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Hi all.  I’ve not seen this posted before.
Rebekah Erler, the Minnesota woman The Prez spotlighted in the SOTU is getting beaten up from the Rush and the right.  Not as bad as Sandra Fluke, so Rush just may have learned a little bit from that experience.  (I won’t link to Rush, find it yoursef if you feel so inclined).

See the Minneapolis Star Tribune article “Twin Cities couple highlighted in Obama's speech find spotlight can be harsh”,  and hundreds of comments here:

“Talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh called Erler a “Democratic campaign operative,” and a “fake.” On Thursday, she scrolled through dozens of Facebook and Twitter messages from strangers repeating those charges, telling her she should be ashamed of herself....
Between the two of us looking at our phones, all we’re seeing is that she’s a political operative and a person that is not real, as if our life is somehow made up just to participate in this thing,” Ben Erler said…”

For Chrisssake, she was essentially a paid intern eleven years ago in her first job out of college knocking on doors for Patty Murray’s Senate campaign. With a degree in political science!!!!  Who would have thought someone with a PolySci degree would work for a spell in…..   Politics!  OPERATIVE!!!!

Rebekah does have a sense of humor, though…

“I was, like, basically a paid intern for five months, 11 years ago,” Erler said. “The idea that I was some sort of political operative is like calling the mail sorter at Microsoft a chief strategic officer. I mean it’s ridiculous.”

It is heartening to see so much support for the Erlers in Strib comments, but this knee-jerk reflexive attack they are under is sad, yet predictable.  
There are very many nice and well “liked” comments, though.  Here’s a supportive one from furside on the Strib website, “Tonights board gives me hope. Mostly positive, supportive responses for the Erlers and shaming of the trolls. Hopefully we can flip this disgusting, hate-filled aberration in a couple of years.” (Referring to Rush, I believe)

The negative comments are very predictable.  Get your education and good job before you have kids, pull yourself up, no one gave me anything, I don't want to support you with my tax dolllars, socialism, nanny state, "why did she write the President", stage props, new give-aways, reduce the barriers to competition, sacrifice, community divider, OBAMACARE, capitalism and the constitution, and of course, the perennial favorite, "Obama is the most corrupt, incompetent, and criminal President in our history."  

Theirs is a great story...  Good kids, mean well, try hard, persevere, have setbacks, briefly hit the safety net there for us all, and they get back on their feet.  What is there to hate about that?  

Hey Boner- Plan B is a pill used after SEX to prevent implantation.


Who does the prework for these people???

If we do get "Plan B"ed, then the side effects are:

"some degree of nausea, dizziness, breast tenderness, headache, or fatigue. These typically do not last more than a day, and can be eased with medications like Dramamine for nausea. There may also be some menstrual effects, such as unexpected bleeding or an irregular next period."


I’ve got a former work colleague of the wingnut variety, who despite our differences, we became friends and enjoyed each other’s company, in an "I'm the smartest guy in the room", "no I am" sort of way.  By all outwards appearances and the professional results he’s achieved, he’s a pretty competent operations manager.  Interpersonally at work, he says enough of the right things to get along with most.  His world view is solidly on the right of the Republican party, and of course he’s got all the Focks news talking points down.

A few months back, I started to taunt him about the obviously near-inevitable reelection of BHO, just to see what I’d tease out of him.  Infused with the DKOS Collective intelligence (since I visit many times a day, have been happily assimilated and now possess much of the Collective’s knowledge), I peppered him with reality-based emails about the election.  Below are some strings that I kept for fun…  He’s italicized, (and now marginalized!!!)

I figure that my fellow kossacks have better emails in your email “deleted” files, so, ala "Hate Mail-a-palooza", please reply and add yours!  Some of mine are below the orange-infinity-sign-gone-wild (and Rococo) !!!

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Fri Feb 12, 2010 at 08:20 PM PST

Stupid GOP tricks in St. Paul

by eflos

Oh those silly repubs.. This week in St. Paul, MN at our state capitol, the phones in the desks of our DFL state senators started ringing during debate of a bonding bill.  The calls came from outside lines (as opposed to what the phones are usually reserved for, which is conferring senator-to-senator during session).   Turns out that someone gave a confidential list of Senate numbers to GOP phone thugs who called "citizens", told them about how horrible the bill was and asked them if they wanted to talk to their tax-raisin' DFL senator.  If they said yes, they were tranferred right to the DFL Senator's phone on the floor of the senate.  Bullies- 15 calls got through.  Not a lot, but it is the number of slimy tactics that you think can't get slimier, then they do.  

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Mon Aug 04, 2008 at 04:08 PM PDT

The RNC 2000 platform. Plan? What Plan?

by eflos


For all of those making baseless attacks on Barack as inexperienced and a man with no plan, I thought it would be useful to go back to the public face of the "PLAN" that GWB Inc. dangled in front of the American Public in 2000.  The 2000 RNC Platform.   Reading this makes one realize that everything that they criticized Clinton for, GWB has hosed up in spades.  

It is one of the most stunning pieces of literature ever written. (link at bottom) Don't read too much of it.  You'll get ill.  Similar to the Monty Python Funniest Joke in the World.  If you read too many words of it, you'll die.  

In June of 2004, Maureen Farrell did a bang-up job chronicling the "flip-flops" that the first four years of GWB brought us.  It is here...

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