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Tue Feb 07, 2012 at 05:11 AM PST

Chris Hedges' Very Public Meltdown

by felix19

Many people have been taken aback by Chris Hedges' vehement and incendiary denunciation of "the Black Bloc anarchists" in his latest Truthdig effort titled "The Cancer in Occupy."

While Hedges has long been known for pulling no rhetorical punches when it comes to the High and the Mighty, the Ruling Elites, the Liberal Class, and so forth, this piece seems distinctly out of character for him.

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I was at the local #occupyeverything event yesterday, along with a hundred or so others. This was basically just an organizing effort concluding with a General Assembly. There was a lot of talk about "protests" and one of the participants would keep saying:

"It's not a protest movement. It's a demonstration."

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installation, don't bother. It's invitation only even though it will be outdoors on the West Steps of the Capitol.

But like any Hollywood premiere, the masses will be kept back from the red carpet -- in fact, away from the Capitol altogether -- while some 7,500 invited guests, close personal friends of the Annointed Austrian -- fill the public square to lustily cheer their own private action hero.

You can, should you want, catch the festivities on teevee, though, just like the Oscars.

Don't forget now: Monday, November 17, 2003. 11am. Set your VCR!



Sat Oct 25, 2003 at 03:12 AM PDT

Running Cons

by felix19

Most of us recognize that the White House, Pentagon, State Department, both houses of Congress and more and more of the courts are running on the basis of "cons" -- they've been conning the public since the installation, conning them to go along with ideas and actions that are not in the public's best interests.

The chief con artist is Bush himself, of course, but all of his men and minions take up the task of maintaining their marks in a state of fear and bewilderment and expanding the scope of the overall con as far as possible -- and beyond.

Much of their con game is perfectly transparent. It has been from the get-go, and yet for some reason, so many people are willing to allow themselves to be swindled and conned by this outfit -- at home and abroad -- that we see their cons being run everywhere.

We know they are stealing not just the present but the future as well. We know there are no honest brokers in power to put an end to their pillage. We know that thousands upon thousands of innocents have been consigned to extermination. We know that fraud and deceit are the handmaidens of the catastrophe that reigns.

We know that until recently, few in authority would offer principled opposition to the cons being run on America and the world; and even now, too many of their voices are muted, too often the cons succeed.

We know that the definition of Leadership in the con's world is he who can force the many to yield to the few through the greatest levels of subtrefuge, deceit and fraud -- ie: the Biggest Con is the Best Leader.

How will we pull the plug?



Fri Oct 24, 2003 at 01:08 AM PDT


by felix19

When California Democratic Party mandarins decided after the recall debacle to allow "independents" to vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary, we saw the Party hierarchy decide to essentially extinguish the Party rather than yield their power to the activists who have been so deeply disturbed by the Party's rudderless drift and ideological vacancy.

We have been shafted.

This is of course part of the fundamental poltical realignment that has been going on for some time in this country. California is once again in the lead.

We're finding that party labels are becoming less and less meaningful. Not only will your party hierarchy cheerfully betray the voters, they'll cheerfully betray their own candidates. And they will adopt the positions of their opponents with nary a batted eye.

Bad as the situation is with the California Democratic Party -- and it could hardly be worse, in my estimation -- the Republicans are almost as bad off, with their Movie Stah Gubna.  This Movie Stah who has no real grounding in Republican ideals or interests, this Movie Stah who is demonstrably completely ego driven, to the point where Party as such means nothing to him.

We hear all these lofty pronouncements about "the people's will" and whatnot, as if the recall vote was somehow a definitive statement. Well, of course. Those who seek to extinguish our form of government and replace it with a permanent tyranny would call a single election -- the outcome of which they approve -- the final or definitive one.

"The people have spoken. Let no one speak again."

And we're seeing numerous Democrats go along with Republicans and the media in framing the recall that way, and further, in adhering to the premise that power has been shifted -- not just from one governor to another, but fundamentally, basically to prove the supreme power of one class of people -- the Leadership Class, we'll call them -- and the complete powerlessness of everyone else.


Wed Oct 22, 2003 at 05:48 AM PDT


by felix19

Don't be surprised if indictments suddenly appear in California -- not against Schwarzenegger, but against Bustamante.

The Führer must appropriately coordinate his administration, and that means getting rid of his opposition candidate. Since AG Bill Lockyer has already signaled his devotion to the new Leader, look for him to serve his Leader's interest by hauling Bustamante before the courts for capaign irregularities, if not something even more exotic.


Tue Oct 21, 2003 at 01:52 PM PDT


by felix19

The Austrians have not had an easy time, though. "I cannot translate any of his remarks into Austrian -- it would be outrageous," despaired Barbara Gasser, the reporter for the Vienna newspaper Kleiner Zeitung.

Her problem was Mr. Schwarzenegger's standard campaign speech, in which he refers repeatedly to the need for strong leadership in California.

The translation of "leadership" in Austrian is "führerschaft," and the only word for "leader" is "führer."

Those words are just as ominous in German as they are in English, and they have been avoided entirely by Austrian and German politicians since the end of the Second World War.

"I cannot translate this into Austrian -- when he says 'I'm calling for new leadership' or says 'I want to be a new leader' -- there's no way to report this. I'm just going to say he's calling for lower taxes."


Leadership. That was really the only campaign issue Schwarzenegger ran on, despite his claims to be able to repeal the "car tax," tax Indian gaming, and "bring California back." Of course, he would do these things through his Leadership, Führerschaft in the original German, that quality Hitler brought to European affairs in the not-so-long-ago, with the able assistance of his pals Mr. Mussolini in Italy, General Franco in Spain, General Tojo in Japan, and numerous petty imitators throughout the world then and now. Leadership is the quality they assert and asserted as they ran their cons on the populations they cow and cowed.

Surprisingly, nearly all of Schwarzenegger's campaign tactics were borrowed from the Howard Dean campaign, whether an apparent populist appeal, to the "rock star tour," to the whole notion of taking something "back." Right now, his starry-eyed consultants are working with the Bush people on a "Take California Back" campaign which will attempt to link Schwarzenegger's successful campaign to Bush's efforts to stay in the White House. Their ideals include putting California's electoral votes into the Bush coffers, and returning Republican dominance to the California Legislature and replacing Barbara Boxer in the Senate with a willing Republican.

Time and again, our Democrats have proven themselves incapable of withstanding an assault of Führerschaft and have caved in rather than put up a spirited and principled opposition. That half of the public that favors progressive governance opposed to the reactionary evil they see squatting in the White House and capturing more and more governing power elsewhere in the country looks on with a bewildered despair. How can this be happening, they wonder.

In California, the attacks on Gray Davis were almost as frequent from Democrats and progressives of all kinds as they were from the recall advocates and their 24 hour Hate Radio propaganda ministries. Gray did not make friends, and he did not make political allies. He was not well-liked as a person, and not highly regarded as an administrator. Consequently, when a handful of Republican activists and gadflies decided to launch a recall effort, many, many Dems and progressives used the opportunity presented to launch their own furies at the hapless governor. It was essentially a signal of his assured doom, provided the Rs put up a viable candidate.

That Schwarzenegger would be the one is still astonishing. But so it would be, and the devolution commenced in earnest. Gray was ordered and advised not to run the kind of campaign he was known for, and he didn't and he lost. Yet, even though he campaigned against the recall on principle and based on his substantial accomplishments in office, he was even blamed for the LA Times series on Schwarzenegger's female troubles.

But his primary fault was his wonkishness and lack of leadership. He prevaricated, procrastinated, he waffled, and he caved. He had no vision, no ideas, no sense of mission. He was bought by the "interests" and he did their bidding, forgetting the people.

He was an administrator, not a Leader.

And that made him vulnerable in an age of anxiety. Oddly enough, it was his administrative background as chief of staff and agency head that got him elected in the first place, and got him re-elected, too. He was good enough for the job at hand, and he was fighting the good fight in the face of terrible odds. Remember his efforts to force the Federal officials to acknowledge the plunder of the electricity privateers? And remember his success?

No Republican in office would have done that. The Republicans still blame the victims and claim "California deserved it," because of the flawed deregulation plan (created by the very companies that had a hand in the plunder.)

But his leadership was portrayed as weak, and when he led the charge against Bush and his band of thieves, showing all the world what a con they were permitting -- when they were not running cons themselves -- Gray had to go. One way or another, he had to go.

And now, with a Führer seizing the office, it is growing ever less likely that our own Legislative Democrats will put up a spirited and principled opposition, any more than our Congressional Dems have done. And why not?

Is it because they are unprincipled? Or is it because they lack the quality of leadership so necessary in our age of anxiety?


Mon Oct 20, 2003 at 03:21 AM PDT

Fundamental Polical Realignment

by felix19

Ever since the defeat of Gray Davis *(who makes Kos's skin crawl)* I've been in a funk, especially about the future of Democratic political processes. The Party failed, again. Of course the Democratic Party in California is vestigal anyway. There is no serious functioning Democratic Party capable of sustaining itself against the kind of assault and onslaught launched by the recall advocates and eventually brought to a fine point by the Schwarzenegger juggernaut -- a juggernaut driven by a celebrity obsessed mainstream media and the 24 hour Hate Radio propaganda ministry.

Knowledge that Bill Lockyer voted for Schwarzenegger isn't all that surprising -- but it is still contemptible. We're seeing elected Dem after elected Dem slough off to support the Freak, or at the very least, refuse to oppose him. California's elected Dems are behaving the same way the Congressional Dems did when confronted with the Dubya installation. They are rolling over. Waiting for their tummy rub.

What the hell?

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