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I wrote a diary last week asking everyone to help Kendrick Meek win the FL Senate race. Kendrick Meek wants to be the first person in history to get on the FL ballot by obtaining petition signatures from registered FL voters. If you live in Florida, or you know someone who lives in Florida, I need you to click here to download a petition, print it, and mail it in.

I need you to sign up to follow Kendrick Meek on Facebook.

And if you can spare a donation, contribute here. Donations are helpful in this "very expensive media market" state and we all know that the Republicans want this seat and are ready to do anything to get it - including spend millions.

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Thu Feb 18, 2010 at 09:48 AM PST

Want To Win A FL Senate Seat?

by Elise

I know I do, but I need your help to get the job done. Kendrick Meek needs petition signatures to get on the ballot here in Florida. If you live in Florida, or you know someone who lives in Florida, I need you to click here to download a petition, print it, and mail it in.

I need you to sign up to follow Kendrick Meek on Facebook.

And if you can spare a donation, contribute here.

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On Friday I asked you to get on the phone to your Congressperson in the diary, Grab Your Phone...We Aren't Done Yet. Our job wasn't done then and it isn't done now. I need you to call your Congressperson again today and I also need you to call your Senators.

At this point most of you know that our chances to pass health care reform are getting more and more limited. We have a few options at this point, but there's one option that would get the job done quickly and start helping millions of Americans either immediately or within a few months. We need to call everyone, but focus efforts on Blue Dogs and the Progressive Caucus.

Please call your Congressperson today and ask them to pass the Senate Bill as it is now and then tell that Congressperson (and your Senators) that you want them to pass the fixes using reconciliation.

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When we started talking about passing a health care reform bill, it seemed to me that everyone had similar goals:

  1. Insuring the uninsured
  1. More affordable health care and health insurance
  1. Improving access to health care
  1. Improving the quality of health care
  1. Regulating the insurance industry so they would stop taking advantage of consumers

I have no desire to relive the debate or the discussion. I'm here to point out one thing today - we have one opportunity to pass a health care reform bill that will address all of these issues - Pass the Senate Bill and fix it through reconciliation later.

I need you to call your Congressperson today and tell them that you want them to do that - that you need them to do that...and here are some reasons why...

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Do you have a few minutes to spare today? An hour? A few hours? Martha Coakley needs your help and all the tools you need to help are right here! We are at all hands on deck status!! We have a very limited amount of time and we need to win and we need your help to do that!!

Call Five, Keep Hope Alive

Use the OFA online tool to call five MA voters at time for Coakley and help Get Out the Vote.  You will be reaching voters who are likely to vote for us, but need that call to make sure they turn out. Every single voter you reach and remind to vote, and tell them when and where to vote, is another vote in the Coakley column. We know how much that could make the difference.

Call five voters for Coakley right now at this link:

And when you have done your five, click to get 5 more.    

Then tell all your friends, family members and anyone you can about the calling tool and send them the link.  Post it far and wide, share it on Facebook, email it to your fellow bloggers and volunteers. This is a quick and easy way to help GOTV. Leave us a comment and let us know how your calls are going!


Can you commit to helping GOTV for Coakley?

8%12 votes
1%2 votes
46%64 votes
14%20 votes
2%3 votes
2%3 votes
0%1 votes
0%1 votes
22%31 votes

| 137 votes | Vote | Results

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Back in August when the teabaggers were raging and protesting at various town hall meetings around the country, the President stopped in Grand Junction, CO to have a town hall forum of his own - on health care. He picked Grand Junction for a reason - they have some of the lowest cost and highest quality of care in the country. Grand Junction is proof that lower cost ≠ fewer benefits & poorer care. Looking at the health care debate, it's clear that the White House has been pushing the Grand Junction model. The final bill will likely include several elements of the Grand Junction model - the goal being lowest cost and highest quality of care possible.

You can see Obama's speech here. (h/t to icebergslim's blog)

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There's been a lot of discussion about the Senate bill, but I haven't seen many diaries that detail the cost controls contained in the bill. I have, however, seen many comments by people saying that there are no cost controls in the Senate bill. This is either misinformation or a misunderstanding and my goal this afternoon is to set the record straight and explain the cost controls that are in the Senate HCR bill.

I have an additional goal this afternoon - and that is to explain what we need to do next. We need to get to work quickly to make sure that the good that's in this bill stays there and that the bad that can be improved, gets improved. Now, we're not going to be able to do much about Nelson's ridiculous abortion amendment, but there are actions we can take to limit the damage. We're not going to be able to put a public option back in during conference, but there are things we can do that will change the bill in a good way that won't trigger the Nelson/Lieberman filibuster of the final conferenced bill.

So, let's get started!

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Senator Grassley isn't fit for elected office, and it isn't just because he's a Republican. Think Progress has the details, with more to be found at The Iowa Independent.

Yesterday at a town hall in Pocahotas, IA (Rep. Steve King territory), a WW2 veteran stood up and made a pretty direct threat:

"The president of the United States, that’s who you should be concerned about. Because he’s acting like a little Hitler," said Tom Eisenhower, a World War II veteran. "I’d take a gun to Washington if enough of you would go with me."

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Do you want to be an effective advocate for good health care reform that includes a public option??

If the answer is yes, please continue reading. If the answer is no, go away.

Nate has been writing quite about about the math on the Senate side. He has a post up today and he had one yesterday that included this:

It's the Senate side, though, where the public option was encountering most of its difficulties. Only 37** Senators, according to the whip count at Howard Dean's website, were firmly on board with the public option, whereas at least a few Democrats (Mary Landrieu, Joe Lieberman, Kent Conrad) had stipulated their opposition to it. (** EDIT: The information at the Dean website appears to be somewhat out of date. More recent counts show something like 43-45 Dems in favor.)

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Thu Aug 13, 2009 at 07:09 PM PDT

Top Comments: Blow Off Steam Edition

by Elise

I have been annoyed this week. I'm not going to hash out the details because then I'd rant and never stop. Instead, it doesn't matter why I've been annoyed - although I'm sure you can imagine some of my reasons...Chuck Grassley, LaRouchies, wingnuts, the fact that I hate guns but have spent the last few days thinking maybe I ought to look into some training and get one so I can protect myself and my family from the idiots threatening civil war at Tom Harkin's town hall events.

Instead of allowing myself to flip out, I've decided dancing is more productive. I thought I'd go back and look at some of my favorite videos. Add yours in the comments :-)

Let's dance...and then tomorrow let's fight for health care for everyone.

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I feel like we need a bit of a silly distraction here today because the alternative was me writing a diary ranting (again) about Chuck Grassley's ignorant tweets and inability to spell, or about how the local paper here decided it was a good idea to map section 8 housing in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, all the way down to apt. number. I can't decide if they did this to enable the racists who comment on the blog, or if they wanted to help employers discriminate against the poor. Anyway, before my brain explodes, let's move to something silly.

One of my earliest Top Comments diaries was, Top Comments: Book of Questions Edition. I thought I'd revisit that topic today to see how different my answers would be to the questions I asked and to give you the opportunity to answer some entertaining questions as well. The original diary was posted in October of 2006. Since that time, my life has changed dramatically.

Feel free to provide your own answers to the questions in the comments, or use this as an open thread. Your choice!

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You're all familiar with Robin Hood - the guy with the Merry Men who banded together to fight injustice and tyranny? The guy who stole from the rich to provide relief to the poor? The hero of the story? Contrast Robin Hood with Sheriff of Nottingham, the villain of the story. If you had to cast yourself as a character, who would you prefer to be?

I would personally choose Robin Hood. Yes, stealing is wrong, but if we're talking about levying heavy taxes on a group, I'd prefer the system we have now, a progressive tax, where the wealthier few pay more than the poor and help subsidize their costs. Chuck Grassley would prefer to cast himself as Sheriff of Nottingham. You can read the entire letter here: Robin Hood Rx Robs Small Business.

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