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After taking a short break for the Presidential campaign season and the initial months of the new Administration, anti-war activists have finally returned to protesting during the month of October, threatening the Administration with the full weight of their oppositional leverage.

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The newest cover for the New Yorker magazine makes a brilliant comment on the relationship between income tax and war machines (so brilliant, in fact, that I conceived of a similar idea months ago, but more on that below). The image on the cover depicts fighter jets, tanks and battleships, whose surfaces are covered with the text and design from the familiar 1040 U.S. tax forms. While this connection between paying for war and income tax is obvious, I’m sure it’s not something most Americans think about as they rush to send out their tax returns in advance of the looming deadline.

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Maybe I've been looking in the wrong places, but ever since blogger Josh Wolf was released from prison (after what was a record-setting imprisonment for a U.S. journalist), much of what I'm seeing from the mainstream press are articles questioning whether Wolf deserves to be called a journalist or an activist.

Doesn't this greatly miss the point?

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As the Democratic majority in the House and Senate continues to show its unwillingness to take a serious stand against the continuing war in the Middle East (the most recent example being the House Democrats' decision to retreat from a provision to limit actions against Iran), the national anti-war movement continues to heat up. Following the advice of Henry David Thoreau to "[l]et your life be a counter friction to stop the machine," increasing numbers are choosing civil disobedience and protest over passive waiting for their elected officials to act.

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