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You saw it here first, friends! A member of "Occupy West Seattle" offers cupcakes to West Seattle cops at our first protest, and they REFUSE - because they're on duty!

Harrowing details below.

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March 1, 2012 - Guests at Mitt Romney's fundraiser were treated to an energetic (and fun!) Occupy-style demonstration on the sidewalk in front of the Meydenbaur Center in Bellevue, an affluent city on what we in Seattle call the "Eastside" (east coast of Lake Washington).

Lots of pictures below. If you have trouble with images, view the entire set of Romney protest photos & videos on Flicker.

Please add to or correct my info if you were there!


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Crappy Birthday Party:
On Saturday Jan 21st, a Coalition of Occupy Seattle, Peace and Justice activists, campaign finance reform advocates, Move to Amend (overturn Citizens United) and "Get Money Out of Politics" street performers assembled at Westlake Center to protest on the 2nd anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

The photos will speak for themselves! If you can't download them on this page, you can see all on Flickr: Ant-Corporate Personhood Rally & March in Seattle Let's continue:

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Yesterday's peaceful rally was at Westlake in Downtown Seattle, 6pm. A large number of pro-reform demonstrators and about two dozen counter-demonstrators.

Above, that's me at left with Craig Salins, Director of Washington Public Campaigns and Alice Woldt, WPC Board member. The Organizing For America signs said "Thank You" on the reverse, which is nice.

The pictures speak for themselves, but I'll add comments. You can view larger versions on the Flicker pages
Follow me below:

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Young, gifted and endowed with a funny name and a "calling" to public service. Late last year, I described Dorsol Plants' announcement of his upcoming candidacy to his Highland Park neighbors (right) as Chair of their community action group. Under his leadership in 2008, the group had launched an intense campaign to fight two proposed city jail sites on the margins of this low-profile and multicultural community on the "affordable" southeastern edge of West Seattle.

Since then, the Iraq war veteran and community organizer with a brazen ambition for a 24-year-old from West Virginia has acquired some things a candidate for Seattle City Council should have: a suit and tie, publicity photos, a manager, a campaign website, an air of modest confidence, and a collection of endorsements.

He cleans up well!

More below:



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As promised, I am showing you pictures I took at the "Shake It Up" rally for single-payer health care, that I diaried yesterday.

The hour or more of drumming/dancing got a lot of smiles from passers-by in downtown Seattle; we handed out fliers and discussed the issue with quite a few as well.

It got some media coverage. Here is an article on
My A Seattle P-I reporter  interviewed and photographed us, but I don't see anything posted yet (the P-I is online-only since last month).

More pictures below:

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Well, not all are bellydancers - we have some Code Pinkers and other progressives who plan to participate - but it got your attention.

We're staging a colorful demonstration at the Federal building to let our Congressmembers know that we want single-payer healthcare.

Seattle Kossaks, if you can be downtown at noon tomorrow, please join us!

NOON • Monday • April 27, 2009
Jackson Federal Building (brick plaza in front)
915 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98174

More below...

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So I have this Obama banner of my own design....and MoveOn announced a competition for Obama-related artwork last week. As usual with MoveOn, they posted the event with very short notice. The deadline has passed; winners will be notified before midnite tonight.

Here's my banner first displayed at the King County convention in Seattle. It's stitched layers of fabric with glittering embellishments, featuring Washington State & its icons: the Space needle, salmon, apple, Mt. Rainier and evergreens.

It was a big hit! So I made art on the reverse side for the 7th CD caucus.

Take the jump, lots more pictures below.



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I just had a fairly amicable long-distance phone chat with my aunt in Pennsylvania that left my head spinning! She’s a big fan of Hillary and I’m an Edwards supporter, now switched to Obama.

Background: My aunt is a longtime Democratic party insider in her 70s. She was participated in several presidential campaigns and attended several National Conventions.

She made several insistant points that I must share. I found myself dumbfounded by her point of view - am I naive?

Hop down with me:

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Washington State may have its own Larry Craig... but it seems he went far beyond toe-tapping with his not-gay behavior. The Republican legislator initially denied being gay and having sex with a enterprising male hustler in Spokane, but now he's getting fuzzy on the details.

KOMO radio is reporting:

A Republican state legislator from southwest Washington had sex with a man he met at an erotic video store and then told police he had been targeted in an extortion attempt, according to police documents released Tuesday.

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Our elected officials are aware the U.S. has an image problem, what with all that pre-emptive warmongering, illegal renditions, Abu Ghraib, international bullying, Idiot Decider, and such. In the continuing "You can’t make this stuff up" category, I offer this article: Can classic movies improve U.S. image? reprinted from the Los Angeles Times.

Can Lassie, Judy Garland and a young Elizabeth Taylor rescue America's image abroad?
Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif., thinks so. She wants to ship DVDs of classic Hollywood movies overseas, hoping they will reshape an image she believes has been tarnished by the Iraq war.

Hopalong with me:

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History is in the making!

On Wednesday February 14, newly elected Senator Eric Oemig will officially announce his intention to introduce a Resolution in the Washington state legislature.

If it passes, this will reach the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives--and may lead to the impeachment of Bush, Cheney, and other officials who've exhibited an unprecedented contempt for the U. S. Constitution.

New Mexico, Vermont and possibly New Jersey are planning the same action, based on the "Jefferson Rule" which allows state governments to initiate impeachment of Federal officials.

As the U.S. House members dutifully recite that "Impeachment is off the table"--We the People insist it is ON THE TABLE--and we are salivating for a serving of justice!

Please recommend - so others can be inspired.

Photos by dinazina and story below:

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