Hi all,

I manage and create content for an online comic set in an abortion clinic at http://www.withfetus.com

While writing the comic, i had the idea of staging a large demonstration of the effects of outlawing abortion and have organized a fundraiser to raise money to gather supplies for performing unlicensed abortions to send to the Susan B. Anthony List, a major supporter of "pro-life" politicians.  The indiegogo page contains much of the information regarding the fundraiser.  With the overall goal of sending a lifetime supply of wire hangers to the organization to demonstrate how enacting such policies would not reduce the abortion rate (in fact it would likely go up) but rather make abortion much less safe.

If they truly desire less safe abortions, they're free to continue their policies and the fundraiser would supply them with materials for women to conduct less safe abortions, but hopefully the action of sending so many hangers to them could force a reevaluation of the effects of their practices (not to mention a greater awareness from the public).

Thank you,