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This will be a short diary, but an important one. It seems that Fox News is starting to spin the idea that breaching the debt ceiling won't be that bad of an idea. This means the Republicans are probably serious about it. Here's the text of the headline for their front page article today:

TREASURY SECRETARY Jacob Lew defends accusations of fear mongering over Congress potentially failing to increase federal debt limit — including his assertion that economic impact would be 'catastrophic,' but declines to provide specific examples.
Frightening. Almost unbelievable. But with Fox also perpetuating the nonsensical use of the word "slimdown" in place of "shutdown", one can often see hints to the Republicans' state of mind through the Fox News text.

A part of me wants Obama to negotiate, just because I know that the debt ceiling breach will almost certainly bring on a Depression that would make 1929 look like a cake walk. It would be equivalent to the Visigoth sack of Rome - the end of America as a world power, and the harbinger of its fall. But the other part, far more dominant, knows that Obama can't negotiate, else we cede democracy to the minority. It doesn't even matter to me that this will cause Democratic wave elections in 2014 and 2016. Winning isn't that important to me. We must stand firm on this.

Fucking Republicans.


Just when I thought race relations were getting better and that my generation would finally conquer racism, THIS happens.

Yes. It's an affirmative action bake sale at the University of Texas, my school. The group, the "Young Conservatives of Texas", are charging white students $2.00, Asians $1.50, Hispanics $1.00, Blacks $0.75, and Native Americans $0.25. Just to add in a sprinkle of misogyny, women get $0.25 off.

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Too often, Democrats have been playing defense in the fight to preserve labor unions. What, really, have we done to help out the workers' strongest allies in the last half-century? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Oh sure, Democratic majorities usually guarantee that a state won't turn into a right-to-work (RTW) nightmare, and they don't usually take any especially egregious actions against labor unions - although events in Illinois with the teachers' union seem to be proving that statement inaccurate. Unfortunately, we've failed. As soon as a right-wing majority moves into a state, it invariably attempts to destroy public and/or private sector labor unions. The best example: Michigan, arguably the bedrock of labor unions in America, is now a RTW state.

As a consequence, labor union membership has dropped to levels not seen since the height of the Great Depression. Currently, around 12% of the workforce are union members. This is disgraceful.

People often wonder why western European nations tend to have such a high quality of life, with ample vacation, high pay, eight hour work days (for real, not in theory), benefits, and humane working conditions. Besides a politically engaged populace that is willing to fight for its rights against political encroachment, one of the main reasons is the high rate of union membership in most of these nations. In Scandinavian countries, union membership varies between 50% and above 80% of the workforce. This is the level of union membership that we need: The majority of the workforce, at the least.

So how do we get there? Join me below the Orange Seal of Doom.

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Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott on Sunday drew a rebuke from a Democratic Governors Association representative after appearing to thank a supporter who called Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis “retard Barbie.”

“@GregAbbott_TX would absolutely demolish idiot @WendyDavisTexas in Gov race - run Wendy run! Retard Barbie to learn life lesson,” read a tweet sent to Abbott, the current Republican attorney general of the Lone Star State.

“Jeff, thanks for your support,” came the response from Abbott’s verified Twitter account.

My opinion below the Orange Squiggle of Republican Doom...


How blue should Texas become? As blue as:

13%8 votes
16%10 votes
8%5 votes
5%3 votes
5%3 votes
50%30 votes

| 59 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Jul 16, 2013 at 04:20 PM PDT

Texas Going Blue

by evilcommunist

Not much involved in this diary, at least coming from me. Rather, I'd just like to direct you to a long, detailed, and quite good article from Texas Monthly on turning Texas blue:


Conventional wisdom in the pundit sphere suggests that Democrats will be locked out of the House from now until 2022, when the 2020 census and its corresponding redistricting can occur. This, I feel, is wrong. The House can be ours again - in 2016. And here's how we do it.

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