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CA 36 Get out and Vote Today!

Rain and a single-office election means very low turnout.  The most motivated group is the one that will prevail.  I've seen a lot of R signs in this area.  Don't just assume this traditionally Democratic district will go that way.  Do your part!

This is simply a reminder.  Thank you.


Lieberman's Good Advice:  Move On!

I am as disappointed as anyone with the latest (sadly unsurprising) move by Democrats in the Senate, in which they voted overwhelmingly to allow a non-Democratic member of their caucus maintain his chair of a committee that he should have lost on performance issues alone.  Unfortunately, it did not appear that the Senators even considered the issue of job performance in their vote, instead focusing on whether or not it was appropriate to exact revenge for Lieberman's incessant back-stabbing during the last election cycle.  

In the wake of the caucus vote, Lieberman was quoted as saying,

"The resolution expresses strong disapproval and rejection of statements I made about Sen. Obama during the campaign," Lieberman said. "And in that regard, I said very clearly, some of the statements, some of the things people have said I said about Sen. Obama are simply not true. There are other statements that I made that I wish I had made more clearly, and there were some ... that I wish I had not made at all. And obviously in the heat of campaigns, that happens to all of us. But I regret that, and now it's time to move on."

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One of the most inspiring and powerful aspects of the Obama Campaign has been its grass-roots nature.  Not only through small donation funding that in practice exceeds public financing as a method of rooting out corruption, but the overwhelming number and quality of volunteers - both "official" and "informal".  (In the latter, no one should underestimate the impact of "volunteers" advocating for Obama around dinner tables and water coolers throughout America.  This is where real leverage was applied throughout the campaign.)

The Obama For America Website provided a substrate for this culture to proliferate and organize itself.  It provided energetic volunteers with a sense of community and direction, and served as a platform for communicating in full duplex (to borrow from the Tech World).  As a result, Obama supporters rightly developed a sense of "ownership" in the campaign.  

We should not allow this to end tomorrow.


What do you think of maintaining a ground-up community after the election, as described?

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I've been advised to post this in a diary, since the Pledge is again a hot topic du jour.

Many - I included - have been troubled not only by the fixation on the Pledge as a litmus test of patriotism, but by the significance and the potential misplaced power in its content, through replacing the idea with a symbol.

If those ignorant or inattentive to the realities behind the flag can be cowed into devotion to the symbol while the reality behind it is altered, suddenly the manipulator has an army of advocates pledging allegiance to something else entirely.

I have previously posted my own "Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution" as a more meaningful and acceptable alternative - one in which we all agree to the essential goodness and central importance of that document, and commit to actively support and protect it.  

So here it is:

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Thu May 15, 2008 at 01:06 AM PDT

The NARAL Flap

by Deighved H Stern MD

NARAL - a Non-Profit activist group devoted primarily to the preservation of Women's right to access to abortions, but also to other "women's issues" - officially announced its endoresement of Barack Obama the other day.  

That seems like a rather bland and ordinary announcement, hardly worthy of notice, since Obama is clearly going to be the Democratic nominee, and thus the only remaining viable Presidential Candidate who shares their view with regard to their primary mission.  The reaction was anything but.

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Twice in the past 6 months, I have written friends and family members of my concerns about the current Administration's apparent intentions to launch an attack on Iran.  After the first, the third Carrier Group sent to the region was called back.  The second came in the wake of Admiral Fallon's resignation.  

Apparently, and to my great relief, I am not alone with that concern.

Rep. Conyers has written a strong letter to President Bush, warning unequivocally that he faces the prospect of impeachment, should he go ahead with any such plan:

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The WSJ is reporting that a Kuwaiti once imprisioned at Gitmo is responsible for a recent suicide bombing in Iraq.  

While NeoCon Torture Fetish Fascists are touting this as a fine example of why we need secret concentration camps to be able to imprison and torture people without trial or even evidence, there is of course another view to be taken... the rational one.

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Thu May 08, 2008 at 09:21 PM PDT

10¢ a Dozen

by Deighved H Stern MD

My "diary" is really currently my blog over at the Obama For America site.  However, I'd like to augment my link to that site with this appeal for donations:

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