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Wed Jan 18, 2012 at 03:59 PM PST

I became an atheist today

by frustrated1

Well, it didn't all happen today.  It's been a gradual thing for me.  You see, I was a lifetime church goer until a few months ago.  I won't bring up all the crap I've gone through in the last year, but all that crap really made me question everything, including my faith.  I came to realize that my faith was pretty ridiculous.  I'd refrain from doing "bad" things, give money to my church, and pray.  None of it made any difference really, so I began to question.

If god loved the world, why did he allow such horrible things to happen to it?  Why would he throw people into hell if they were "saved"?  My church also believed in "pre-destination" meaning god chose you, and didn't choose to save others.  Well, then I asked, how is that fair?  

Losing my beloved cat was my final straw really.  It's been 4 weeks since my cat was home.  I've prayed and prayed that my cat would come home.  He hasn't.  I stopped to think today about how meaningless and empty my religion has been my whole life.  Then it hit me - it's all made up.  There is really no basis in fact that I can tell.  Sure, it's reassuring in tough times to be able to pray to some greater power and think that something will make things right for you.  Well, that doesn't always happen.  

Anyway, after much questioning, I find myself writing this diary.  I'm an atheist now.  There's no going back.  Atheism just makes since while my faith just didn't.  

OK, I am sure I will be flamed for this, even here at Daily Kos, so flame away.  


Thu Jan 12, 2012 at 06:51 PM PST

Mitt Romney: I don't envy you

by frustrated1

Mitt Romney says income inequality is all about envy.  He's wrong.  Income inequality is an issue in this country because those on the bottom never really have the opportunity to make it to the top.  I have no problem with fair capitalism.  I don't care when someone gets wealthy.  I'm not lashing out against anyone for their success.  I do lash out against Mitt Romney because he is a greedy man.

If everyone in this country had an equal opportunity to either make it or not, then maybe income inequality wouldn't be such an issue.  Instead, if you are born poor, you are pretty likely to stay poor.  The poor grow up and go to substandard schools, and often can't afford the things they need in life to succeed.  

The rich on the other hand have every door opened to them.  They attend better schools because they have money.  If they need extra help in school, they buy the best tutor money can buy.  They go to the best colleges.  Mommy and daddy buy them everything they need to succeed.  

Mitt Romney doesn't know what it's like to make it day to day and worry about money.  He's always been rich.  He hasn't had to worry about losing his job.  He hasn't had to worry about paying a bill.  Mitt Romney doesn't even know what it's like to be middle class.  

I don't envy Mitt Romney.  If I were Mitt, I couldn't sleep at night in one of my many mansions because my conscience would be bothering me.  You see, Mitt "creatively destroyed" so many companies and fired everyone so he could make himself and his rich friends billions of dollars.  How does a man sleep at night knowing he made someone lose everything just so he could turn his fortune into an even larger fortune?  

Mitt Romney will likely destroy what is left of the middle class if he gets elected.  I fear this will be a close election that could go either way.  Mitt Romney did enough damage in the private sector, we can't afford to have him in The White House.  


Do you envy?

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Tue Jan 03, 2012 at 08:51 AM PST

In 2012

by frustrated1

I will vote to re-elect President Obama.  That's all that needs to be said.


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Mon Jan 02, 2012 at 11:43 AM PST

Updated: We Saw My Lost Kitty

by frustrated1

Last night we had gone out to pick up a few things at Target, and when we got home we went right in and left all our stuff in the car.  Several hours later, I decided to go outside and get it.  As soon as I opened the house door, I saw a cat run from underneath the car and into the small stand of trees across the street.  It was my Sobe!

He was scared to death.  My wife went outside and sat on the cold wet ground for about two hours trying to get him to come out to us.  He would get within about five feet of us and then disappear into the darkness and brush.  This whole time he's been directly across the street and watching us.  

We took some food and water out there and still couldn't get him out.  We went and bought a humane trap and hopefully we can get him tonight.  Tonight is supposed to be super cold, so I'd really like to get him if we can.  I just hope he falls for the trap.  This is one smart kitty and I have a feeling he may be too smart for it.  We'll see.  

Anyway, it's so nice to know he's alive.  It's a bit stressful knowing he's been living in the elements so long.  If we could just get him to calm down we could bring him in the garage and let him calm down before we let him into the house.  

Please everyone send your positive thoughts, prayers, or whatever you have to us tonight in hopes that we can catch him.

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No, I still haven't found Sobe.  Believe me, I am trying.  Tonight we put up over 100 fliers on signs and on mailboxes (I know we shouldn't do that, but if everyone else does it, why can't I?).  I am hoping we get a lead or something from all of this.  

Today, I came home a little early from work and went door to door on the streets around us.  I encountered a few people who seemed like they cared somewhat.  I found one lady who was very shaken up and told me she'd help me search.  I've actually seen her out searching tonight some.  

I came across an older gentleman tonight who looked me dead in the eye and told me, "I bet those colored folks in that house over there have him."  For a minute, I was excited thinking he had seen them take him in.  I said "Really?  Did you see him or something?"  He said, "No, but you know how those Chop Chops are!"  Quite frankly, I wasn't sure what he was getting at, so I just stared in bewilderment.  Then he said, "You know, those communist Chinese folks over there."  I said "oh?"  He then explained that since they were Asian, they most certainly had to be Chinese.  Since they were probably Chinese, they were also possibly communists.  Oh, and they eat cats.  

I've met some good people during my cat search, but this guy has to be one of the worst.  Some of the other worst kinds of people have also seen our fliers and decided that it would be funny to prank call us about the cat.  It's a group of teenagers using their cell phones.  We can hear them in the background.  Sometimes I do not like people...


Something ate the dry kitty food off of my back porch.  Please let my cat be somewhere nearby.  I guess any cat or dog, or other creature could've done it but I'm really hoping its my kitty!


Wed Dec 28, 2011 at 07:16 PM PST

The ads are back, my kitty isn't

by frustrated1

I was gifted a lifetime membership not all that long ago, but suddenly all of the ads are back.  Is anyone else having that problem?  Is there a way to fix it?  I am assuming I didn't lose my membership, but with my writing abilities it is possible that it was revoked or something!

A kitty update - it's officially been one week since my Sobe escaped from the house.  Tomorrow morning will make a week since I've seen any sign of him at all.  No foot prints, no food missing, no nothing.  I haven't given up looking, but I have decided to spend less time searching each night than I did this weekend.  This weekend I was out for hours and hours looking.  I can't neglect my family in my search for a cat.

Today I went down to the animal shelter because one of the pets looked very similar to my dear Sobe.  When I got there, I didn't find my Sobe.  It seems like so many cats look just like him, and all this time I thought he was one of a kind.  He is to me.  

Tonight is the coldest night since he's been missing.  It makes me worry.  If you haven't noticed by now, I worry a lot about him.  People that I work with even questioned me about it today because I just haven't been myself lately.  

I went out and put more food in his bowls and shook the bag of treats while calling his name.  I heard nothing.  I feel like he is so far away.  I keep hearing that he'll come back, but it feels like he won't.  I'm starting to wonder if he went to kitty heaven.  :(  

Sorry to be so gloomy and depressed, but it's just how I feel right now.  At least the Iowa caucuses should serve as an amusing distraction soon.


Tue Dec 27, 2011 at 04:45 PM PST

Lost Kitty: A huge hurdle

by frustrated1

Still no kitty and now we've discovered a huge hurdle.  We do not have the correct microchip number.  You see, when we first adopted our two cats, there was a little mix up at the adoption center.  We were told we were adopting two sisters.  A few days later, they called and said we had actually adopted a sister and a brother.  Well, we didn't think anything of it, but it makes a huge difference.  Little did we realize until today when we called the microchipping company that we had the microchip for the "sister" cat we had originally thought we adopted.  In other words, our male cat is not registered to us.  Instead, he is registered to whoever actually adopted the other cat.  

I'm not sure what to do.  It rained about an inch here today and any hope we had of finding him is pretty much lost.  

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Mon Dec 26, 2011 at 06:35 PM PST

Still no kitty

by frustrated1

Another day has passed and my beloved Sobe is still missing.  I want to thank all of you that have posted advice in my diaries or sent me words of encouragement.  Sobe is part of this family, and without him an essential part of the family is missing.  

I didn't search as much today as I have the past few days.  My new strategy has been to yell his name for several minutes each time I go outside.  I also did some work in the garage and left the garage open for much of the day in hopes that he'd run right in at some point.

None of the food we've put down has been touched at all since he's been missing.  That is something that really worries me.  He'd never pass up a chance at wet food, especially tuna.  I still put out a can each day in hopes that one night he will wander up somehow and realize this is home.  

His sister, Boca, has noticed he is missing.  She meows a lot more lately, almost as if she is calling out to him.  Someone mentioned that it may be beneficial to take her outside and maybe Sobe would hear her and come home.  Does anyone else think this is a good idea?  I don't want to create undue stress for Boca if it isn't worth doing.  She really hates being outdoors.  

In my heart I feel like he isn't near me at all.  I feel like he is far far away.  I hope I am wrong.  Last night Boca jumped into bed and began rubbing on me just like her brother normally does.  In a haze of sleep, I thought it was him and that he had somehow found a way in.  I excitedly found a light switch to turn on the light and quickly realized it was not him.  

When I am out calling his name, I feel like I hear a reply sometimes.  I've been assured this is my mind playing tricks on me by everyone else who has listened.  I think they are right.  

We checked the one lead we had today at the SPCA.  The cat found was not Sobe.  My last hope is that he was somehow locked in a garage or one of the houses under construction but locked up at night.  The workers should return tomorrow and open up the houses, so I am hoping he'll run out and come right home.

Please send positive thoughts or say a prayer if that's something that you do.  My family misses Sobe a great deal and things just aren't right without him.  


Sun Dec 25, 2011 at 05:33 PM PST

Christmas with a lost cat

by frustrated1

My poor Sobe is still missing.  I've walked the neighborhood the past several days and see no trace of him.  I did find some footprints, but those could've been made by anything.  All the houses around us are brand new, and are built on concrete slabs.  There is nothing for him to hide under.  I've checked under cars, and I've checked in the woods.  I've left food out in various locations in the neighborhood and none of them have been touched.  I've put some dirty clothes out in the front yard since I hear cats can follow our scent.  I've put out his litter box because I've heard that can help too.  

Signs are up all over the neighborhood.  No calls.  We have a Craigslist ad up and have had no responses.  We've contacted the shelters and no luck there, except we did find where one gray male tabby was brought in to the SPCA.  The SPCA is a good 30 minute drive from where we are, so I doubt that someone drove our cat that far just to drop him off.  

Christmas was sad this year.  My wife and I tried to be happy around the family, but its hard to fake it.  Our 15 month old son didn't seem to notice and he played with his new toys.  We had the stocking full of kitty toys and treats that went untouched all day.  I don't know what to do.

When is it time to stop looking?  I haven't seen a trace of him since early on the 22nd.  I'm wondering if a predator got him.  There are some woods close and I have heard owls hooting as I search in the night.  There are also a ton of hawks around us.  I haven't seen any road kill, so that is good news.  I just wish I'd find something.  Anything.  This is the saddest Christmas I can ever remember.  I hope your holiday has been better than mine.  


Sat Dec 24, 2011 at 08:29 AM PST

Updated: Lost cat

by frustrated1

I'm coming to DK today with a heavy heart.  My beloved cat is missing.  He ran out of the garage the other night and I haven't seen him in about two days now.  He's been a house cat his whole life and is generally terrified of anything.  I've scoured the area.  I've asked neighbors if they've seen him.  I've put up signs.  No luck.  I left out food for him and it hasn't been eaten.  Does my cat have any chance of survival?  It got pretty cold here last night and there was frost on everything this morning.  I'm just wondering if I should keep looking or not.  I feel awful and my Christmas is ruined.  Any advice would be helpful.  

Just a little background, I am in Raleigh, NC in a subdivision that is half built.  There is a ton of empty land, a couple of retention ponds and some woods.  I've searched it all.

UPDATED:  I've read through the comments and have gotten some great ideas.  All the houses in the neighborhood are on a concrete slab, as are the porches, decks and patios, so he can't be under those.  I walked through the unfinished house nearby with no luck.  We put out some wet food last night and none of it was eaten.  My fear is that a predator found him.  There are hawks and owls in the area, but I'm not sure they could handle him.  We have a ton of signs up in the neighborhood and talked to some neighbors.  We have a Craiglist ad up.  The cat is microchipped.  The local shelter is closed until next week, so if he doesn't turn up before then we'll check that out.  His name is Sobe (pronounced So-be).  He's a gray tabby cat and he's about 4 years old.  His family misses him.  I'm off to check to see if any of his wet food was eaten in the last hour or so and to call him some more.  Thank you for all the advice.  
Craiglist ad with picture


Thu Dec 22, 2011 at 07:02 PM PST

The computer is gone.

by frustrated1

I didn't think my year could get much worse, but it did just a few days ago.  You may have noticed that I stopped posting recently.  (Or more than likely probably not.)  The other day I had an interview.  I took my computer with me to do some research on the company while I waited.  After the interview, I put my laptop in my trunk and went to the library.  I guess someone saw me put the laptop in my trunk and followed me because when I came out my drivers window was broken out and my laptop was taken.  It isn't the laptop that I miss the most, but the pictures that were on my computer.  I was a dummy and didn't back them all up, so some of them aren't duplicated anywhere.  I am using a friend's laptop for now, so I won't be on too much.  It's a bummer too since I just got a lifetime subscription.  I guess there is no point to this diary except be careful with your laptops and always back up your photos.  


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I have some really bad news for all of you that celebrate Christmas.  I just read on Facebook that is has been cancelled.  Three separate people I know have this as their status:

The White House has just announced that it is canceling Christmas.  It's true.  President Obama has referred to Christmas trees as holiday trees.  No other president has ever done that in the history of the United States!  If you are a Christian and you celebrate Christmas, you will donate your status to saving Christmas this year.  I know my friends will not let me down."

Oh my.  Seriously.  This means I personally know three people that were stupid enough to put this up as their status.  All three are a special breed of Republican - they are all educated.  I don't get it.  I guess the hatred of Obama makes people lose touch with reality.

This was my comment to all three of them.  

"Obama did not cancel Christmas."  I then post the following Youtube video.  

I am so tired of this type of stuff.  Out of all things to get excited about, why this?  I don't care what he calls the tree personally, but for some people this is all they can think about this December.  It's crazy.  

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