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Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 08:55 AM PST

Give Google a Medal

by eleming

Go to the Google Home Page.  Click on the Ballot box graffiti with the ballots spelling out Google.

Fill in any U.S. address and get where to vote with a link to Google maps to get directions.

I've already used this twice for people.


Wed May 28, 2008 at 02:27 PM PDT

Lyin' SOBs in High Office

by eleming

It was not so funny about the huge uproar that the conservative media caused about a President lying about a blowjob. Calling for his impeachment and tied up the country for many months. Of course, that was because it was a moderate Democratic president.

Every since our current conservative Republican glorious leader got in office I have been unable to watch most of his speeches because I know it when he starts lying. There was a brief exception just after 9/11. But a few weeks later a massive infection of lies spread like a pandemic through out the administration. Mainly to get Saddam but about everything. Distorted and crazy reasons on why we were attacked. Lies that seemed calculated to inflame the angry country and gather power.

Now the president's press secretary admits that one of my passions that I knew to be true and tried to tell and write conservatives about was true.

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Reverend Wright was interviewed by The New York Times.

They then distorted what he had to say and used it in their smear campaign against Obama.

Reverend Wright send a letter in protest to the New York Times.  

They have not printed it.

This was from an earlier controversy a year ago and they didn't correct it then and they won't correct new articles now.

The Wright 2007 letter follows below the fold.

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That is what the LHS Associates voting results indicate.

But even Fox News secret exit polls in those areas had an Obama win.  The results of the electronic vote tabulators contradict both common sense and the secret exit polls.  They also contradict results from the hand counted areas of the state.

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Both the USS Stennis and the USS Reagan appear to be headed off the coast of Iran to join the USS Eisenhower.

Officially the USS Reagan is headed for the western Pacific to replace the USS Kitty Hawk going in for replenishments in Japan.  

However, there are both media reports and rumors that it is headed for off the coast of Iran.

Three carrier battlegroups can only mean an aircraft and missile attack on Iran.

The latest news from Hawaii is that the powerful battlefleet is headed for the Persian Gulf.

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Fri Dec 29, 2006 at 06:41 PM PST

Gay Blood in the Austin Water

by eleming

OK, my few fans live for my political gossip from unnamed sources so sit down and enjoy.

Current Texas House Speaker Craddick is up the creek and now has Republican challengers swarming out of hiding seeking his job, or at least more power, in the new Texas House.  This would not be happening unless there was a strong likelihood he doesn't have the votes to remain Speaker of the House.  However, as a prime example of the DeLay style corrupt take-no-prisoners GOP leadership, he is prepared to fight back and fight back dirty.

Rumors swirl that Texas representatives not supported him  will be outed as gays or charged with criminal acts.

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Thu Dec 14, 2006 at 02:28 AM PST

All In or All Out?

by eleming

This may not be the best post. I have a lot the say and I am going to wrap a metaphor and bad song around it.

The Bush administration seems to have been privately pushing an 80% solution in Iraq.  Throw US support to the religious Shiites and just forget the Sunnis.

The other popular consideration is the "double down" plan of building up the military and concentrating them in the short run to beat back the insurgency. This is badly named as there are barely enough available troops to increase them 15% for a few months with a big effort.

It looks like both are going to be pursued.  A better name for both of these two plans comes from a different game than Blackjack.  It is "All In" from Texas Hold'em.  

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Thu Nov 23, 2006 at 08:41 PM PST

Late Night - Fractured Christmas Carols

by eleming

Fractured Christmas Carol Number One

Lie and Die (tune - Let it snow)

Oh, the neocon's most were Marxists
Their followers now are heartsick.
For they spread their Iraqi War lies
Lie and die, my o my, stay and die.
They're showing no signs of stopping
As our brave soldiers they keep dropping
Chickenhawks in the bye
Lie and die, my o my, stay and die.

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After the UN speeches I am more convinced then ever the US is going to attack Iran. Depressing.

I have been doing a little checking my sources and putting myself in an Iranian leader's shoes.

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A somewhat misleading Time article on war with Iran does make the point that preparations for war are advancing. An example of the misleading:
There is circumstantial evidence that Iran ordered Hizballah to provoke this summer's war, in part to demonstrate that Tehran can stir up big trouble if pushed to the brink. The precise extent of coordination between Hizballah and Tehran is unknown.
There is no evidence Iran provoked and urged the Lebanon war and analysts don't believe that.  Some hard right Israelis have been using that argument to urge the US to attack Iran, much like some hard right warhawks in the administration were urging Israel to attack Syria in addition to Hizballah this summer.  

The real point of this article and similar articles appearing recently in the Israeli press is this line: "That red line, experts say, could be just a year away."  The war on Iran will happen because Bush will say he only had a short time to act before it was too late.  I will write now even more emphatically than I wrote about Bush's "pressing" reasons for invading Iraq - This is Total BS.


The US will attack Iran

27%12 votes
4%2 votes
4%2 votes
2%1 votes
41%18 votes
18%8 votes

| 43 votes | Vote | Results

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Trying to organize a boycott and opposition on Wednesday to Friday for a show that starts Sunday was asking a bit too much.

Suggest we discuss ways of contacting local stations and other media to publicize factual errors in the show, the conservative activism of the writers and the FBI consultant who dropped out.

Some thoughts on world views triggered by SF writer David Edelman's essay on greasemonkey scripts. These are FireFox browser extensions that change the content of web pages. One greasemonkey he wrote is called Brockify in a twisted homage to David Brock, the conservative to liberal media spinner. Brockify changes every use of "conservative" to "liberal" and vice versa. He is sure that greasemonkeying won't stop with the web. Relatively soon you will be able to alter your own phones or televisions to bleep or convert objectionable words. Later on you will be able to biochip yourself and run your own reality scripts. Greasemonkeying will bring all of the words you read, things you hear, and scenes you view into your own reality zone.

How much is this different than people self-selecting what they watch and listen to?


What now greasemonkey?

0%0 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
66%2 votes
0%0 votes
33%1 votes

| 3 votes | Vote | Results

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