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This might not be the most popular opinion in the donut box, but IMO this thing ain’t 9/11 or even the American Taliban guy… this is Columbine minus even the “outcast status” excuse, at least in the case of the guy they caught. From the accounts of the younger guy’s friends and wrestling teammates I am reading/seeing/hearing, these people (esp. Dzhokhar or however you spell it) were Russian-Americans, political refugees from Russia a decade ago who saw the US as a refuge and who were at first blush SUCCESSFUL here. The older brother, Mr. America Sucks and Why Don’t I Have Any American Friends?, was a state boxing champion in MA, for cryin’ out loud. The captured younger sibling — here since age 9, even with all those scary consonants in his name — was a hit on the wrestling team, by all accounts the kind of an all-American immigrant type that celebrated being here and getting his citizenship last year.


Does the surviving Boston Marathon bomb suspect deserve Miranda Rights and the full extent of Due Process under the law?

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Wed Nov 23, 2011 at 05:45 PM PST

Poem: Hunger Is the Wiser World

by emperor nobody

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Forgive the indulgence, but I was asked to expand this to its own diary in another thread so I am gonna do it for the benefit of those that missed it and because, honestly, I think it's a fine idea. The obvious caveat that I am typically in the "most cops = brutal pigs fronting for the cowardly 1%" camp naturally applies, but as a human being I always search for solutions and an impetus of thinking beyond my own cliches and stereotypes of situations, which led me to this concept, contained here.  

This might get me flamed like grilled salmon by the more militant people here, but I think this Officer John Pike dude specifically and the Davis cops in general (as well as Chancellor Katehi, who really took it on the chin earlier with the stunning silent rebuke she received from the Davis students) are going to be getting some real (much deserved, really) bad press, and OWS should try to preemptively use the opportunity to offer him and/or other cops who have been mobilized against OWS or who are retired and sympathetic a fig leaf to save his/their reps and jobs and perceived integrity. This can be initiated by inviting, in a very public and coordinated way, their participation in a prospective summit of protestors and OWS people with cops and police people from all around the country, to attempt r'approchement with those that are willing.  This could really help shift the media narrative, which is developing into an "OWS vs. the police" typical dichotomized thing, and be almost unprecedented in the history of non-violent resistance... also serving to accentuate the point that the 99% very much includes the cops too.  I bet the police guy from Philadelphia (Captain Ray Kelly) that is a retired cop but got arrested protesting the other day at the NYSE could help put it on or develop the idea and all you'd have to do would be to find cops or ex-cops to come to the thing. This would throw a necessary and creative monkeywrench into the mass media that is hungry to cast the whole deal as cops-vs.-OWS in perpetuity, and would help serve to really drive home the truth -- of which the dissemination is crucial if we are to expand this movement in the unprecedented directions it needs to go to really succeed like we want it to -- of the police being just as much included in the 99% as anyone else, really.

A nutty idea, I know, but I ask that in this case you humor me by scrolling below the fabled Kurlycue de Kos.

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Veterans' Day always puts me in weird mood: how to appreciate the selfless service of the soldiers on the ground whilst standing firm to condemn the profiteering military/industrial/entertainment bigwigs that knowingly send these beautiful young people with limitless human potential into meatgrinder circumstances they know are unwinnable and unnecessary, such as Viet Nam and now Afghanistan, itself the graveyard of Empires large and small. Add to it that today's celebration falls upon the 11.11.11 date, with the Eleven always symbolic of our wishes and aspirations for that which we hold dearest and would like to see take place, and it gets very complex and begs for a nuanced analysis amid the traditional -- and often blanket -- statements of patriotic purpose.

Please continue with me below the Kurlicue-de-Kos.

What makes you go abroad, fighting for strangers
when you could be safe at home, free from all dangers?
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Tue Oct 18, 2011 at 06:40 PM PDT

I am the 100%.

by emperor nobody

Perhaps this is a bit too apolitical and 12-steppy for Daily Kos, but I have been thinking a lot about what we all share no matter who we are, and find myself coming to the realization that expressions of boundless Unity in times of utmost polarization can be Revolutionary acts in their own right.  Hence, this:

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Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 07:51 AM PST

Happy Sad

by emperor nobody

Gay man, 42, Oakland, California here, keeping it relatively short and as simple as the complexity of my feelings this morning allows.

I can't help but feel like the outcome of the 4 "Protect Marriage" propositions (especially the one here, where we are alleged to know better) stained the rest of what should have been an exhilirating night... when I was watching the crowds of justifiably ecstatic African American people jumping up and down on the grave of 400+ years of disgusting bigotry, it felt amazing but it didn't quite bring the sense of total surrender to the Joy that moment should have produced because I'm gay and I now live in a state -- allegedly the bastion of progressive social attitudes in the US -- that has enshrined a form of specific and malicious second-class citizenship into its Constitution that takes me and those like me to be unfit to be acknowledged as worthy of loving another human being completely.  

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Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 06:25 AM PST

do you hear the people sing?

by emperor nobody

The only thing I could see to do was to write this poem whilst I stayed up all night waiting to go vote, feeling the vibes out there on what will be, in all likelihood, the most historic day of our lifetime as a country so far.  So I am posting it now at the start of the festivities, and I hope that for someone out there it can add to the experience of their day in some small way.

Thank you for reading this and let us go do that which must be done now.

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Sat May 24, 2008 at 05:25 AM PDT

Ante-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

by emperor nobody

Yes it was horrifying as only HRC can be these days, every day in a more spectacular way, we know this.  Sad, but we know this and it's time to move on.  Perhaps tomorrow she will say that Ted Kennedy's latest bill gave her a headache or something even more tone deaf than today's extravaganza, I hope not but it could happen.  Eventually, when she becomes totally unhinged and sends her operatives to follow Sen. Obama around with a giant sound system blaring Leonard Cohen's "Joan of Arc," maybe then Al Gore or Barbara Boxer or somebody will grow some sort of spine and step in and kind of lead her, sobbing and speaking in Beltway tongues thought long-lost, into the shadows to recuperate from a Coronation gone so mind-shatteringly awry.

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Tue Feb 05, 2008 at 03:45 AM PST

to Be the Change.

by emperor nobody

We have come to the point in human history where we have to organize around our ideals in a meaningful way or this planet is toast. No, not tomorrow or 12 minutes and 37 seconds from now or whatever time frame day-to-day survival makes us focus on.  But toast nonetheless, possibly within this century, our lifetimes, who knows and who wants to know because I, you, and we don't want to go there.  

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968

Martin Luther King

Given what's been happening, we should probably all take a biiiiiiig step back in time and fall to our collective knees with gratitude that we were lucky and fortunate enough to live lifetimes that overlapped with this man.

Let us celebrate the clarity of his lasting vision and dedicate ourselves anew to working to see it through for all people, everywhere.

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I have been reading so much on here and elsewhere expressing shock and surprise that the blatant untruths we see pass for gospel in the mass media and in our culture in general can somehow be so believable to ostensibly intelligent, discerning people.  About how we can tolerate what amounts to an oligarchy (or more accurately, a plutocracy) that disguises itself cleverly as a Democracy, even though it's patently obvious to even the most casual observer that only the wealthy and connected are allowed to play in the sandbox of power.  About how the worldview choices on offer have essentially devolved down into which Italian Western you prefer, the Republican version (Prega Il Morto e Ammazza Il Vivo, aka Kill the Living and Pray for the Dead) or the Democrat version (Il Grande Silenzio, aka The Great Silence).

So now I am going to tell you why, not that it hasn't been obvious for centuries anyway.

Warning: auto-apologists for the commodity system that rules every corner of our lives, stop reading now, please.  

Everyone else may continue below the fold.

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