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Sat Oct 05, 2013 at 04:08 AM PDT

A good sign from Schauer

by fusionkaster

Just a short little something I felt like writing about...

Mark Schauer is actually doing some campaigning in his home town, even though it's in Howell -- pretty much the heart of Metro Detroit-area conservatism these days:

Schauer is a product of a heavily conservative community that has been that way for decades.

He said he’s determined to make his case to Livingston County residents that they would be better served under his leadership than Snyder’s, however.

Schauer recognizes he doesn’t fit the conservative mind-set of many local residents.

“I’m not making a prediction on whether we carry the county, but I think we’ll do very well here. It’s sort of the basics,” he said.

I'm happy about this.  I keep thinking about Virg Bernero, who never showed up where he grew up (Waterford) as part of his disastrous MI-GOV campaign.  I think about Al Gore, who could have been POTUS if he won Tennessee (he came within 3%).  I don't expect that they're all going to win on historical home turf, but I'm glad to see the effort.  Like Schauer said -- it's the basics.  

Will Schauer beat the so-called Nerd?

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Because I donated to a military charity to help the troops, occasionally I get junk mail assuming I'm a Republican.  I'm happy to let them waste their money trying to hit me up for money.  

On the heels of Obama's press conference, I get this lovely letter from John Boehner.  I can be a "Founding Member" for the "Boehner For Speaker" campaign.  Oh boy!  I can't wait...

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