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Glad to hear Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment will be changed to the so-called Chained CPI.  Now the latter will chain the elderly, disabled veterans, and younger disabled who all paid into this federal insurance (fought for by FDR's Francis Perkins, who was sent 'a love letter' by Lawrence O'Donnell you really should find somewhere from his last week's TV show on her birthday of April, 1880)...will chain to the downwardly 'choice' from healthy foods to say, cheaper cat food.  False choice; real chains.

There are laws stopping hidden billionaires', including GE, hiding in tax havens.  There are no stopping billions of our money transferred to Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Agribiz.  There is nowhere real recompensation nor justice for illegally foreclosed homeowners from our govt regulators who gave Big & Bailed-out banks a new bailout at loss to citizens whose homes were stolen by the pens of the banksters' hired robo-signers.  

Payroll taxes went up on the struggling without a whisper of President's protest, while only Bush's taxes expired after O'Bama's bs cave to a 1-year extension on all Bush gifts to only be taken from those super-wealthy of $450K income and up.

Then I understood last week why O'Bama seemed so speechless and agreeable with Rawmoney in that 1st debate:  The Pres couple paid 18% tax on a combined $400K + $250K book royalties.  So he gave his 5% salary in 'solidarity,' eh?  Solidarity with super-rich, maybe; certainly I see no solidarity with Sequester that throws kids from Headstart and takes milk from babies in the devestated Women, Infants and Children Program.

I'll conclude harshly finally with what I should have said long ago: O'Bama fooled me twice to vote for him rather than just revolt against the whole undemocratic system we've descended into.  It's this:  We voted for the wrong man if we wanted change & hope (plus an African-American we thought would rise above racism.)  We should have voted for someone who worked beside ML King, and knew 1st-hand the fight for civil rights.  I saw Reggie Jackson weeping at O'Bama's Inauguration; I don't think all those tears were joyous.  Probably Barbara Lee would have made a much finer President of We The People, in my chastened hindsight.

Harshly, too:  Let's not make another mistake by electing Hilary, who forgives Bill like we forgive him for DEforming Welfare: Hilary followed all the rules, sure.  Those rule are reward with riches and revolving doors.  President Elizabeth Warren is the woman we need. Let's work for her now if she'll run.  

Also support Al Grayson, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Barbara Lee, and Al Franken.  Research The Balancing Act, The People's Budget, The Progressive Caucus.

Bipartisanship speaks with forked tongue.


Wed Mar 27, 2013 at 08:17 AM PDT

Define Civil Right(s)

by elboomerbabe

Listening right now to C-Span3 on marriage equality by three Georgetown law professors, I must add that The Supremes should rule in favor of marriage rights for all that therefore includes same-sex people is a matter of time being of the essence.

My previous diary, Define Marriage, was not clear enough:  Same-sex individuals have the same Constitutional right under equal treatment under the law as me or you.  That is what The Supreme Court has an obligation to affirm for all 50 states.  If we had waited for each state to vote against their racism to legalize inter-racial marriage or the end to segregation, we'd probably still be waiting.  Indeed, Mississippi just got around to completing its law making segregation illegal.

Race and sexual orientation are the same in that they are attributes of minorities that majorities often despise and therefore deprive of the full protection of our Constitution.  It is why our Enlightened founders included the protection of minorities in the face of this unlawful power of bigots over others by the numerical power of their prejudicial vote.

Popularity is, thank the Constitution, not necessary to be equal under the law.  My neighbor (especially in my current residence in red Indiana) need not agree with nor even like me.  What they must do is, however intolerable to their chosen faith and chosen 'facts,' know that I am protected to pursue my own pursuit of happiness.  The Bill of Rights elucidates these rights to enlighten my neighbors.  (Thank you, Enlightenment!)

Especially egregious is one of the three Georgetown professors still discussingthe topic of same-sex marriage, Edward Whelan, who is a President of Ethics & Policy, for God's (according to him) sake!

In a tossed off flippant aside, he denigrated the ruling of Roe v Wade and those that agree with that decision.  Ergo, he sees marriage equality as also outside the purview of The Supremes, and cares not a whit (or Whig?) how long it might take the other (majority) of the states to see marriage equality as a civil right. What a putz.  That's the attitude the elite always takes, whether the topic is slavery, women's suffrage, segregation, or --right this very minute on C-Span3-- the cuts that 'harm tribal health care facilities' in the stupid Sequester.

Of course, the Sequester is harming many more vulnerable fellow citizens.  How long the harm goes on doesn't hurt any like Whelan, Rawmoney, nor Paul Ryan, et. al.  Are the majority in Congress now millionaires?  Bully for them. Throw these bullies out.

I hope The Supremes see that Edward Whelan's is really bad reasoning (not to mention execrably shown comprehension that our country might be 'under God' added in our anti-Communist fever, but we are under secular law) about the current 'marriage culture' will be harmed by acknowledging the Constitutional rights of all citizens, no matter what their sexual orientation.  So, since Whelan's statement that 'decades and decades and decades' are necessary to prove whether same-sex marriages are negative or not, Edward of Ethics is OK preventing The Supremes from acknowledging the marriage rights of LGBTQ citizens. Q.E.D? Hardly.  If this were in the form of a theorem, my middle school geometry teacher would've laughed me out of his class, with a 'do over!' scrawled across it.

Whelan just repeated that 'the core component' of traditional marriage is heterosexuality so that the 'barbarians' (really) we bear are civilized by one woman and one man.  

So, Whelan of Ethics thinks our children are 'barbarians.'  He probably believes in Original Sin (deduced from what I'm hearing him say).  Push him further, and he'll reference The Bible as the basis of marriage.  If my logic is incorrect, Whelan is welcome to stoop to correct me.

Whelan also earlier asserted procreation (and the civilizing of little 'barbarians') is the sole reason of marriage. Where'd he park his time machine?  Hope he hops back aboard to have fascinating disputations in the 19th century.  Would that he were on the public stage with Mark Twain!

So I needed to write this right now as he spoke because tempus fugit now, too, with your humble writer.  Yet the weasel words of Whelan could not remain unaddressed here even by this mere state university minion, who'd minored in philosophy.  ('Love of wisdom,' Whelan:  Why not try it?)

That the entire USA must have a federal law that includes all citizens' civil right(s) to marry is the only just ruling our highest court should make.  Let's see if justice prevails...


Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 09:50 AM PDT

Define Marriage

by elboomerbabe

I just entered the above two words into Google and the few that popped up included 'opposite sex,' 'man and woman.'  I say a few because most of the search was referencing the legal 'stuff' going on as I write this.

A secondary definition states marriage is the period that the contractual agreement lasts.

There's a Biblical mishegas that I didn't pursue.

So all I want to say here before The Supremes sing some song in legalese is this:

Since we are not a theocracy based on The Bible, as much as The Bible fans pray it be so, then let's take that ostensible Word of God source of definition off the table of our revolutionary Constitution written based on The Enlightenment, shall we?

Now all we've got left is the secular and democratic choice to define marriage.

Just who and how does a free society do this?

The majority of citizens under thirty, as usual, have done so:  Gender, like race, has no place in the definition of marriage.

Let the will of the people, not the blind bias both decisions, DOMA and Don't Ask Don't Tell, persist.  Marriage is a legal contract with social and economic rights and obligations.  Any added attributes of race, gender, etc. are irrational bs rooted in accidents of history, patriarchy, and power.

Whatever narrowing, harrowing ruling The Supreme Court, the bunch that gave us Bush as President, makes today, We The People define marriage.  As Melissa Harris-Perry's dad would say, 'the struggle continues.'    


While listening to Democracy Now on freedom of press, Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, drones domestic & otherwise, et cetera, I want to exercise my 1st Amendment rights and yell at Charlie Rangel right here, now, to break that bubble of silence he keeps railing against We The People for perpetuating in his sequestered little Beltway world.

HEY, CHARLIE!  The "churches and public" you had the shamelessness to blame again today on MSNBC for being silent on The Sequester, as you previously blamed these same two entities for their silence on Paul Ryan's diabolical budget, have not been silent.  Maybe you need hearing aides contacting and listening to We the People and Nuns on the Bus (Network) and many other groups that continuously condemn it as an immoral document.

Why can't you hear the screaming, Charlie?  Are you sequestered with too many rich donors who block the sound?  How long can poor people both employed and unemployed be battered and bullied until, from sheer exhaustion, we become too hoarse, too weak to speak?   Do you have a clue, Charlie, you natty dresser you, that some of us won't ever, if we wanted to, that is, cough up the cost of one of your sharp silk ties, much less keep wasting our rent/mortgage money calling deaf Dems like you.  Do you disrespect us so, that you think we're dumb enough to throw our time away trying to get to the GOP?  

HEY, CHARLIE! CUT THE CRAP.  YOU ALL ARE NOW GUILTY OF BREAKING THE BACKS OF THOSE LOSING OUR  HEADSTART, WIC, MEALS ON WHEELS, UNEMPLOYMENT PITTANCES AND MANY MORE PROGRAMS THAT WERE KEEPING WE THE PEOPLE HANGING ON BY OUR FINGERTIPS.  Now that we're sliding down into the widening grand canyon (Grand Bargain, my ass, hungry  children should never 'share pain' with hedgefund fools; those children's pain is of a quantity and quality beyond the comprehension of those Capitalist cons) of inequity, I'll keep on yelling til most voices are swallowed up in to that Sequester silence that came nowhere near as quickly as that sinkhole that enveloped the poor sleeping man in his bed.


Didn't you hear the decades-long  screams, now probably reduced to whimpers, from the time of Clinton's Welfare DEform and SHAFTA, through the two unfunded wars and Medicare D Prescription giveaway to Big Pharma, through the killing of the public option under ACA?

The estimate is 800, 000 jobs will be lost, 'furloughed,' and we will be f*ked in one way or another with this so-called Sequester. I heard sequester means 'kidnapping' in Spanish.  Maybe it stole your ability to hear?   Maybe you're locked in one of Mittloser's "quiet rooms?"

Don't keep up your years' long pretense that you can't hear the cries of the children, the elderly, the unemployed and the religious who take the Gospels seriously.  Don't blame us for not crying, screaming, protesting, writing.  We The People have been yelling, marching, protesting since before ML King's Poor People's Campaign. If there ever were a time to re-ignite that cry for economic justice the time is now.  I guess that's one good thing the Sequester's final blow to those of US below has wrought:  When we of the 47% grow to encompass most of the US, the cries might finally be loud enough to burst your bs bubble.  Blame yourself and those cronies of yours with ears that will not hear.

And HEY, CHARLIE? If you get louder protecting earned benefits programs and raising the minimum wage and speaking up for the millions of us living in poverty, then I promise to help US get louder and support you.  Then you'll really hear US now!!  


This is the last day before draconian cuts known as the sequester destroy struggling Americans mostly on the bottom rung of what was laughingly called the social ladder.  I've just turned from the interminal coverage of the 86 year old ex-Pope's luxurious trip from the luxiurious Vatican digs to the even larger 135 acreage of the Castle Gandolfo where he'll retire in what most of the billions of people on this Earth can only dream of in their so-called afterlife some call Heaven.

Then, as often occurs in this serendippy scenerio sometimes called the real world, the biopic on Babe Ruth was just beginning with an opening scene in 1902 where the seven-year-old Babe is being handed off from the untender mercies of his Da' to the official at some religioso-run 'Industrial School for Boys.'

This child bullied by the others for his fatness finds reprieve by the talent he shows for hitting homeruns.  I switched to Democracy Now when the gate closes on him as he enters into future fame as the famed baseballer Babe Ruth.

Make of this all what you will, but I think Castle Gandolfo and its farm would serve the vision of Jesus and St. Francis as a sheltering school for our children much more honorably than as the one-man retirement pensionne of an old man wh has already had all the earthly pomp any of us truly earns.  Penance in a more Christian circumstance would surely encompass throwing those castle garden gates wide to welcome children and elderly who have had less fortunate experiences.


All the Dr. Frankensteins in Congress and the White house apparently can't love their monster.  Neither can they kill it.

With one stroke from Congress, tomorrow, the last day before their monster gobbles up struggling children, seniors, teachers and government workers, a one-line law could be written and passed to repeal the sequester.  It would never get the jolt that would make it live in all its grotesque undead mimicry of mortal being.  

It is almost midnight; almost February 28, that last day before March 1st the day when all the self-inflicted shit from all the Frankensteins' fans spews across our land, destroying almost three quarters of a million jobs.  That's in addition to eviscerating funds for kids' vaccinations, nutrition programs, baby's formulas under the WIC program to support new mothers, and on and on and on and on these deaths by a thousand cuts go on.

Will Congress prevent their own monster from wreaking havoc? Or will it take the townsfolk rising up with our pitch forks and fire once these mad doctors do nothing tomorrow and thereby allow their monster, Sequester, to prey on the unfortunate?


Publication Manager sez that I must have an Intro to get published. So consider this an Intro. (That I had to add after the body below...aarrgh.)

I'll learn the rules...eventually :)

Whether I'll happily follow them (or follow at all) is always in question.

However, tempus fugit, so f*k it.  I promised to write something here and dammit I shall. (Yes 'shall'--That'show this old notalady rolls.)

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Mon Feb 11, 2013 at 06:28 PM PST


by elboomerbabe

To continue with a musical title, I've chosen 'Lives in the Balance' for this meditation-- and crie de coeur-- on the upcoming State of the Union speech.  Lives in the Balance is sung by Jackson Browne; it is important and magnificent and relevant.  It is not new. But it does not get old.  Please return here after you've at least read the lyrics.  Thank you.


Lives in the Balance is what the subject of POTUS's SOTUS should be tomorrow night.  It should be linked to the Progressive Dems's budget they've called The Balancing Act.  

I'm sick to death of hearing about 'the economy' as if it were a brand-new topic unique to this present. While I wrote these sentences, Thom Hartman's expressing the genuine source and symbolism and value of money. That's after he read some quotes from the departing Pope. 'All are Marxist,' said Thom. Sure; no surprise: As a minister sitting across from me in a basement meeting for some volunteer event whispered across the crullers, smiling: 'Jesus was a socialist.' While I  begin to write right now (5:17P), a caller and Thom agree about the great and good merits of democratic socialism.  I can go on with such serendipitous support!

So, it's not just that 'the economy' should be the topic of tomorrow's SOTUS or that it was the focus of previous Presidential elections. (It's the economy, stupid, was Clinton's Carville construct,) It's that the stupid economy stupidly persists in stupidity perennially in every election since I've been conscious of these things. As Thom reiterated just now, the purpose of government is not to balance the budget nor keep a certain ratio of debt to GDP. Thom raises his voice:  'IF YOU WANT TO CUT THE DEBT, GROW THE FRIGGIN GDP!'

What does government and We The People owe to ourselves?  (We are (supposed to be) the government; why can't we get that concept clear already?)  Don't stress about what we owe to ourselves, dear readers, our fine founder, another Thom, wrote that answer down:  It is just this: 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.'  Very few today would have either the imagination or the audacity (of hope, indeed) to write these words together to tell US of A what We The People owe to each other via the vehicle that makes US stronger together (unionized, you secessionist putzes! Just GO already!): our democratic government.  

Since there are over 300 millions of US, it's more manageable to have representatives in the House and Senate in different proportions. That's what the GOP likes to stress; that we're a REPUBLIC.  The democracy, the demos, is what they con US into minimizing. That's how Rove, the Kochs, the not-so-smart ALEC's cronies think they'll steal our country from us who dare demand what our Constitution promises US: unalienable rights that make us equal by being a country of laws, not royalty by heritage nor piles of Mittens money.

Even in that Capitalist boardgame sine qua non (that was born as a Socialist game, Landlord! Yeah, they steal and twist everything. Oh, hell yes they do!) Monopoly, all the players start out with equal amounts of money.  Why O Why don't we get back to basics, indeed, and reboot our entire economy?  FDR did. 'I welcome their hatred!' that great rich man said concerning the jibes of the Capitalist Class (but of the 'CON persuasion) of which he was a member by birthright.  But he and enlightened Eleanor knew the right wing 'CONs were wrong.  Our current GOP Capitalists know themselves well in only this (and are correct):  You don't compromise with THEM.  FDR knew that. We need a Neo-New Deal, if you will. We need a President and Congress in 2016 who will want to do our will.

But for now: The State of our Union Speech will be presented by a Cosby kind of reassuring man. I did vote for him when I had the intense audacity of hope for real change. I voted the second time to save US from a nightmare.   President O'Bama is much too moderate for me.  I think he has wasted all our precious time trying to compromise with 'CONs.  

They are so deluded and DeMent demented that they think they're Christians as they take food from the mouths of babies by cutting such programs as WIC. They had a big pig part in twisting Clinton into passing Welfare DEform.  (The horror of being unable to find a living wage for her family of three growing girls forced my good friend then into such a frenzy of wage slavery, that she dropped dead at the age of 54, found dead on the floor of the local bookstore here where she worked one of several jobs.  The coroner said it was hard to call a cause, but he went with a brain aneurysm.)  I say it was a blow by the Ayn Rand RepubliCONS that are Legion...and may always be among US.

Now they want whatever's left to take from what We The People still have of The Commons and what, these 'CONS disparagingly call it all, incorrectly with pants on fire, Entitlements.

On second thought, let's take back what the 'CONS are taking from US with their Orwellian perversions, and call these rights proudly what we are Constitutionally Entitled to.  These are, indeed, Entitlements of what FDR called the Second Bill of Rights:  our healthcare, our education, our TV and radio and Internet waves, our heating and cooling, our clean water, air; plants, animals, and land that thrive sustainably and are accessible to all.

This should be a sustainable and democratic economy.  Worker-owned co-ops should be the models, not hedgefund gamblers with golden sack sand minimal tax. The welfare that deforms US all are the billions given to Big banks, oil, pharma, and agribiz.  Indeed, Mittens was correct:  We do think we're Entitled to health, housing, food, 'and whatnot.'  Our founding fathers were radically humane enough to include those in the Constitution.  As is the USPS because they thought free speech needed the USPS to be, indeed, as free as possible.  Men like Mittens are not entitled to take that from US.  He can build all the car garages (if in accord with our building codes!) his tiny little heart desires.  And we know what the Buddha thinks about desires.

Adequate healthcare, food, housing, education, and good stewardship of our natural world are all without which, you Robber Barren barons, we cannot have what our Constitution mandates the government, our democratic society, must provide: 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Then we are obligated to take care and contribute to that society when it is truly ours:  the democratic government that proportionately represents all the citizens, and struggling loyal visitors, as well.  Eventually the rights of our fellow creatures who are of other species will be honored.  A just society would have an economy that accurately includes the huge debit that desecration of Nature subtracts from true value(s).

Poverty is the only state that our state of the union should immediately wage war upon. We must all refresh ourselves with 'The Cross of Iron' speech by a Republican who was not a crony of these 'CONs.  He warned us of the stranglehold of the 'military-industrial complex' whose every armament for murder kills our very own and all children's present and future.  Ike knew that the enemies are the thieves and greedy fear-mongers who keep people ensnared in poverty and this Earth in a constant state of wars, want, fear, degradation, and pollution with their depravity. For the wages of sins, like greed and theft, is death.  We should not continue to allow our economy to continue to be a stupid economy.  We cannot sustain such stupidity.  I will note that a very stupid 'CON recently said his GOP cannot continue being 'the stupid party.' I'll leave that rare honesty just twinkle there for US all.  Our very lives depend on the extent to which our economy becomes truly  ecoLogical as well as equitable.

Let's support the Progressive Dems' Caucus's budget priorities called The Balancing Act.  Really. You can imagine my surprised delight when i heard this after choosing my title.  Most good and right Entitlements and priorities I'd gathered from diverse sources are included in this fine Act.  Lives in the Balance + The Balancing Act = one happy lefty blue-green writer!

So, tell Paul Ryan and Rotten Rand Paul:  Inequity, desperation, fear, social and political exclusion, bullying by a student or Rush Limbaugh is destructive to our democracy and our psyches.  You souless slime are guilty crimes against humanity.  

Dear readers, tell the 'CONS who are all Koched up (and their crony Dems, too):  If you want to keep your corrupted crony Capitalist ill-gotten spoils, you must deal the rest of US in at the level beyond hunger, preventable disease, and homelessness. You owe US. The banks should not be too big to fail.  We The People are too big and valuable to fail.  And you're right, Right: Compromise with you selfish scum is not acceptable to We The People who you've left to starve, naked, Howling.

Dear fellow citizens, tell the Ayn Rand rotten Republicans (and Dems) that We The People demand and are Constitutionally ENTITLED to the minimum for all life on Earth: healthy food, adequate clothing and shelter that are the necessary prerequisites for the pursuit of happiness.  Denying US these is theft, and we believe in having the punishment fit this enormous crime.

My dear brothers and sisters of this gasping Earth, tell the polluters that with our dying breath, We The People will throw you all out.  Just watch US do it, you stupid 'CONs who've destroyed our economy.  Just watch the US of Audacity win this new civil war. We will give the red states the blues.  Minimally, we will turn you apoplectic purple.

There are lives in the balance.


Today marks my 64th year on this planet.  Since news of one's imminent death 'concentrates the mind wonderfully,' meaning only that my end is closer than my beginning, I've decided that a fine way to spend that concentrated capital of my consciousness, the only kind I've ever had, is to start writing.  Writing with the hope, that is, that others will read it, not just for my own amusement, as I've done since I was five or so.  Some of that was college work, granted; but it didn't feel like I was writing for someone  reading what I wrote.

There was one exception: an exceptional professor who taught 'Western Civ' whose last name was Knapp.  I did sweat to write to impress him.  He was so impressed that he asked what I was doing in that college (that I don't think made even the top 200 in the US).  After showing me his praise that fairly glowed on my paper and a grade off the charts, he told me I should leave school and go write. I stayed out of sheer ignorance, fear, and poverty.  I wasn't completely wrong; but neither was he totally right. Why didn't he help me while I was there?  His reply disheartened me and I never asked him for anything thereafter.  I think I even got a poor grade in the second course I took from the no-longer-perceived by-me as the so exceptional Dr. Knapp.  He'd replied he just stayed there to publish his own work.  Pity the poor, and, increasingly, impoverished students.  Pity the poor, also less well-paid today, professors that value teaching these students.

The power of my earnest quest for an ethical code I could live by ('Teach your children well/Their father's health is slowly going by...You, you along the road/Must have a code that you can live by...') was exceeded only by my inward-turning, contemplative nature-- in The Sixties, no less!  For me it was a glorious time to live with The Beatles and Motown as the soundtrack.  And it was 'the worst of times' surrounded by hundreds of thousands, even millions if we include the Vietnamese, of corpses caused by war.  TV and magazine images that surrounded us daily captured and flung back at us outraged and pleading protests in colleges and in Washington, D. C.  Eventually, 'race riots' set the still-segregated ghettos of our cities ablaze with similar yet different protests on fire with centuries of these fellow Americans' (and former slaves) centuries of pain.

Since this piece has been written without notes nor a conscious idea in my head, just to meet my self-imposed deadline to publlish something by midnight on this birthday, it shouldn't be too surprising that memories arose and not punchy political commentary.  Yet I'm still surprised, but satisfied.  I hope you are, too.

It seems to have taken on a cadence of the 19th century, though.  I did write even more a-mazing (a too-late pun alert; groan.) convoluted sentences in school.  Another teacher, exasperated and having had too-recent visceral experiences in WWII, screamed (on paper) that my 'German Romanticism' must stop!!  I was so ignorant that I felt compelled to research  that comment to find out what was so wrong with German Romanticism, at least then, in his eyes.  After, of course, I found out what the hell German Romanticism actually was.  In books.  At a library. That's how old I am.

Since this is my initial entry in the Daily Kos Diary section, I can't expect anyone to answer the following yet; but for a few days now The Beatles have been concentrated wonderfully in my mind, asking that musical question, 'Will you still love me when I'm 64?'  I hope your future comments will let me know...

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