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OK, so I know Ras is not the most reliable of pollsters, even after the namesake left.  But this is still good news in this supposedly solid Republican state.

Rasmussen is showing Jason Carter (grandson of Jimmy Carter) up by 7 over current Gov. Nathan Deal.  Honestly I didn't think Jason had a snowball's chance in a Georgia summer when he started, but he's clearly got a fighting chance.


He has done this, as Dems in conservative states tend to do, by tacking a bit more to the right than this Kossack likes.  But after so many years of Republican rule in this state, the infrastructure is a shambles, people in K-12 and higher education have been beaten down, and WE NEED RELIEF!  Time and time again the Deal administration, like Perdue's before it, favor the wealthy in Georgia, neglect the poor, and scoff at supporting our health care, education, and transportation infrastructure.

Deal continues to defy common sense and refuses ACA funds to expand Medicaid, even though this will directly result in rural hospitals closing down.  Yes his ego is so big that he will allow people to die, rather than accept funds from a Dem-sponsored program.  He even supported legislation stripping the Governor's office of the power to unilaterally expand Medicaid - instead requiring the Republican-dominated legislature to do so.  It's that crazy down here.

So please, cross your fingers and toes, get your friends and family in Georgia to VOTE!

And if you can find it in yourself to chip in a few bucks, please help Jason out - millions of Georgians need relief from the Republican machine.  A Dem Governor in Georgia would go a long way to finally bringing change to the state, and it would help continue our inexorable surge toward turning Georgia blue!


Fitting that the man who struggled with his father's duality of man-machine, who faced his own mortality in a battle to the death with his own father, should see the evil within.

"And if you don't vote for Barack Obama, you're insane," he added. "Cause without him, I think the middle class will completely disappear.  And you look at Romney and I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I think he's like The Thing - he only imitates human behavior.  He's not actually human himself."
You can watch it here:

Check out ~1:00 on the video.

Or here if the embed doesn't work.

Mark's absolutely right - Mittens seems so unnaturally rigid when he's around actual people (now I'm not talking about corporations, my friend!).  We've all seen the comparisons with Barack connecting with people, it's so clear the man is human and cares for other people.  Mittster looks like a machine just going through the motions of being a candidate.

You would only put yourself out there if you really have a burning desire in your heart to move the ship of state in some particular direction.  It's so obvious that Barack's primary motivation is to help make people's lives better.  It's equally obvious that Willard's motivation comes not from human interaction, but from a strategic decision made sitting around a board room.


Brad Harriman had to drop out of the race for the Illinois 12th Congressional District because of medical problems.  Taking his place is Major General William Enyart, endorsed by and supported by Iraq War vet and hero Tammy Duckworth.

These progressive troopers had our back when we needed them - let's show them that we've got theirs now that they're willing to step up and promote our values on the national stage!

Here's General Enyart's military bio.

Here's some recent coverage from DuQuoin, IL

Enyart was quick to challenge Plummer on the issue of transparency, releasing the last 10 years of federal income tax returns and challenging Plummer--part of a substantial family lumber business--to do the same. He has not.

 â€œIf you are going to Congress to write budgets for people you should be transparent about your own finances,” Enyart said.“I am use to working with both sides in finding answers,” he said. “I want to bridge some of those gaps,” he said. “Clearly the thing concerning most people is jobs,” he continued. He called Scott Air Force Base with its $2 billion budget and SIU at Carbondale two of the area’s economic engines, two anchors the area can build on. “We’ve got to take these economic drivers to leverage the economy,” he said. “I have served my country for 36 years and I decided I wanted to get into policy issues,” he said.

Let's send Gen. Enyart to DC and keep Illinois 12th Blue!!  DONATE HERE!

Y'all know what's happening so I'll be brief.  I saw a link or two to this in a couple diaries, but I think it deserves a headline.

Too bad we couldn't rally support beforehand, but let's get a million people together to cry "Foul!"


You can also leave the reason why you are signing, and there are some really interesting ones there. Here are some snippets:

Because my child was just made out publicly to be a bastard... because a man should have to pay dearly for domestic violence... because the bible is not the constitution.
"Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen." 1 John 4:20
For those hiding behind religion.. what would Jesus do? I am straight, conservative, and christian, but everyone deserves to have equal rights. Who are we to judge?!
Because I don't appreciate being a second-class citizen.
I'm disgusted that you can marry your cousin in NC, but same-sex marriage is outlawed in the constitution.

Sat May 01, 2010 at 07:20 PM PDT

What Obama Should Say

by dangeo

Tomorrow morning the President will visit the Gulf coast, where thousands are mobilized to do what pathetic little is possible against an oil spill that has likely already exceeded the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster.

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Normally I just sigh and move on, because just how crazy are you supposed to drive yourself when Drudge pulls his crap?  But this is something that could come up into the discourse, and I thought I'd take a minute to try to set the record straight.

Drudge's headline is "9-month wait for arthritis treatment in UK"....



I mean - let's take a minute and see what the *#!@ Drudge is talking about....follow me below the fold to an interesting UK National Audit Office report....

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First of all, let me say up front that I'm not a financial expert or a lawyer - this is just an account of my personal experience.

Since we're on the subject of how the banks are ripping everyone off, I thought I'd share my personal story.  My wife and I moved across the country to California in 2003 because she got a good job there - I got a job a couple months later (phew!), and we decided to buy a house (cue the scary music!).

Fast forward to 2007 - we now have a kid, and the grandparents back east are getting older (it's hard and expensive for them to fly cross-country to see their grandchild).  And we're thinking of having a second child.  So I start looking for a job back east - in my field, not an easy thing to bet on, but after a year, I got one!  We would take a massive cut in pay, but the cost of housing is supposedly lower on the east coast, right? (We would quickly learn that's not the case, but that's for a different post...)

Now the fun begins.....


What should I have done in this situation?

8%13 votes
65%103 votes
26%41 votes

| 157 votes | Vote | Results

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Here we go again!  I voted early yesterday, the third day of early voting available in Georgia for the runoff to decide who the next US Senator from Georgia will be. I got there about 9, and there was a line!  Not very long, and it was mostly the wait for someone to check your ID and guide you into the voting room.  

After about 5 minutes, I ticked my JIM MARTIN button, along with some other runoffs in Georgia (including Powell (D) for Public Service Commissioner), and got my Georgia Peach "I Voted" sticker.

There were 19 voting machines, and only 3 or 4 were in use.  My machine had the count at 255 voters - I assume just for that machine, but I'm not sure about that.

More Georgia info below the fold, plus some pictures from yesterday's rally with Jim Martin and Bill Clinton!

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If anyone plans to go to the rally today for Martin in Atlanta, with Bill Clinton, note the location has changed!

It will now be outdoors (BRRR!!!) at the Clark Atlanta University Quad, on Fair Street (across from the Student Center).

Note from State Field Director is below the fold.

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Jim Martin answered his country's call, wore the uniform, and served honorably in Vietnam.  He knows what it's like to kiss a child good-bye, not entirely knowing if he will come back.  But he was called, he stepped up to the plate, and he did his job.

He is one of the good guys, a humble man who has spent his career focusing on health care, children, and public service.  This is the guy that we need in the US Senate for Georgia.

I haven't lived in Georgia very long, but I've been here long enough to argue that the best voice in Georgia will be the veterans. With such a polarized electorate, we need to cut into the conservative vote.

Yes we need the volunteers and yes we need the phonebankers - bring 'em on! - but let's be honest, we're not gonna win this unless we get some republicans to jump ship or stay home.  We can do that by appealing to conservative Georgian's patriotism.

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Today's lines of voters are the LONGEST YET!  After more than a month of early voting and advance voting (which I described here), Georgians are still flocking to the polls and numbers keep getting BIGGER!

The AJC is reporting that today's turnout is even bigger than it has been previously.

More below the fold, along with a pitch for Jim Martin, the Democrat who will send Saxby Chambliss packing and put us over 60 in the US Senate!

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As the clock is ticking and we're down to the wire, we're all nearly tapped dry and tired.

But if you have a couple extra bucks, there's a feisty come-from-behind winner who's going to paste Saxby Chambliss and put the Dems over the top by turning Georgia blue.

Jimmy Martin is a man of honor who will work hard for Georgia and all Americans.  Saxby Chambliss has been accusing this family man of being a pervert, and resorted to the same scumbag tactics that he used against Max Cleland, one of the finest Senators ever to sit in the chamber.

There's only one way to fight back against Chambliss - and we've got to step up to the plate NOW.  Help contribute to his compaign here, thanks to the good folks at ActBlue.  This is it, folks - a couple more days of ads and ground game.  In a state like Georgia, this last push can make all the difference in the world - and just imagine what a strong majority in the US Senate will be like!

Don't wake up November 5 wondering what would have happened in Georgia if we had just pushed a little harder!  Leave it all on the road!

Go below the fold for a heartfelt note from Jim's wife, Joan

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