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This story keeps getting ickier. From

After Josh Duggar admitted to his parents Jim Bob and Michelle that he had fondled multiple minor females in his home, his parents say they were swift to move into action, and get him treatment. Only can reveal the faith-based center, founded by a controversial figure.

Radar has identified the facility as the Insitute in Basic Life Principles Training Center in Little Rock, founded by Bill Gothard. Gothard was previously accused of sexually grooming and inappropriately touching young women in his ministry, and while he was later cleared of any wrongdoing, he resigned amid the scandal.

Today, the centers claim to “strengthen individuals and families through sound Biblical teaching and character development opportunities and to demonstrate Christ’s love through serving,” according to a church website.
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strip 252 panel 1

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Chris Christie - Whoppers on the Bridge
     (illustration by DonkeyHotey)

Ruh-roh - looks like Christie is cracking. From Talking Points Memo:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) gave a speech on Wednesday full of vulgarities directed at reporters over the George Washington Bridge scandal, New Jersey's finances, and his travel history.

"We don't give a s--- about this or any of you," Christie told a crowd of 350 people at the Hamilton banquet hall on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg Politics. The event was an annual event in New Jersey which features a roast of the sitting New Jersey governor. Elected officials, journalists, and lobbyists attend the event.

The New Jersey governor said one journalist should "open your eyes" and "clean the s--- out of your ears."

"This is a guy who says he doesn't know what I'm doing every day," Christie said of another journalist according to the Bloomberg report. "Then just get the f--- away from me if you don't know what I'm doing."
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SRC0217 Jeb Bush WPI 20140320 9491.jpg
     (photo credit: Rollins College)

From Talking Points Memo:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) said Wednesday that it's "really arrogant" for people to say there's a scientific consensus on man-made climate change.

"For the people to say the science is decided on this is really arrogant, to be honest with you," the potential 2016 presidential contender said at a New Hampshire house party, as quoted by CNN. "It's this intellectual arrogance that now you can't have a conversation about it, even. The climate is changing. We need to adapt to that reality."

Bush's comments came in response to a commencement speech President Barack Obama delivered at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy earlier in the day. Obama made climate change the focus of the speech, arguing that "denying it or refusing to deal with it undermines our national security."
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UBS libor scandal
     (image courtesy of

Late-night breaking from Bloomberg:

UBS Group AG said its main unit will plead guilty to fraud in the U.S. for manipulating benchmark interest rates and pay $203 million in fresh fines after the Swiss bank violated an agreement that had allowed it to avoid prosecution.


The currency investigation led the U.S. Justice Department to scrap a 2012 non-prosecution agreement with UBS that was designed to settle an earlier probe into the rigging of the London interbank offered rate, or Libor. The deal was conditional on the bank not committing further U.S. crimes during the next two years. The foreign exchange probe began less than a year later.

It’s the first time the Justice Department has scrapped a non-prosecution agreement in the banking industry and signals its determination to crack down on repeat offenders.

UBS is the first of five global banks expected to announce settlements Wednesday with U.S. authorities over allegations of manipulating foreign exchange rates, people with knowledge of the discussions have said. Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Barclays Plc and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc will probably enter pleas related to antitrust violations, the people said.
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Bush & Cheney - Our (Former) Fearless Leaders
     (photo credit: G. Pisano)

On Hardball tonight, Chris Matthews interviewed ex-CIA Deputy Director (and Acting Director) under George W. Bush, Michael Morrell. Here is a partial transcript, courtesy of Mother Jones:

Host Chris Matthews asked Morell about a statement Cheney made in 2003: "We know he [Saddam Hussein] has been absolutely devoted to trying to acquire nuclear weapons. And we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons." Here's the conversation that followed:

MATTHEWS: Was that true?

MORELL: We were saying—

MATTHEWS: Can you answer that question? Was that true?

MORELL: That's not true.

MATTHEWS: Well, why'd you let them get away with it?

MORELL: Look, my job Chris—

MATTHEWS: You're the briefer for the president on intelligence, you're the top person to go in and tell him what's going on. You see Cheney make this charge he's got a nuclear bomb and then they make subsequent charges he knew how to deliver it…and nobody raised their hand and said, "No that's not what we told him."

MORELL: Chris, Chris Chris, what's my job, right? My job—

MATTHEWS: To tell the truth.

MORELL: My job—no, as the briefer? As the briefer?

MATTHEWS: Okay, go ahead.

MORELL: As the briefer, my job is to carry CIA's best information and best analysis to the president of the United States and make sure he understands it. My job is to not watch what they're saying on TV.

The discussion went on:

MATTHEWS: So you're briefing the president on the reasons for war, they're selling the war, using your stuff, saying you made that case when you didn't. So they're using your credibility to make the case for war dishonestly, as you just admitted.

MORELL: Look, I'm just telling you—

MATTHEWS: You just admitted it.

MORELL: I'm just telling you what we said—

MATTHEWS: They gave a false presentation of what you said to them.

MORELL: On some aspects. On some aspects.
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Dick Cheney
     (illustration courtesy of Mad Magazine)

In case you didn't yet know Cheney was recklessly incompetent. From

When presented with an actual terror threat – the one that turned into the 9/11 attacks – Cheney thought al Qaeda was bluffing.

No kidding. This is from The Great War Of Our Time: The CIA’s Fight Against Terrorism, a new book by former acting CIA director Mike Morell:

The threat reporting continued [in the spring and summer of 2001] — other pieces were titled “Bin Ladin Attacks May Be Imminent” and “Bin Ladin Planning High-Profile Attacks” — but I sensed some skepticism about it. The vice president one morning asked me whether all this threat reporting might not be deception on the part of al Qa‘ida — purposely designed to get our attention and to get us to needlessly expend resources in response.

According to Morell, who was then in charge of the daily presidential intelligence briefing, the CIA felt they then needed to produce a report titled “UBL [Usama bin Laden] Threats Are Real.”

(my bold)
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Bill O'reilly Goes Crazy on The Set of Inside Edition
     (image credit: theleetgeeks)

From Talking Points Memo:

Gawker writer J.K. Trotter published a report on Monday that alleged Fox News host Bill O'Reilly was accused during divorce proceedings of assaulting his ex-wife before they separated.

The Gawker article cited an anonymous source "familiar with the facts of the case," which took place in New York's Nassau County, between O'Reilly and his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy.

From the report:

According to a source familiar with the facts of the case, a court-appointed forensic examiner testified at a closed hearing that O’Reilly’s daughter claimed to have witnessed her father dragging McPhilmy down a staircase by her neck, apparently unaware that the daughter was watching. The precise date of the alleged incident is unclear, but appears to have occurred before the couple separated in 2010. The same source indicated that the daughter, who is 16 years old, told the forensic examiner about the incident within the past year.

Gawker reported that a Nassau County Supreme Court justice granted McPhilmy custody of the couple’s two minor children.

(my bold)
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      (photo courtesy of Greenpeace)

Whoopsies. From The Guardian:

Royal Dutch Shell has been accused of pursuing a strategy that would lead to potentially catastrophic climate change after an internal document acknowledged a global temperature rise of 4C, twice the level considered safe for the planet.

A paper used for guiding future business planning at the Anglo-Dutch multinational assumes that carbon dioxide emissions will fail to limit temperature increases to 2C, the internationally agreed threshold to prevent widespread flooding, famine and desertification.

Instead, the New Lens Scenarios document refers to a forecast by the independent International Energy Agency (IEA) that points to a temperature rise of up to 4C in the short term, rising later to 6C.


The Shell document says: “Both our (oceans and mountains) scenarios and the IEA New Policies scenario (and our base case energy demand and outlook) do not limit emissions to be consistent with the back-calculated 450 parts per million (Co2 in the atmosphere) 2 degrees C.”

It adds: “We also do not see governments taking steps now that are consistent with 2 degrees C scenario.”
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strip 251 panel 1

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     (photo credit: Doug Mills, NYT)

From The Guardian:

Barack Obama has secured support from Gulf leaders for his attempt to reach a nuclear deal with Iran as a summit outside Washington concluded on Thursday with the first glimpses of possible rapprochement on an issue that has alarmed many US allies in the region.


“The president spoke about the … agreement with Iran and I am here to say that the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) welcomes this agreement and we hope at the same time that this will be a key factor for stability in the region,” said the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, as he stood alongside Obama.


“We welcome any deal that stops Iran from having a nuclear capability and this is what we have been assured by the US and by the other P5+1 countries – that all pathways to a bomb will be closed to Iran,” the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, told reporters in a separate briefing. The P5+1 is a group of six countries negotiating with Iran on its nuclear programme.
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Thu May 14, 2015 at 11:12 PM PDT

B.B. King 1925 - 2015

by ericlewis0

b.b. king leibovitz
     (photo credit: Annie Leibovitz)

From AP, via The Washington Post:

VEGAS — ‘King of the Blues’ legend B.B. King dead in Las Vegas at age 89, his attorney says.

It was made public on May 2 that the blues guitar virtuoso was receiving hospice care at his home in Las Vegas.

Condolences to his family, friends and fans.

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