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Mon Jan 13, 2014 at 06:45 PM PST

Man shot over texting in theatre

by fargo2413

I haven't seen this posted in a diary yet so thought I'd pass it on.  Apparently a 43-year old man was texting during the previews of a movie and the man behind him, a 71-year old retired police officer, got angry about it and ended up shooting and killing the 43-year old man.  The man said he was texting his daughter.  There were only 25 people in the theater, why didn't the 71 year old man get up and move if he was so upset?

This story just makes me so angry (and sad).  Aren't police officers supposed to be those "responsible gun owners" we hear so many gun advocates talk about?  And he decides it's ok to shoot and kill a man because he was texting, during the previews no less??  I've texted during previews at times (the previews can be 20 minutes long) but I always make sure to turn the brightness down on my phone to the lowest possible.  And the only reason for the text was always due to one of my 3 kids asking me something.  Once the movies starts I turn off my phone completely.  Never thought I could get shot for that.  This story is so so so sad.


About a month ago I fainted at work.  It happened after over 30 hours of work with no sleep (we had a critical computer issue affecting production), and also not enough fluids.  I hit my head when I fainted and got a slight bump on my forehead.  For liability purposes HR required that I be taken by ambulance to the ER room.  Completely unnecessary but I had no choice.  Well, today I got the bill for the Emergency Room visit and that combined with the Ambulance ride cost me over $4,400.  My mouth literally dropped open when I saw the cost, I was absolutely shocked.  

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