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Thu Nov 28, 2013 at 05:40 PM PST

Marissa Alexander Freed on Bail

by fluffy

Marissa Alexander, the young Florida originally sentenced to life imprisonment, is now at home, free on bail. Marissa fired warning shots which did no harm to anyone, when her  estranged husband abusively threatened her.

Since she is a female of color she was of course arrested, and convicted of a crime  allegedly warranting life.

Numerous protests have been held, and it is not clear from the reports I've seen why the State decidedly to release her on bail.

From CNN: "According to court paperwork filed in Duval County, Florida, Alexander was granted a pretrial release with special conditions and a $150,000 bond.

Alexander will be under electronic monitoring at all times and on home detention until the completion of her case, the documents state.

A campaign supporting Alexander said that she was back home with her family"

The story is by no means over as she is still very enmeshed in the nasty Florida legal system.

But at least there is some good new.


Mon Aug 26, 2013 at 09:47 AM PDT

The Hidden List

by fluffy

It was once useful. And Kos says it will be useful again.

But for the moment (12:40EST) it's 92 spam messages and 8 truly needed to be hidden, but not spam, messages. That 92% useless number varies but never very much.

Right now the Hidden list is waste of DKos resources, both people and computer. And it's a total waste of time for users who go in the hope of seeing a solution in place and working.

All I'd like to see is an honest estimate of when the tech staff thinks it'll have a solution up and running.


Tue Aug 20, 2013 at 05:16 PM PDT

Could someone please explain

by fluffy

I have no problem with al-Jezeera America. I think they'll peddle nearly as much bs as your typical "news" operation, which is some truth and much bs. They'llhave their agenda which won't bother me, even if I disagree with some. Nothing new here, so should I just move on?

Well there is that sponsored post with comments disabled. Been at the top of near the top of my front page for a while.

What's this sponsored post thingie. Can I sponsor a post that says I don't know what about Rand Paul? Maybe a revelation of his Fuchsia Buddha revelations? Can anyone buy or get a sponsored post?


Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 06:19 AM PDT

The Smell Test

by fluffy

I have one small question about David Miranda's detention by Heathrow's airport goons.

Was it a set-up?

Why in all of heaven's name do you route Mr. Miranda with his pile of electronics through Heathrow when there are several flights, which yes cost a 10 or 20% more, through Amsterdam or Milan. These flights have, typically, more shorter total durations than the flights through Heathrow.

And if you've ever transited Heathrow you don't want to do it a second time. Nasty place for foreigners, especially colored foreigners, and most especially gays. I'm not of the foregoing, except American, which is definitely foreigner at Heathrow, and I still cringe at memories of the bullyboys there abusing and extorting passengers. This goes back decades and even extends to flight crews which usually get an easier ride.

So why did Ms. Poitras and Mr. Greenwald route Mr. Miranda through Heathrow? Obviously answer is the simplest, they didn't think. But maybe they did. It stands to reasons that Greenwald and Miranda are on list at every single airport in the world. I think that's wrong, but I also think GG wants it that way.

I also have taken it from the news reports that someone in the UK government called GG to say DM was in custody and thus GG broke the story to world's press. I may be wrong on that but I can't find any other info about who broke the story. That timeline doesn't seem right.

And just before everyone flames me; I'm agnostic here. I know about the serious overrreach of American surveillance since I know some of it was going on in the 1970s. It's wrong, but I also assume every government that has the capability does it. I also have some doubts about ES motive's and what dat he actually has, and none at about GG's since he's been so totally open about his motives. Believe, I'm really agnostic: I hate 'em all.


Tue Aug 13, 2013 at 11:36 AM PDT

BREAKING: New Florida Gun Law Imminent!

by fluffy

Interviews with spokesmen for various Florida closely associated with the ruling state Junta leave little doubt that Florida will soon enact the natural follow-on to its world famous Stand Your Ground law and its extremely liberal Concealed Carry law.

While at the moment the new law does not have a catchy formal name, its Junta supporters favor the I Hate You law. It would allow anyone with a concealed carry permit (you must have this) and a suitable weapon, to gun down anyone they see that they hate the looks of, and claim self-defense because the person they shot was scary looking and different from them.

The Junta spokesmen say that this law is a simple codifying of what is already reality in Florida. They also expect ALEC, who helped write this law, as they do all laws in Florida, will introduce exact copies of it in as many as other 20 states in the near future.

But Florida, as is only right , will be the first to make I Hate What You Look like a legal reason to shoot your weapon at real people who you don’t look like you and get off on self-defense defense.

Updates expected soon.


Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 05:15 PM PST

Just Take All the Handguns

by fluffy

You ask for a national “conversation” about gun control? What are you smoking? There is no one to have this conversation with. I guess it might feel good to have your national conversation about gun with yourself while you’re jerking yourself off, but, get real.

The time for talking is very long past. The time to get as many of those 100s of millions of handguns out of the publics hands is now. Leverage a sad, sad event like Newtown and unleash the military. They might hate the job, but they will obey. You might have to replace some idiot officers, but that will only improve the military. The NCOs and EMs will do the job. It’ll be messy. And dangerous, but our military can do it.

They might as well get the assault weapons at the same time. Long guns are another story. Where would the Constitutionally protected and mandated militias be with long guns? And hunting, except for the jackass trophy hunters, is honorable and useful.

However, there is no reason for ordinary citizens to own handguns. Make them illegal by executive order and have the military get the guns. NOW. Stop blithering talking, or even more stupidly, talking about talking.


Sun Nov 21, 2004 at 07:52 AM PST

Emailing Rep. Istook

by fluffy

My job involves handing US tax returns. Yes, I work for the IRS. The returns I see need work done on them, but usually the problem is IRS caused (think high school kids doing data entry for key stroke incentives). Thus the Istook Amendment really hit me. Of course, it should shock the soul of any sentinent person. After I cooled down I decided to write him. Since 99% of my written communication with others is via e-mail, I went his web site. The URL is If you want to visit, type the address in; don't click on a link. It seems the House created web sites have some interesting features. If the Rep. so chooses (I have no idea how many do) e-mails are retricted to people with Zip codes in the district. Also the site says that if you used a "bookmark" to reach the contact page, your e-mail will NOT be sent. These criteria and possibly others are checked at least twice (the state abbreviation in your address must match the Zip).

I finally got an email through with some gaming of the site. I assume it'll beignored, but it needed to be sent.

This is what I sent:

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