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..or, hey, Rush, the cheese-eating surrender monkeys are now seen as better alternative than the United States as a leader in world affairs.

But, no problem, we've got Tom DeLay and the Talibornagains to bring us back to Jeezus, if they can get overthrow the Constitution with their unconstitutional "restoration act."

A new poll (new as of April 4th, sorry if I missed it here) notes that France, not America is the most highly regarded nation across the world.


You tell me.

66%12 votes
22%4 votes
11%2 votes

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It appears that the Ghawar field has peaked. Al Jazeera quotes a Montreal banker who sees evidence of Hubbert's peak in the Ghawar...a substantial source of the world's supply of oil.

(Bernhard, at MoA, posted this in comments, and I think it's the most important article I've seen over the last few days, so I'm including it here.)

Just as I was about to post this, I saw another diary entry from PLS that covers some of the same ground (in the first quote), but this is important, more important than Schiavo and all the diaries about that mess, so pardon me for bringing this up again.

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Mon Mar 28, 2005 at 07:50 PM PST

Community Radio and You (and Me)

by fauxreal

Help keep independent radio alive.

WFHB (98.1 and 91.3) is a community radio station in Bloomington, IN.

 I encourage you to check out the station, either via iTunes public radio or streaming audio at the station web site. I volunteer at WFHB, along with approximately 100 (give or take) other people, and this week we're having a fund drive to raise money for operating expenses.

Although the station is small, independent, and community-based, from emails the station has received, apparently listeners include people in Thailand and Sweden and even that exotic land called Wisconsin...

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SusanG asked for volunteers to research questions about Jeff Gannon.

So, here is the link to archives of the White House Press Briefings:

Who wants to help track his questions to McClellan?

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Gary Webb is dead. He apparently committed suicide after the break up of his marriage and subsequent financial hardship.

Webb was featured in the recent book, Into the Buzzsaw,-- 18 journalists who spoke truth to power and found themselves discredited or censored.

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