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For whatever reason I've long considered it a priori obvious that cop killers aren't taken alive.  Or when they are they die pretty quickly, like Ronnie L. White in 2009:  I'm not sure where I learned it, nor do I think I necessarily consider it a terrible thing.  I grew up in the LA area, it might just be a local thought among a certain subculture.

So here's audio purported to be taken off a radio tuned in to the San Bernadino Sheriff Department's coordination team during the burning of the log cabin Dorner was in.  I don't know if it's legit.  The same words and phrases reported without citation yesterday appear in the audio from a fellow I believe was saying he heard it himself, one Mike King of UC Santa Cruz.  Mike studies police action and insurgency.  The article is at my favorite commie newsletter, here:  You can get a lot of profoundly unusual views out of the editorials at counterpunch.  

I for one will not lose much sleep over the death of Chris Dorner.  But this could be a clear cut example where law enforcement lied to protect their own self interest.  There's been extensive documentation of police beating the crap out of unarmed people and then charging those people with assault.  So the question is this: why are people still convicted on police testimony?  I don't know a damn thing about audio or the people involved over in Big Bear.  Crowdsourcing the primary document...this audio.  If it's provably legit, and if people know about it, I think it might cut down on people convicted of crimes they didn't commit based on police testimony.  


Wed Nov 21, 2012 at 11:08 AM PST

Thank diplomacy! Peace!

by deconite

No more border incursions.  No more bombings!  (more) Open borders.


"A survey by VPRC, an independent polling company, put the party's support at 14 percent in October, compared with the seven percent it won in June's election."

"Violent behavior by Golden Dawn members, who often stroll through run-down Athens neighborhoods harassing immigrants, seems to boost rather than hurt the party's standing."

"We operate like a well-organized army unit, because the military is the best institution in any country."  -Mihaloliakos once praised Hitler and denied the Nazi gas chambers existed.

All lifted straight from the article.  It's an important read.

Another banking crisis, another century.  The EU was founded as a reaction to wars of the past, but has re-engineered the social crises of the early 20th century on a smaller scale in the south of Europe.  NAZIs and banking.  I'm not suggesting intention.  But cause I cannot help but see.  In the absence of debt as the primary ordering parameter in society, in international relations, could they have ever risen?  What context but poverty amidst wealth could create this kind of unreasoning hate?

My one consolation's that the far left party outnumbers the support the facsists get by a large factor.  But the fascists have never needed all THAT much popular support.  They just needed guns.  The police work closely with them.

Here both the party and police work together in a coordinated attack on a peaceful anti-fascist demonstration.  This is why the anarchists in greece generally turn out ready to burn things down and create chaos in the streets instead of peacefully holding signs: so they can escape.

And history repeats itself.  As it always will.  Until we get rid of the goddamn banks as determiners of social policy.


I'm not sure if anyone's seen this, I didn't see it on the front page and have to assume that's because no one's posted about it.  

Here's the full text, a woman's experience in the aftermath of her assault of the maltreatment she received from the University.  It's shocking to say the least.

And the student newspaper's site with the same info,

One comment below.

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Sat Jan 14, 2012 at 09:25 AM PST

Cognitive Dissonance and Urine

by deconite

Many of you are outraged over the whole Marines-pissing-on-dead-bodies incident.  Here's why I think you're nuts.

Now I'm not saying that we're all a bunch of war endorsers.  Take 'we' to mean our country as a whole.

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Tue Jan 10, 2012 at 05:24 PM PST

Not Incentivised to Care

by deconite

Adult Content...

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Thu Sep 01, 2011 at 06:49 PM PDT

Marijuana and High Bloodsugar

by deconite

I want to open up a back and forth, so I'll be quick and to the point:  I've used small amounts of marijuana for years to alleviate a lot of the unpleasant immediate effects of high bloodsugar when my bloodsugar goes up.  It basically wipes away all the gastrointestinal stuff.  If you bloodsugar gets high enough that you have trouble breathing, it's not going relieve that.  But it relieves most of the rest of it.  I've told a couple endocrinologists about this, and none of them have ever heard the effect.  It sort of makes sense when you consider that's why chemo patients use it, but they use much larger amounts.  I've occasionally checked to see if there's anything in the medical literature about this, and I've never seen anything but trials on rats injected with CBD, and not from a pain relief end.  I suspect research is still at the point where they're trying to see what makes us healthier, rather than what makes us feel less bad when we're unhealthy.  But there it is.  I've found it of great benefit, and thought you all should know.  Type 1 with insulin resistance, reporting in.


Fri Aug 19, 2011 at 09:39 PM PDT

On Capital

by deconite

   A long time ago we used sea shells as currency.  When I say we, I really mean in a very all-inclusive sense WE.  In Africa, Asia, North America, and the Pacific there's ample evidence it was the dollar du jour.  In the absence of intercontinental communication, and any inherent use, small shells were monetized.  

    It's important we remember what money is.  We live in a time when empty homes fall into disrepair as the homeless are harassed of the streets and off our streets.  We live in a time when some talk about the lazy jobless while the jobless are working full time jobs to just FIND someone who will exchange cash for service.  There are sick who go untreated, and children who go undernourished and uneducated.  The striking thing about all this is that there are those in need, and things that need doing, where we have the resources to provide and the will to act.  But we do not.

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Mon Jul 25, 2011 at 06:26 PM PDT

Boehner's Weird Sounds

by deconite

Seriously.  Did any of you tune into cspan to watch the CNN feed before the cameras came on?  I don't think he knew the microphone was on, and the nervous laugh at the beginning, and all the sniffing, sucking, moaning and grunting...well.  Anyway I fucking hate this guy.  That is all.


Fri Jul 15, 2011 at 06:30 PM PDT

Drug War Case Study

by deconite

I'll be short and to the point.  My experience was not unique in the town where I grew up.

It was pretty hard to buy alcohol.  Vendors wouldn't sell, so you had to steal it or find a homeless guy to buy it for you.  I didn't smoke cigarettes, but my friends did, and many were the time it was my turn in the rotation, going from gas station to gas station, to try to get some cigs for the group.

Other things were easier to find. There aren't too many back alley booze salesmen.  Let me just go over the list of drugs I used, not infrequently, before I ever started drinking.  When I was a teenager.

Ecstasy (what's sold as ecstasy on the street, in various mixtures)
Crystal Meth
Psilocybin Mushrooms

I even knew a girl whose first drug experience was LSD at age twelve.  

Now, admittedly I was a wild child.  It's my view that some of this was ok.  A lot of it wasn't.  I never became dependent on anything, but some of my friends did.  My point is this: I think the drug war drives kids to take wilder drugs than they might otherwise.  And I think that's kind of fucked up.  I don't have statistics.  I certainly lied about my drug use when they passed those 'anonymous' surveys around our classrooms.  I expect most students are smart enough to do the same.


Tue May 31, 2011 at 09:50 PM PDT

Fuckin' Liars

by deconite

Either diabetics have completely taken over the security industry, or everyone in the security industry is a profoundly shameless fuckin' liar.  I'm talking security guards, bouncers, TSA agents, anyone responsible for trying to keep you from getting your stuff where you need it to go.

Let me just say I'm pretty young.  I hit up bars here in DC.  I travel often to go visit family, go to conferences, what have you.  

When I go into bars and bouncers spot my sugar supply (soda, juice, whatever I have that day), they are inevitably diabetic.  They don't have a diabetic family member, they are, themselves diabetic.  Amazing.  Either my people have taken over that particular profession, or they're all goddamn liars.  3/3 in the past month.  That's just the last month.  I can't count how many times the sodas I smuggle have been spotted, but it's never been by a non-diabetic.

TSA agents are some sort of distant cousin.  It's them or their mother.  Guaranteed.  Never an aunt, father, cousin, kid, uncle.  Them or their mother.  This is every damn time I travel.  "No, it can go through the x-ray."  That's the insulin that says, specifically, "Do not expose to sunlight" on the bottle.  X-rays are a wee bit more energetic and damaging than sunlight.  "My mother puts it through all the time."

One might suppose, "well, maybe it's just security personnel."  Facts is facts, and I can't think they're a statistically unusual group.  I was at a liquor store not too long ago, a nice one with a large beer selection.  One I frequent.  I've used their bathroom a few times.  I say to the guy in the back, the guy standing in the hallway to the bathroom, "hey, can I use the bathroom?"

Guy says, "No.  There's no bathroom back here."

I say, "Dude, I've used the bathroom back there."

He says, "Oh."  He looks defeated.

Fuckin' liars.  I'm surrounded by liars.  And people wonder why our nation's in decline.


Tue Apr 12, 2011 at 10:30 PM PDT

The Ethical Rift

by deconite

"Only now is the child finally divested of all that he has been. His origins are become remote as is his destiny and not again in all the world's turning will there be terrains so wild and barbarous to try whether the stuff of creation may be shaped to man's will or whether his own heart is not another kind of clay."
— Cormac McCarthy (Blood Meridian: Or the Evening Redness in the West)

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