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I still have my "Tom Vilsack 2008" bumper sticker on my car.  Thinking ahead, I also stockpiled enough stickers so that I can have one on every car I own until I die.  You see, Tom Vilsack is my dad and he will always be my candidate.  When we jumped into this race, we were told we would lose.  Eventually, without the resources to compete against Hillary and Barack, we had to drop out.  But, we didn’t drop out until we’d gone $400,000 into debt and mortgaged the farm to give the staff two weeks notice.  Maybe that was foolish, but then again we are not quitters.  Neither is Hillary Clinton.  Despite what you think about her, it is a fact that she will not drop out of this race until the last votes are counted and the super delegates have spoken.  Taking this into account, it is time to figure out what we, as Democrats, can do to make sure that we beat John McCain in November.


Are you willing to vote Democrat this fall?

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30%59 votes
59%116 votes
1%2 votes

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Thirty-five years ago Hillary Rodham met my Uncle Tom.  They shared an office as young lawyers working on Watergate.  I can picture their meeting, his feet up on the desk, a greeting something to the tune of "how’s life Hill?"  She would smile and laugh.  Twelve years ago, my Uncle died of a sudden hard attack.  Soon after, with my dad down 20 percent with a month left to go in his bid to win the Iowa Governorship, Hillary Clinton came to speak for my family.  She came, not as a politician, but in tribute to a good friend.  She came to Iowa because she cared for my Uncle.  To the surprise of most, my dad won.  I am writing because I know Hillary Clinton and I think she is a wonderful person.  To say otherwise is to let Newt Gingrich whisper in your ear.  To say otherwise is to forget why she has fought for healthcare, children and education her entire life.  Hillary Clinton cares.  This is just something that needs to be remembered.  

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Wed Jan 30, 2008 at 10:30 PM PST

Dream Obama, Vote Hillary.

by doug vilsack

Once, my friends and I paddled the entire 2300 mile length of the Mississippi River setting up riverside events to encourage youth voting.  Afterwards, on November 2nd, 2004, young people voted and lost.  We lost because we fight the wars, we lack adequate healthcare, we have massive school loans and we are left with a fouled environment.  We will be cleaning up this mess the longest.  Many young people are leaning towards Barack Obama.  They hear his words and have hope for the future.  I will caucus for Hillary Clinton.  I see what she has accomplished and know she can turn my hopes into reality.  I am writing today to ask young people to vote with their hearts AND their heads.  Hillary has just as much heart as Barack, the difference is that with her heart comes 35 years of experience.  Experience is not a bad thing.  In my months on the Mississippi, I learned how to spot whirlpools and avoid being run down by barges.  I don’t hope Hillary Clinton knows how change the world, I know she does.

Doug Vilsack
University of Colorado Law


A better future through hope or experience?

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80%254 votes

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I grew up on wide, leafy street in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.  Now, I’m on a wide, leafy street in the Amazon.  Ecuador is no Iowa.  The pork chops here are sub par and, for fun, they like to watch guys in tights kill bulls.  It’s impossible to find good peanut butter, but there is guinea pig roasting in the restaurant next door.  Also, lucky for Iowa, the only black gold anybody’s ever found below their feet around Mount Pleasant is the soil.  Strangely enough, amid the yells of the matadors and the crunch of teeth on well-done rodent, the biggest difference between home and here is oil.  Otherwise, the people here might as well be my neighbors on Main Street.  


Will you boycott Chevron-Texaco?

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In law school they never bother to tell you that the law is about people.  As law students, we are trained to ignore the story, to extract from endless cases only the most pertinent facts and, most importantly, the black letter law.  Black, without color is what it is, and after awhile all of that blackness can seep into your heart.  Inspired, liberal souls quaking in their first torts class can quickly become "lawyers" in the vile, heartless sense of the profession.  While many law students do survive to make the world a better place - or at least vote Democratic - for every hundred good-hearted lawyers there is a Voldemort.  A company like Chevron can afford to employ seven or eight Voldemorts when attempting to delay a $6 billion dollar judgment in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  Luckily enough, there is a Harry Potter in the jungle and a Dumbledore too.


Do you think a pool of oil in your backyard could give you cancer? (Hint: Chevron says no)

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