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Examining the US Senate race, Sen. John Kerry today endorsed Sen. Arlen Specter for re-election in his hotly contested primary with Joe Sestak.
Kerry, the 2004 Presidential nominee said that issues relating to Rep. Sestak's military service are for the media to investigate:

"I cannot serve as a referee. That's an issue for the candidates to address and the media to investigate."

Sen. John Kerry urges the media to investigate the issue about Rep. Sestak being relieved of duty due to poor command climate.  Sestak says Specter's commerical is a lie despite a 2005 Navy Times article written
well before Sestak even decided to run for Congress.

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Picture in the trib about the employees protesting Walmart today. Good for them, everyone deserves jobs with justice, including Walmart employees.

Walmart's massive Betty Dukes discrimination suit is in the process of heading to the SCOTUS for review:

What makes me sick about Walmart and this whole discovery about Sestak, is the lack of dignity Walmart profiteers and executives openly treat their employees with.

The old additive is true... if you run a SCAB operation and are a SCAB boss... you'll get poor results and poor morale. Walmart is the epitmony of corporate greed and corporate welfare.

Alcoa CEO (and former treasury head) Paul ONeill recently spoke about the dignity of valuing employees and treating them
right. It is an important lesson that I think we should all take from:


Should Joe Sestak have stopped profitting off of Walmart's corporate welfare system?

60%25 votes
39%16 votes

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So, on Joe's twitter feed he announced that he was having a major campaign speech last night.

"Giving a speech tomorrow night at American University in D.C. with Richard Clarke. Check it out and invite 5 friends: "

However, it turns out that the "major speech' was not held at American University and received "less than major" coverage. If fact, it was such a dud that Sestak deleted the post.


Should Sestak release his records and end this matter once and for all?

72%16 votes
27%6 votes

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Tue Apr 27, 2010 at 11:58 AM PDT

Obama rallies Dems for Arlen Specter

by dwjess55

As Democrats, we need to be what the Republican party is not... a big tent party. It is important both for Pennsylvania and to President Obama that we elect Sen. Specter to keep fighting for Pennsylvanians.

We will be successful in the Fall ultimately only by coming together. A failure to do so would make us no better than the Republicans in that regard. That said, and as the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Philadelphia Inquirer recently concluded by endorsing Arlen Specter, Senator Specter is our most qualified and viable candidate to take on neo-con Pat Toomey.

Here is the President's letter I just received supporting Specter's re-election. Be sure to tell a friend and sign up today to give us a chance to defeat Pat Toomey in the Fall!

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Vile State Senator Jane Orie-Melvin, the 3rd most powerful Republican in Pennsylvania has been indicted on charges of using her district office in Allegheny County to conduct political campaign work for her sister, recently elected PA Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie-Melvin.  The Melvin girls, according to the charges have been accused of defrauding Pennsylvania state taxpayers of $74,000 in services according to a grand jury.

"Justice" Jane... helped her sister, Right wing extremist Joan Orie-Melvin defeat Jack Panella, an excellent candidate in the November 2009 Supreme Court race.  Orie Melvin is certain to become "Gerrymandering Joan" when the 2012 re-districting comes up.  

Its pretty bad when your Chief of Staff rats you out, but in this case Im willing to given Orie's Chief of Staff the medal of honor.

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Today brought some great news for the re-election campaign of Senator Arlen Specter (D PA) as he won endorsement of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, the powerful umbrella union which has over 900,000 members in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The AFL-CIO met with each candidate seperately before making its decision.

Specter has been endorsed on numerous previous occasions by the AFL-CIO and has a track record as both a Democrat and Republican as being there for working families according to AFL-CIO President Bill George:

"In our opinion Senator Arlen Specter is the strongest advocate and supporter for good jobs, fair trade policies, workers’ rights and quality affordable health care for all," state AFL-CIO president Bill George said in a statement. "He is a proven leader who has stood with working families when the chips are down, especially his key role in passing the American Recovery and Reinvestment of 2009 which has protected jobs, helped unemployed workers, and prevented this nation from sinking into another great depression.


Do you view the AFL-CIO endorsement as influential on the PA Sen race outcome?

83%60 votes
16%12 votes

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Jason Altmire, according to failed to gain the endorsement for Congress for PA-04 from the Westmoreland Democratic Committee yesterday at their annual endorsement convention at Greensburg Salem High School.

Now the sad catch for him is... he is running unopposed according to pa2010.  This is very symbolic of the ramifications that Rep. Altmire could face in gathering local support in his re-election effort against Mary Beth Buchanan if he votes "No" today on Health Care reform. One thing is pretty clear however, Altmire is not going to receive support either way from the Republicans, who are going to vote for Buchanan regardless if he does or does not support the bill.  Westmoreland endorsed Jack Wagner for Gov, Arlen Specter for Senate and Scott Conklin for Lt. Gov.


Should Altmire ignore the "Westmoreland Warning"?

7%12 votes
92%141 votes

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Interesting article on Rep. Joe Sestak's decision to challenge the real working class Joe, US Senate candidate Joe VodVarka from Allegheny County in an attempt to get him kicked off of the May 18 primary ballot, which also includes leading incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter.  

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Senator Arlen Specter's polling position is showing signs of solidification as Pennsylvania is just two months away from the Democratic primary to be held on May 18th.  

The DailyKos poll, conducted by Research 2000 is relatively consistent with the results of the Quinnipiac polling and has Specter leading Toomey 47% to 41%.

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Today, ran a story, which focused on Joe Sestak and his poor payment of staffers.  According to the article, there is Sestak's relatives pay grade and well.... everyone else.

In fact, the gross pay differential was revealed after several months of speculation as to why Sestak would not hire a professional campaign manager, and why he has instead decided to stick with his relatives.  At the same time, several staffers have left the campaign and including a former key player in Sen. Mark Warners campaign.

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This weekend in Lancaster, state committee members came out from 66 of 67 counties to cast their endorsement vote for US Senate and Gubernatorial candidates despite a major snow storm that has shut down much of the state.  

Friday evening included a Roast and Toast honoring Governor Rendell for his eight years of service with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  Senators Casey and Specter, as well as Congressman Brady and AFL-CIO leader Bill George were on the stage to Roast the Governor in front of a large crowd. Everything was good from the ham to the cold Yuengling overflowing the glass.

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Days before the election, Democratic leaders such as Bill Clinton, John Kerry, President Obama, and even our newest Democrat Sen. Arlen Specter sent emails encouraging folks to help Martha Coakley, who I thought was a wonderful candidate.  I liked her because she would be one tough cookie on Wall Street and was an advocate for a national consumer protection agency. Now, Massachusetts and the country is stuck with Scott Brown... the clown, who will probably vote to kill healthcare reform amongst other things in President Obama's agenda.

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