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Seems we've forgotten where the most potent explosives being used against us are coming from.  We left them unsecured and they were systematically looted from al QaQaa.  The US troops in the area had no orders to secure this facility and in fact watched the looting take place.  A Minneapolis new crew, embedded with the unit filmed the facility before it was looted.  

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Wed Nov 08, 2006 at 09:01 PM PST

The Other Shoe(s)

by dhomyak

Will Rove survive the week?  Cheney?  Frankly I doubt it.  Rove is a no-brainer.  How can this President keep him around as tainted and ineffectual as he has become?  He'll be offered as the sacrificial lamb to soften us up for Cheney's replacement.

Cheney, on the other hand, will likely follow Rumsfeld into early retirement, leaving Shrub an opportunity to select his successor, McCain.  They'll want this all to happen under this Congress and Senate, so watch for all of these moves this week.  

The very last thing the Republicans want is Speaker Pelosi in the Oval Office and they won't care how much blood they shed to stave that off.  Cheney is expendable.  Bush too.  Look for 1/3 of the Republican Senators to support impeachment.

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Thu Sep 21, 2006 at 01:29 PM PDT

BREAKING: Democrats to Raise Taxes

by dhomyak

Bush says Democrats will raise taxes

Uh, no shit Sherlock.  Do you have any idea how much money you guys spent in the past 6 years that you borrowed?  Take last year for example.  The ACCRUED deficit was $760B in that year alone.  Unfortunately you won't find that number anywhere except in the limited copies (600) of the annual Federal Government Fiscal Year report.  

The appropriate retort for these guys is simply, someone has to collect the money you spent.

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Clearly the guy is a Republican.

"Don't be too happy, for the banner (of al Qaeda in Iraq) hasn't dropped but has passed from one lion of Islam to another lion."

Rove must write his stuff!  Who knows!  It's tough to tell when is a 12.120 IP address. Snark aside, it's important to understand how Osama bin Laden plans to win this war and what we might do to stop him.

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Fri Jun 23, 2006 at 07:28 AM PDT

Top 10 Reasons Not To Suicide Bomb

by dhomyak

From the Department of Insanity Department.

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Thu Jun 22, 2006 at 08:02 AM PDT

MINNESOTA Leads By Example

by dhomyak

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune today comes this true gem --
More than 200 wealthy Minnesotans signed a full-page ad that appears in the Star Tribune today asking the state to raise $2 billion for various initiatives by increasing the state's tax burden for high-salary earners.

Time for some good news around these parts.

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US Air Force General Mike Hayden became Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on June 1st, 2006.

In the AP story "Bush Gives CIA's New Director a Boost" there was a line that caught my attention --

The president was briefed privately on unknown topics for about 45 minutes before the short public event.

Now that zero degrees of separation exist between our Executive, his party operatives and our vast Intelligence Services, here's what our fictional fly on the wall heard in that meeting.

 Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.  Truth is so much stranger than fiction.
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Ever since the disclosures regarding AT&T having provided broad network access to the NSA I have been surprised that more companies didn't express concerns.  There are absolutely no assurances their communications aren't accessible and/or recorded.

Here's another major deal with AT&T to provide Voice Over IP services.  

If RR Donnelly just printed comic books I really wouldn't care, but they don't.  They are a leading printer of financial materials.  The kind you'd kill to get your hands on before they become public knowledge.

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As a devout listener to Future Tense I'd like to enlist your help in explaining the unfolding drama regarding data mining to your audience.   You've successfully explained how vast spam networks are enlisted to bombard us with messages we don't want.  It's time to explain how data mining, funded entirely by our tax dollars, can and will turn out "Republican Robo-Voters" in key races throughout the country.

Your mission Jim, should you choose to accept it...  


Republican Robo-Voter

0%0 votes
25%1 votes
50%2 votes
25%1 votes

| 4 votes | Vote | Results

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UPDATE: From original title "AT&T Spying - City List"

After looking at the timing of these deployments, I've decided to go with the flow and HEARTILY endorse the continued deployment of NSA assets in our cities. Moreover, I am recommend that the DNC pre-order it's circuit to AT&T headquarters for access to their call record detail databases.

**************Original diary*******************

Think AT&T's complicity in helping the NSA spy on America doesn't affect you?  Think again.

Here are the cities that have facilities in which AT&T/NSA can install (or has already installed) gear to spy on Americans:

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Directly from AT&T's response to the court:

"...AT&T does not believe that an assertion of state secrets by the United States may blithely be dismissed without even considering the basis for it.  Assertions of state secrets must be made personally by the nation's most senior officials, as they were here....To render the rulings plaintiffs seek without even reviewing the evidence tendered personally to this Court by the Director of National Intelligence (Negroponte) and the Director of the National Security Agency (Alexander) would be unprecedented and wrong."


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Today in a stunning move for states rights, Governor Schwarzenegger renounced the Republican Party and took back California.  With 40 heavily armed San Francisco SWAT team members he marched on the Folsom Street offices of AT&T where they removed the door to room 641A.  All NSA spying equipment was removed from the room and secured by State Police at the capital.

No resistance was encountered.

(cross posted from myleftwing)

Details follow:

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