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I'm sure that all this has been said before, but it bears repeating. It seems odd that the Koch Brothers and their ilk are labelled "conservatives" in the media when it is clear that they are out-and-out fascists and should be called that. Calling them conservative is an insult to conservatives.

It's not enough that they have more money than they or their families could possibly ever spend for many generations to come, but they want to impoverish everyone else. They destroy unions to make sure the playing field is never level, and buy politicians to get their way.

And they earned most of their money the old fashioned way - they inherited it.

They have been trying to get everyday working people to be angry with public service employees because they get benefits and pensions, when they should instead be angry at their employers because they AREN'T getting them.

We somehow need to get the message out that, unless you have money like the Koch Brothers, voting for Tea Party politicians is for SUCKERS.  

The Koch Brothers most likely don't even believe in all the social conservatism that their politicians espouse to get poor white people on their side; undoubtedly they are laughing their asses off about how stupid those beliefs are.  Anyone taking bets on whether they were virgins when they got married?


Remember when George H.W. Bush used Willie Horton as a political boogeyman?  It worked.  The dems had no coherent strategy for then demonizing a demonizer.  

When the Dems do finally try to use political boogeymen as a strategy, they usually suck.  They tried it with Halliburton, but the electorate had no idea what a "no-bid contract" was.  The Republican answer was a sarcastic, schoolyard, "Oh, Halliburton, Halliburton, Halliburton!" - and the Democrats slinked off like the sissies they were.  They should have yelled back, "Yes, Halliburton, Halliburton, Halliburton.  The Vice President of the United States is using your tax dollars to LINE HIS OWN POCKETS.  You don't think that kind of corruption is an issue????

Well, we have the perfect boogeymen in the Koch Brothers, who really are evil and have basically bought and paid for Romney & company.  They, who inherited their wealth, whose father was instrumental in forming the John Birch Society, and who are willing to sacrifice the whole planet to have even more money than they could ever possibly spend.  Yet the Democrats hardly mention them!  Are they bought off too?  As Duval Patrick said, it's time for the Democrats to show some spine.  They're doing much better lately in that regard, but we still have a long way to go.  

And political boogeymen work!!  You find using them a moral problem?  Fine, lets stop BOTH sides from using them.  NO UNILATERAL DISARMAMENT!


Republicans are always questioning when the Democrats are going to stop blaming President Obama's predecessor for our current economic situation.  

We'll do that as soon as the Republicans admit, and when everyone remembers, how huge a hole Bush created for the prez to dig us out of. And with the do-nothing, block-everything Republican congress opposing his efforts every step of the way.

How dare the Republicans even ask this question!


Fri May 04, 2012 at 08:32 AM PDT

A Taste of Their Own Medicine

by David M Allen MD

The "war on women."

Dixie-Chicking Rush Limbaugh.

Charles Krauthammer complains that the Obama campaign tries to create fear, division, resentment, and a forest of straw men by whatever means necessary.

I love it!  On my last two brief diary entries, I recommended that the Democrats start taking plays out of the Republican playbook.  They finally got the message, and the Republicans and Fox News are screaming like little piggies.

This may be the first documented case of two wrongs making a right!


We need to be as good as devising talking points painting republicans as enemies of the people - which we (unlike them) can do by telling the truth -as their wags at Faux News.


For the republican position on health care and the uninsured:  "They claim to be against euthanasia.  But that's only if you want to die.  If you don't want to die, they're in favor of it."

On consumer safety:  "The Republicans, the party of freedom:  The freedom of big companies to lie to, steal from, poison, and cheat their customers with impunity."


Sat May 21, 2011 at 09:55 AM PDT

Scary catch phrases

by David M Allen MD

The Democrats need to borrow a page from the Republican propaganda machine playbook and come up with better scary catch phrases - you know, like "death panels" - that can be repeated over and over again ad nauseum in the media until they catch on.  They need to avoid words like "unions" that the Republicans have somehow managed to turn from positives into boogymen.

For instance, instead of a "war on government regulation," they could say "The Republican war on safety."  Or "pro-poison" instead of "attacks on the environment."  Or how about their "Concerted attacks on employees" instead of workers or unions.  More people identify with being an "employee" than do with being a "worker."

Longer ones which might also work: "Republicans are the party of freedom - the freedom to lie, cheat, steal and polute."


How is it that we tend to refer to the right wing nut cases currently in charge of the Republican Party as "conservatives" or even "far right"?  

Are we into euphemisms or something?  I mean, what is "conservative" about destroying the middle class, workers' rights, and the ecosystem?  

Lets call them what they are.

Back in the sixties we had a term for these folks: "reactionaries" - which was pretty close to a synonym for fascist.

re·ac·tion·ary adj rē-ˈak-shə-ˌner-ē\
Definition of REACTIONARY: relating to, marked by, or favoring reaction; especially  ultraconservative in politics

I propose that we all start using the term as soon as possible in the same way that the right wing made an expletive out of "liberal."


Mon Aug 30, 2010 at 03:08 PM PDT

Bipolar Disorder, My Ass

by David M Allen MD

Did a mental health professional tell you that you are bipolar, when you know the real problem is that your family life is a war zone?  Since a large percentage of my fellow psychiatrists have become primarily prescription writers rather than psychotherapists, relationship problems have magically been turned into mental illnesses.  If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

It is never too late to stop dysfunctional family patterns. Although medication can help calm you down, you cannot buy your way out of these patterns with pharmaceuticals.   The diagnosis of bipolar disorder, a serious mental illness, is now being falsely applied to anyone who is chronically moody and anxious due to such ongoing troubles.

Initial psychiatric diagnostic evaluations, which should last about an hour, are now often routinely shoehorned into thirty minutes.  This often includes the time the doctor needs to write a note in the patient’s chart, return phone calls, and go to the bathroom.    

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My name is David M. Allen.  I’m a psychiatrist who is author of the book "How Dysfunctional Families Spur Mental Disorders: A Balanced Approach to Resolve Problems and Reconcile Relationships" and the blog Family Dysfunction and Mental Health at

The dustup over Laura Schlessinger’s use of the N-word, as inappropriate and racist as it was, does bring up the interesting question that is the title of this post.  She was, in fact, inarticulately and obnoxiously bringing up this very question.  We all assume, not without reason, that when a white person uses the word it means something entirely different than when used by a black person.

But does it really?  

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