It may be that the tubes through which the internet flows got froze up because of the cold here in Michigan, so I'm rummaging around in the garage looking for some antifreeze and a space heater. Please bear with me.

Updates after the jump...

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I've been sorta out of touch for a bit, but the daily tag runs have been working fine, and thanks to those few interested in tag cleanup, it looks like tag cleanup has been proceeding apace. Way to go, guys. I've been working with the existing tag data (thanks, ct) and am close to a system that I think will work quite well, but am not ready to write anything up yet, pending one more round of data analysis.

But that's not what I want talk about. I've started using Google Reader as my RSS app, and, as much as I like Safari, it looks like Firefox is just much better at handling Google Reader. So I'm transferring all my stuff from Safari to Firefox, and found that Firefox let's you create search plugins, so that in the search bar up in the right hand corner you can specify whatever site you want. Cool.

So I've created a dKosopedia search plugin, available at either this dKosopedia site, or at this Mozilla site. Give it a try and let me know what you think. (After installing, I had to exit and restart Firefox. I don't know if this is expected behavior.)


Tue Oct 03, 2006 at 07:53 PM PDT

Today's Tag Run, and more

by dKosopedia

The full list of files is below, and, as always, at this page. Soon I'll also include a file of tags sorted by frequency. Don't know why I didn't do it before; it's a very interesting list. As expected, "Iraq" and "George W. Bush" head it up. Here's the top couple of dozen or so...
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Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 06:32 PM PDT

Today's Tags

by dKosopedia

Took a small break there... todays' tag data follows. More new tags, of course, but the tag cleanup still goes on, so the total tag count isn't growing as fast as before.

I'm putting together a proposal for a better tagging scheme. That sceme requires a force of Tag Librarians. If you'd like to join that effort, please add your name to the Tag Librarians page at the dKosopedia.

Note: this account (dKosopedia) will be used for posting dKosopedia items, such as daily tag runs. If you need to get ahold of me (The Centerfielder) then use my The Centerfielder email address (centerfielder atsign centerfieldview dot com). My followup comments will be posted as The Centerfielder. Sorry for any confusion and previous inconsistencies.

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