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Officially - clinton just signed a lease for her presidential campaign headquarters in brooklyn heights.

this is breaking news on cnn this morning - so - let the political games begin!

I'm supporting her - i like her - i would like to see her in the white house - i WANT a woman in the white house in my generation and i think she is the candidate who can win it for the democratic party in 2016!

Let the fun and games begin!


are you willing to vote for clinton if she is the nominee?

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9%20 votes

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she was so proud to receive this two weeks before she died - all of the medical staff came to ask if they could see her picture!  
she died just a few weeks shy of 94 - full of passion still... strongly opinioinated and definitely an "alpha".

she and dad are why i am who i am today - why i do the things i do today.

we don't "lose" them - we carry them with us in every action, every choice we make.

mom and her love of animals influenced my spending the last year working to bring piper, the sheltie, home to her mom.  piper, missing since april 17, 2014, is now in the midst in a major court battle with the rescue who is refusing to return her to her mom.  i can't imagine standing by and not doing something.  that wasn't how i was raised.  it's not something my parents would have accepted as "ok"

it's impossible to talk about mom and not talk about dad - they were married 42 years - never looked at anyone else - for mom, even after dad died, she never considered a life with anyone but him.  they were truly "one"  (but they could argue with the best!  passionate and committed - dad a republican (old school honorable one) and mom a democrat... they used to laugh about cancelling each other out at the polls!)



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Sat Feb 07, 2015 at 01:22 PM PST

closing down my etsy shop

by edrie

a number of reasons are in play here - so let me give you my reasons for this.

on the personal level - my hands are not functioning at anywhere near full capacity - so my jewelry making days are hampered... and for that, i owe several kossacks major apologies for taking so long to fulfill their orders - jakedog42, mnemosyne and zenpaws - you were patient beyond reason - thank you so much!

now, everything sitting in my shop is completed already before i face yet another surgery on my left hand to try to remove the scar tissue from the incompetent negligence of the physical therapist who was "too busy" to schedule the work mandated by my surgeon after the intitial joint replacement (tip:  NEVER schedule elective surgery right before a major holiday!).

last january, my hand was put through a "forced bending" to try to see if i could regain use - it didn't work.  if this next procedure (to be scheduled sometime after may 19) doesn't work - i'm looking at both joint replacements being redone.  

in the meanwhile, my right hand is slowly getting less functional - that one SHOULD have been done first as it was the worst - thankfully, at the last minute, i decided to do the left one.  

okay - that's the physical reason to shut down the shop - or put it in hiatus.

now the OTHER reason:  etsy has become the new version of ebay.  and we, the artists and crafters have been played.

come over the fold for a fuller explanation:


if you have an etsy shop...

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Wed Dec 31, 2014 at 02:06 PM PST

may 2015 bring you happiness and joy

by edrie

as 2014 comes to an end - that is really all i can say - to wish everyone a better 2015.

filled with hope:

hope that piper finally comes home
hope that there is justice for my mom
hope that there is justice, period.

hope that i'm not just being pollyanna to a world that never changes.


we need it.


Wed Oct 29, 2014 at 08:27 PM PDT

giants win series 3-2!

by edrie


no text needed! WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!


The Case over Champion Show Dog, Legacies Pipe Dream (Piper) is now set for a Pre-Trial Hearing on Oct. 24, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.  For those of you missed the first diary about Piper, here is the link to "Ever had a pup lost or stolen? BEWARE of "rescue" groups".

When Champion Legacies Pipe Dream (Piper) escaped from of the fenced yard in Columbus, Ohio on April 17, 2014 (Easter weekend) while staying with a caretaker, Veronica Covatch (her breeder and co-owner) was at the American Shetland Sheepdog Club's National Specialty Show at Purina Farms in Missouri. Piper was picked up by the Franklin County Animal Shelter and subsequently turned over to Penny Sanderbeck, the director of Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue (COSR) before her caretakers or owners could locate her. 

Less than 24 hours after Piper landed at the COSR, Covatch called Penny Sanderbeck to reclaim her dog.  Covatch provided Sanderbeck with Piper's AKC Registration and numerous other forms of identification plus supplying Piper’s Microchip information (which was also listed on both the Shelter intake form and on the transfer paperwork to COSR), but Sanderbeck refused to return Piper claiming not to know who the "real" owner was.  Covatch offered to provide (at her own expense) DNA testing of the Dam and Sire and of Piper to prove that Piper was, indeed, her dog.  Sanderbeck refused to respond and refused to return Piper. Negotiation attempts between the National Sheltie Rescue Network  (represented by Jim Melton) and Sanderbeck/COSR failed to convince Sanderbeck to return Piper to her owners, resulting in the National Sheltie Rescue Network and the American Shetland Sheepdog Association severing ties with COSR/Sanderbeck.

Over the next weeks, when asked for proof by COSR/Sanderbeck's attorney, John Bell,  Covatch provided Proof of Ownership in the form of AKC registration, Vet Records, Microchip information and more through her attorney.  Piper still was not returned.

Please join me over the fold to see where this case is so important, where it is headed and why - especially as this affects every single pet owner who might ever have a pet lost or stolen!


Do you trust Microchips to help recover your lost or stolen Pet?

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5%8 votes
61%97 votes
8%14 votes
3%5 votes
10%17 votes

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These were the words of a son who just lost his mother - and he was at a loss for how to say how he felt...

Adam Meredith continued... "... I don't know."  As he struggled to try to explain the last days of his mom's life, her losing her battle to cancer in such a very short time from knowing to dying, he continued, "She [Sanderbeck] took something from me... and out of my karma and my soul, I wanted to do something for my momma, so I let her say goodbye to her - I feel I did the right thing for my mom and at the end of the day, it is all about my mom and not me..."

After a pause, Adam continued, "This is about proving this woman is a bad woman and it's time for justice to prevail."

This author came to this story during the diaries I've been writing about Piper, the Champion Sheltie being held hostage by Penny Sanderbeck/Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue.  

From the first diary about Ch. Legacies Pipe Dream, Piper, owned by Veronica Covatch, this story has taken such sad and disturbing twists with the story of Piper and the Meredith family merging into much bigger ones yet to be resolved for either family.  Covatch and Piper are currently winding through Civil Court while the Merediths have yet to have their case brought before the Court, be it civil or criminal.  What is strange is how the players in these two very different situations overlap and intertwine in a manner that causes so much grief.

On July 12, via private message, Arron Meredith reached out on Dailykos after this diary appeared on July 11, piper still needs your Help - and so do ALL dogs who fall into the abyss

During the following weeks, I had the opportunity to interview both Arron and Adam to learn more about Sanderbeck, the Meredith's tragedy, as well as finding some of the missing pieces in the Piper story.

What happened to bring so much pain and sorrow into the sadness already born of losing their mother. How did the little dog Piper become entangled into the lives of the extended family of Cheryl Meredith. Who could be so callous to cause such hurt to both the Merediths and to Veronica Covatch and all those who are following these disfunctional situations.  And how does this interweave with the lost Champion Sheltie called Piper who is still missing after more than four months!

The Meredith's story is of two young men who lost their mother far too soon while someone was there reaching into darkness to steal and commit acts that caused unbearable pain and anguish during that time of great loss.   That same person who so cruelly abused the trust of a dying woman and her family also ensared Veronica Covatch and her dog, Piper, into the same web of deceit.  This is a story that connects through twists and turns a family's loss of a loved parent to one lost sheltie whose mom is desperately trying to bring her dog home.  This, however, is not JUST the actions of one person, for the same names keep appearing across the police reports and documentation of BOTH stories - showing a much wider conspiracy that continues to bring grief and suffering without reason - it is here, the question remains:  why?

Please come beneath the fold - and share the sorrow and sadness - for this can and does happen more often than we want to believe. This is one snapshot in time where lives cross and stories mingle to show that evil spreads - and envelopes all who are pulled into the vortex.

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I received the following press release today from the attorney for Veronica Covatch, the owner of a Champion Shetland Sheepdog, Legacies Pipe Dream.  Piper (her family name) is being held hostage by Penny Sanderbeck, the director of Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue, Inc.  This press release was sent to me because of the prior interest on this site when the story of Piper first came under scrutiny.  (when you do a google search on Penny Sanderbeck and Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue, the dk posts are the first to appear.)

Press Release

Rescue Holds Pup Hostage

A companion animal is being held hostage. Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue and its director
Penny Sanderbeck refuses to return lost dog to rightful owner! On July 28, 2014 Veronica
Covatch filed a Complaint for Replevin and Conversion action in the Franklin County Municipal Court, in Columbus Ohio, against COSR seeking the return of her beloved dog known as Piper. Case Number 2014-CVF-024571. Even though the rescue had claimed that part of its mission is to reunite dogs with their owners and even though many documents, photos, and microchip identification has been supplied to COSR, legal action was filed after the rescue rejected numerous pleas to reunite Piper with her rightful owner. Owner, Vernoica Covatch and her supporters believe that the COSR refusal is due to the fact that Piper is not only a healthy loved companion but also a valuable AKC champion show dog. They feel that the director’s own interest may have something to do with the Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue refusing to reunite Veronica with her beloved companion. She hopes that the court filings will Bring Piper Home.

Released by

Cohen Law Offices
Lloyd D. Cohen
Attorney at Law
824 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43206
Phone: (614) 444-4211 Email:

Photo and comment is from the internet fund raising site, saying,

Piper is the reason.... we will continue on.... she is not home yet, and we will not stop until she is. Thank you ALL.

Piper’s Owner Veronica Wagner Covatch, 1589 Motten Road, Punxsutawney, PA (814) 938-4091

Piper’s Co-Owner, Michelle Wilson, 70 W Chester Street, Apt C., Norwalk, Ohio (419) 681-4891

Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue, director Penny G. Sanderbeck, HQ located at 2266 Majestic Place, Columbus, Ohio 43232 (614) 578-0921

What SHOULD have been a happy story of a lost dog found and reunited with her owners has turned into a battle followed closely by pet owners all across the nation.  As first written about in these diaries, (ever had a pup lost or stolen), Piper's story continues... and when the wisdom of solomon is not enough), the story seemed to be a simple dispute over who really “owned” this champion shetland sheepdog, Legacies Pipe Dream (Piper).  The debate seemed clear and with the stated purpose of Penny Sanderbeck and Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue, Inc as "to reunite lost dogs with their owners" where ever possible (indeed, the rescue was founded over the return of a lost sheltie to his owner), the outcome seemed simple.  Veronica Covatch would get her dog back safe and sound!

However, that is far from what is happening - and now, this issue has moved beyond one single dog into a crusade to help Veronica Covatch recover the pup she bred, loves and who sleeps in her bed with her. That bed has been empty for over three months now and the only resolution to this sad situation will be in a Court of Law!  

Please come below the fold to see more information on why this is so important to ALL of us and what is now involved in the recovery of Ms. Covatch's beloved Piper.


have you ever had a pet go missing?

58%286 votes
7%37 votes
3%16 votes
30%152 votes

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10:24 AM PT: just realized i should put the auction information at the top since there are less than two days left.  

Pipers Legacy, Auction#2

you might remember my original diary "ever had  pup lost or stolen?" about a little sheltie who escaped the yard where she was visiting over easter.  she was picked up in columbus, ohio, taken to the local shelter then turned over to a local "rescue" (central ohio sheltie rescue".  

when the owner, who was at the sheltie nationals, found out, she immediately called and was given the phone number for penny sanderbeck's "rescue" - she called in less than 24 hrs of sanderbeck taking Piper thinking how wonderful her little girl was safe and that she would be picking her up the same day to bring her home.

it hasn't happened that way.

for some inexplicable reason, despite proof of ownership being provided (INCLUDING the confirmation by the implanted microchip that is listed both on the shelter intake form AND the release form to central ohio sheltie rescue, penny sanderbeck has and is refusing to return this champion show dog.

NO one can understand why!  even the national shetland sheepdog association has tried to get sanderbeck to return this dog - but she refuses.  

so - it has now moved into the courts.  the owner, veronica covatch, loves her dog and wants her home.  sanderbeck won't budge.  NONE of this makes sense - not one single reason has been given for keeping this dog other than people on the internet said mean things about sanderbeck so she won't return the dog.

the little girl in the middle is piper - she NEEDS your help!!!

why should you care and why should you help?  come across the squiggle and i'll explain...

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this is a very quick diary to let all the woozle and pootie lovers know that piper is still being kept from her family - the negotiations have moved from concerned rescue groups trying to help resolve this to negotiations between lawyers.

it is ongoing...

if you would like to help, today starts an auction of all things dog to help raise funds for the piper's legal team - why?  because this could be ANY of us who owns and loves a pet!

the facebook page "BRING PIPER HOME" is where items are being listed for auction starting today - and there is also a gofundme page, as well.

any funds NOT used when piper comes home will be put into a trust to assist any dog/cat owner who faces this horrible situation in the future - NO monies are going for personal enrichment!

here are the links:


here is thePIPER BRING ME HOME GOFUNDME page if you'd like to help here, too!


how can i help?

31%10 votes
9%3 votes
43%14 votes
12%4 votes
3%1 votes

| 32 votes | Vote | Results

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10:24pm  THANK you all!  my etsy shop will live another day!  and i've got enough to make it through the coming days!  <3 you are all the BEST!

i owe $14 in fees and if it isn't paid today, my account will be suspended.

so, if you were thinking of anything, do it today while you can - then i can pay the fees and keep it going.

here's the link -EdriesShop on Etsy

i'll delete this diary after it is either "saved" or gone...

thanks, folks - a little tight here right now...  ;)


am on the phone with fineena and she has moved into her new HOME!  she and da pups are enjoying their new digs!

she is asking me to thank you and said she would do so on her own except that she spilled a cuppa coffee onto her computer keyboard and now it speaks alien!

this is AWESOME!

will update more when i get more news!

in the meantime, she says a huge THANK YOU, KOSSACKS!!!

the pups are running gleefully up and down the fence in their new summer doo's - and when we get pictures,  i'll post them....

you DID it - ALL of you! i love the great orange satan!

PICTURES here! below the orange fence!



48%34 votes
51%36 votes

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